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By the time I had finished greeting everyone, it was time for the housewarming party to end, and it was concluded with a brief speech.

And here comes the event that is as important or perhaps, even more important than the party…… Introducing my lovers to Mom and Dad.

I've asked Mom and Dad to wait in the reception room first…… but looking at them from the sidelines, I could see that they were also quite nervous.

Well, I guess it can't be helped. The people Mom and Dad are going to greet this time are Kuro, Isis-san, Fate-san and Alice.

Even though they are my girlfriends, they are all tens of thousands of years older than Mom and Dad, and each of them has a high position in this world.

Incidentally, Shiro-san said she didn't need to greet them since she met them when she revived them. As for Lilia-san and Sieg-san, they have already met each other.

In addition, Alice told me that unlike Humans, many of the Demons don't have parents in the first place, and perhaps, because Gods are beings created by Shiro-san, they don't place much importance on the relationship between parent and child.

They recognize my mother and father as my relatives, but they treat them as the individuals, Miyama Akari and Miyama Kazuya.

However, I didn't really understand the situation, so I decided to check with Alice about this matter while we moved along.]

[Ahh~~ In other words, just because they are Kaito-san's parents, that doesn't mean they will tolerate their rudeness. Of course, since they're Kaito-san's relatives, they would be treated friendlier than usual strangers, and if they really acted rudely and Kaito-san asked for their sake, they'll take your request into consideration. It's just that not all people would be considerate of you…… and depending on the situation, there's a possibility that the people around you will perceive them poorly.]

[What do you mean]

[Let's take Fate-san as an example. Fate-san herself is lenient, and she won't mind a little rudeness, but Gods are beings strict about hierarchy, so if they treat Fate-san, a Supreme God, with rudeness…… I'm sure that there would be lots of low-ranking and high-ranking Gods complaining about Akari-san and Kazuya-san. The special one is "only Kaito-san", your parents are not. Of course, they won't resort to force, and I'm sure that they will stop if Kaito-san intervenes…… but your intervention will never make their impression on them better.]

[……I see.]

[Kaito-san obviously wouldn't want such a situation happening, nor would you want to step on such an obvious landmine. So, as your capable lover Alice-chan, I advise them beforehand that they should treat people with civility. Well, from what I've seen, Akari-san and Kazuya-san are decent people, so I'm sure they would have maintained civility even without my advice.]

[Thank you for taking such good care of them.]

Indeed, Mom and Dad will be living in this room from now on, so there is no need to cause unnecessary displeasure. Alice is always taking care of me in so many ways, and I'm really grateful to her for it.

After I finished talking with Alice, I met up with Isis-san, who was waiting for me, and we headed for the reception room.

Incidentally, the order of the meeting was going to be Isis-san, Fate-san, Alice and Kuro. As for Kuro, she was placed last because she had something to talk to them regarding hiring Mom and Dad.

Well, I did remind Mom and Dad about Alice's message, but I don't think there will be any problems since it will be just the four of us.

Kuro, with her great communipower, won't be a problem, and Isis-san is a very kind person, so as long as her magic power of death is handled, there isn't anything I should worry about her at all.

There may be some problems with Fate-san and Alice, but they're people who would act friendly no matter what they think of someone on the inside, so they'll probably be fine…… No, I may not be able to know what they think on the inside…… but I'm just worried that she'll get bored and quit talking with them halfway through the conversation.

With these thoughts in mind, I arrived in front of the reception room, looked at Isis-san once before going inside.

Thereupon, noticing our arrival, Mom and Dad got up from the sofa and bowed to Isis-san.

Isis-san lightly waved her hands in response, as if to say not to worry about it, and urged them to sit on the sofa.

After Mom and Dad sat back, Isis-san and I sat on the sofa across from them, and the introduction started. When Isis-san saw Mom and Dad looking so nervous, she looked a little worried before she spoke.

[……I'm…… Isis…… Isis Remnant…… Nice to meet you.]

[Ah, yes! I- I'm Kaito's mother, Miyama Akari! I- I- It's nice to meet you!]

[I'm his father, Miyama Kazuya. It's nice to meet you too.]

Mom was already understandably nervous, but Dad, who used to be a salesman, firmly greeted back despite his nervousness.

[……Unnn…… Akari and…… Kazuya…… I'll remember it…… You're Kaito's family…… You'll also be important to me…… so if you have any problems……. you can always talk to me.]

Unnn, as I thought, if it's Isis-san, there wouldn't be any problems. Rather, she seems to be in a slightly better mood than usual. Perhaps, she is happy that she's able to control her magic power of death and talk to others.

As we continued chatting like that, Mom and Dad's nervousness gradually dissipated, and after about ten minutes, we were able to have a friendly conversation.

Just like this, my first introduction with my lover, Isis-san, went without any problems at all.

However, the next one would be the problem child Fate-san…… and thinking about if she will find conversing with them bothersome and just give up on talking with them makes me feel uneasy.

~ ~ Extra : Introduction Difficulty for Mama Akari and Papa Kazuya ~ ~


Completely easy-peasy. Being both Humans, although Lilia has a higher social status as a Duchess, she is younger than the couple, polite, and kind, so she was able to get along with them right away.


Also easy-peasy. The elf Sieg may be older than them, but there's not much of an age difference between them, and since she has a gentle personality, they were able to greet each other without any problems.


This would normally have been the most difficult task to fulfill. First of all, in order for the two of them to be allowed to meet Shiro, Kaito had to go around asking for favors from Chronois and the other Gods, or he could just ask Shiro directly (with an additional condition required).

However, she had already conversed with them when she gave them their roles in her ordeal, and from Shiro's point of view, they've already met when she resurrected them…… Rather, when her son came back after his date and told them that he and Shiro had become lovers, Mama almost fainted.


They were told beforehand that her magic power of death was safe while they're in the reception room, but having glanced at her during the party, they couldn't stop themselves from shaking before her presence, so they were insanely nervous when they met for the first time.

When they talked to her, they felt relieved when they learned that she's kind and gentle…… but she was still much older than them, and since she was one of the pinnacle beings in the Demon Realm, they couldn't break the honorifics when talking to her.


In a way, she's easy-peasy. For better or worse, she isn't interested in Akari and Kazuya. Rather, greeting them is very troublesome for her, but since it's Kaito's request, she reluctantly agreed.


She seems to be friendly and cooperative, but she's quite the minefield. On the surface, she is friendly towards them, and while she gave them advice on many things through Kaito, she is still assessing them whether they would be hindrances to Kaito's path or not…… If their attitudes were too bad or if they behaved arrogantly using Kaito's influence, she was thinking of educating them without telling Kaito…… but thinking that there doesn't seem to be the need for that at the moment, she had slightly lowered her guard.


She would have been completely easy-peasy, but the two of them couldn't afford to be rude to their would-be employer, who was also quite older than them and is the most influential person in the world.

However, Kuro herself is friendly to most people, so their nervousness should dissipate soon.-

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