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Chapter 1238 - Preparing for the Participation in the Wedding Ceremony ⑤

I arrived at our target cafe and took a seat. As its a high-class cafe in the Central Area of the city, the interior of the cafe has a luxurious, yet relaxed atmosphere.

Hina-chan immediately ordered a fruit parfait, while Aoi-chan and I ordered a cake set.

[……Hina-chan, can you even eat all that]

[Yes! Totally easy!]

The parfait looked quite large when I personally looked at it, but Hina-chan said that she could easily eat all of the parfait with a happy smile on her face.

Aoi-chan took a bite of the cake and after taking a sip of her tea, she spoke.

[Seigi-kuns wedding ceremony huh…… I wonder how many attendees will come]

[Hmmm, I guess a lot of nobles would come huh Ryze-san would definitely be there because its Cattleya-sans wedding, and in that case, there would be quite a lot of people who would want to make connections with Ryze-san.]

This may have been the wedding ceremony of a viscount, but its also the wedding ceremony of a royalty…… The scale of this wedding would be on a reasonable scale. That being the case, there will be many people invited, and I think it will be important for Mitsunaga-kun, who has become a noble, to make connections.

[I wonder if some big names would attend]

[……Kaito-senpai, are you seriously saying that]

[……For the nobles, wouldnt Kaito-san be the biggest name going there]

They threw out a very, very sharp tsukkomi. No, it seems that word of me certainly has spread quite a bit among the nobility. Both because of the information around me, and a certain dangerous God who had apparently been threatening people since the Six Kings Festival……

After I finished shopping and went home, I checked the letter that Anima had delivered to my room.

[……Unnn This is……]

However, I was a little surprised to receive a letter from a rather unusual recipient. Thereupon, I opened the letter and read the contents…… and was surprised again.

In the letter, I dont know where they had heard about it, but they mentioned about Mitsunaga-kuns wedding, and wrote how “if its possible, they would like to attend the wedding themselves”.

This is an unexpected turn of events, b- but what should I do about this Would they allow additional attendees at this time H- Hmmm…… I guess Ill send a letter to Mitsunaga-kun and ask him about this……

In a town somewhat far from Symphonia Kingdoms royal capital, at the residence of a viscount who is the lord of this town, the Family Head, Mitsunaga Seigi, was holding a letter in his hand, seemingly thinking about something.

Thereupon, Cattleya, Seigis fiancee, entered the room.

[Seigi, the list of items well be using for the ceremony…… Is something the matter]

[Ahh, Cathy. Actually, I just received a letter from Miyama-san…… asking if he could bring one companion with him……]

[Lets agree! Thats the best we could ask for!!!]

[Whoa, w- whats with the enthusiasm]

As soon as she heard Seigis words, Cattleya reacted quite vigorously. To the astonished Seigi, Cattleya told him with an extremely serious expression on her face.

[Listen, Seigi….. or rather, our family has only been part of the nobility for a short period of time. Because of my marriage to Seigi, you were given a peerage that isnt just in-name, which was what was supposed to be given to emigrants, but also a fiefdom, and you had established a viscountcy.]

[U- Unnn.]

[However, when compared to other nobles whose names held history, there are some areas that wed inevitably end up being looked down up. So, if its possible, I wanted us to form some connections at this wedding……]

After pausing her words there, Cattleya checked the contents of the letter in Seigis hand and continued.

[If its Miyama-samas companion, its quite possible that theyre someone famous. For example, it would be great if they were among the Six Kings or the Supreme Gods. If these people attended the wedding, this would be a great foil for us, and there would be more nobles who would want to associate with our family.]

[I see……]

[This builds a friendly relationship with Miyama-sama as well as possibly providing a foil for the future, so accepting it would benefit our family. Accommodating one more person doesnt take that much labor.]

[Fumu, I also had no intention of neglecting Miyama-sans request…… so I should just reply that it would be okay for him to bring them]

[Yes…… Other than that…… it would be about who they would bring huh. It would be great if it would at least be someone among the Six Kings executives, but this is entirely up to Miyama-sama.]

Anyway, there was no problem with Kaitos request to bring one companion isnt a problem in itself. Seigi writes a quick reply in a letter and asked a servant to send it to him.

[……Well, putting aside Miyama-sans matter for later, you were talking about the list of items for the ceremony]

[Yes, there are few parts I would like to discuss with you. First, the catering……]

Three years after arriving in another world and two years after becoming a noble, Seigi, who has grown far more than before, was discussing the ceremony with a somewhat calm expression on his face as he looked at the list he received from Cattleya.

【Celebrating Mitsunaga Seigis first lines since Chapter 278 (27/01/2017), after 959 chapters had passed (about 5.5 years)】

Serious-senpai : [……Hes too unfortunate, isnt he…… He hasnt had a dialogue in 5 and a half years…… (shudder)]-

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