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Within the shocked and shaken conference room, only Orchid's voice echoed as he read the letter.

[……"Now then, it doesn't really take a genius to predict what Symphonia Kingdom will do from here. You'd go negotiate with the nobles living near Lilia-san's mansion, and after giving them sufficient compensation, you're going to evict them and give their lands to Kaito-san. Well, your actions should be around that."]

This certainly was what Ryze and Amalie had been thinking about, and their actions that Chris and Laguna could have predicted. There was no doubt that the vicinity of Lilia's mansion, where he had once spent a year as her lover, was a better environment for Kaito.

But as for the following contents, the people of the Symphonia Kingdom started sweating bullets.

[……"But well, that's not necessary. I've already legally secured the land and materials needed to build Kaito-san's house, so there's no need for you guys to make a move on tha regard".]

She had already acquired the land. Since Alice had already expected that Kaito would build a house, it wouldn't be a surprise if she had done such a thing. However, that's not the problem.

The section where Lilia's mansion is located in a place where quite a few high-ranking nobles live, and naturally, both the King, Ryze, and the Crown Prince, Amalie, have been paying a lot of attention to the area on a daily basis.

However…… "They didn't feel anything out of place". There are no new nobles that moved in that place, no new mansions, nor were there nobles who had moved out of their mansions.

However, Ryze and Amalie thought about how there was a Count who bought land near Lilia's mansion and set up a mansion "about two years ago".

If you put that together with what you just said, it means that Alice had been working on preparations for this before Kaito had returned back to this world.

[……"Now then, since I think I've rambled long enough, let's get down to business. I have two requests. First, in the documents I compiled for each country, I have written down the people who might try to mess with Kaito-san and as many patterns of their movements as I can predict, so do you mind keeping them in check"]

[ [ [ ………………… ] ] ]

An expression of realization appeared on his face at that moment, Orchid then handed out the documents for each country in the envelope to the respective rulers.

Receiving the documents, Ryze, Chris, and Laguna gave it a quick look over…… and they became speechless. Some of the contents of the document were patterns that they had also predicted themselves.

But there were also many patterns that they hadn't even imagined…… However, when they read what was written on it, they felt that such patterns could certainly occur, which makes them feel like they were confronted with the difference between Alice and themselves.

[……"And my second request. This is very important. Regarding Kaito-san's position, please be careful so that the laws of your countries don't try to bind him. Normally, if one takes up residence in Symphonia Kingdom, they will be treated as a citizen of Symphonia Kingdom, and they will be obligated to pay taxes…… which isn't something unacceptable."]

That was something that was originally absurd. Even though you're establishing residence in their country, you're also asking to be excluded from paying taxes and all such obligations of a citizen. However, when those who heard what was said, a certain unreasonable being came to their minds.

[……"No, if it's just me, I don't really mind. But Kaito-san belonging to a country, even if it's not actually true, could also mean that some king stands above Kaito-san…… I don't think that unreasonable, yet dangerous other world God would shut up about it, so I'd like you to please handle this."]

[……The Symphonia Kingdom approves the Phantasmal King-sama's proposal here and now.]

[The Archlesia Empire has no objection…… Or rather, if our country objects, I feel like we'll be wiped out.]

[With my authority, the Hydra Kingdom also approves…… That person really isn't someone that could be reasoned with.]

In addition, Eden, the dangerous person in question, has already threatened the three rulers at the Six Kings Festival. What she said to them was simple, "If you disrespect my beloved child, I will obliterate your whole country"……

[……"In addition to that, I've also compiled a list of laws in each country that may affect Kaito-san later, so please make special exceptions regarding those matters…… Ah, that's right, Hydra Kingdom's Laguna-san"]

[U- Unnn Me]

[……"You think that because the Hydra King is under a Parliament, the King can't change the laws by herself, don't you Don't worry, "If you propose this, it will definitely go through".]

[ ! ]

[……"Arehh Could it be that you're actually surprised No way, have you actually thought that I couldn't move "the majority of your parliament"]

When she heard that Alice could change Hydra Kingdoms' laws if she wished, Laguna shivered, her face turned so pale that it was unimaginable from her normal self.

[……"Well, with that, I'm counting on all of you. Ahh, also, I'm going to visit sometime later, so please prepare a luxurious dinner for me, okay~~ Welly well then, that's all."]

[……What is this Phantasmal King-sama seems to be quite friendly only to Her Majesty Laguna, don't you think]

[……I've hardly talked to Phantasmal King-sama though……]

Even though Alice often looks cheerful, she hardly expresses her emotions when dealing with others, but she's somewhat open-minded when it comes to those who have gained her trust.

With the exception of Kaito, the only ones she claims to like are Kuromueina and Fate…… but she still cares for her family members like Isis and Lillywood, supporting them behind the scenes.

Laguna was once Alice's companion when she called herself Hapti, making her somewhat friendlier to Laguna than the rest of the rulers.

……Even though she felt as such towards Laguna, Laguna herself, unaware of this, only tilted her head……

After that, the meeting between the three countries was suspended…… Ryze and the other members of the Symphonia Kingdom had left the meeting room to talk to their departments immediately, and Chris and Laguna's companions had also left to contact their countries, so now, there were only two people in the meeting room, Laguna and Chris.

[……Even so, seriously, Phantasmal King-sama really is terrifying. How far could she foresee]

[……"The fools fear the King of Death, while the wise fear the faceless king"……]

[Unnn What's that, young Chris]

[It's some kind of proverb passed down through the Archlesia Empire's royal family. Death King is indeed terrifying. I wouldn't even be able to have a proper conversation with her…… However, if one looks through history, there are hardly any cases where Death King-sama killed someone just because she doesn't like them. Rather, such cases are far more common with War King-sama, don't you think]

[That's right, Megiddo-sama is such a person after all.]

Laguna, who knew Megiddo well, deeply nodded at Chris' words. Death King, War King…… Both are perceived by the public as the most dangerous among the Six Kings, whose lives are at risk if their moods are offended.

However, despite the fact that Isis has the magic power of death, her personality isn't as harsh as she was perceived. She had a childish part, where she wouldn't easily listen to someone, but that part faded after meeting Kaito, and now, she is rather calm and listens well to people, and her good personality could be easily observed.

On the other hand, War King has always been consistent. If someone he doesn't like stands before him, he'll kill them, but he's someone who would let you do whatever you want as long as he can't see you.

[Of course, as the Emperor to my citizens, I must remain vigilant of Death King-sama…… but for me personally, I think that Phantasmal King-sama is far more terrifying than Death King-sama.]

[I know how you feel……]

[Phantasmal King-sama's true terror is neither her large number of subordinates in the world, nor her overwhelming fighting power. What I fear is how she's the "greatest mind in the Three Realms"…… she can easily remember the vast information of the world and make use of it.]

[……No, that really is quite frightening. It wouldn't find it strange if Phantasmal King-sama even foresaw a conversation like this.]

[……That's right.]

As they realized how frightening Alice is once again, both of them shuddered and just looked far into the distance.

Speaking of that Alice, who is extremely feared by the rulers of the three human countries……

[What is it]

[I'd like to ask you a favor, but do you mind hearing me out ……"Shallow Vernal-sama".]

She was negotiating with the pinnacle of the world.

Serious-senpai : [Hahh! My serious senses are tingling!]

: [No one's tingling your tingle here.]-

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