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After our first stroll around the deserted island, we continued to go to the places that Eden-san recommended, in order. The places Eden-san liked were basically places that weren't very popular. I guess that would be typical of Eden-san, who was cold towards the inhabitants of Trinia.

In addition, how should I say this…… It was quite surprising…… but Eden-san seems to prefer landscapes with simple and warm atmospheres.

[It was quite a while ago, but I actually participated in what seems to be a bazaar.]

[……Eden-san did]

[Yes, there were lots of people and I couldnt move around freely. The place was also noisy and bright here and there, so it was difficult to stay in that place and enjoy the scenery…… but the mixed scenery left a deep impression on me.]

[Ahh, I think I can understand that feeling.]

I might have just been looking at that situation with rose-tinted glasses, but I also had this feeling that everything I saw back then was shining.

……Well, let's not talk about the fact that Eden-san's appearance was fatally out of sync with a bazaar. But well, being omniscient and omnipotent, she could probably change her appearance if she wanted.

However, even though we are talking calmly now, a few seconds ago, she almost went out of control, and that ultra-thick beam exploded again.

So far, I've been able to survive without her last-ditch countermeasure going into effect, but I wonder how long this will last……

My fears became true about half an hour later. After Eden-san went out of control for the third time and was obliterated by the ultra-thick beam…… but even after she was revived, there was still no sign of her reason returning.

Approaching me without even trying to hide the madness exuding out from her body, but Eden-san didn't activate her last-ditch countermeasure at all…… Just as I was thinking that this was really the end, a change appeared in Eden-san.

[ ! ! ]

Looking at Eden-san, who had stopped with eyes wide open, a shocked expression on her face, I tilted my head, and thinking that she saw something, I looked behind me, but saw nothing.

As I wondered what was going on, I looked back and saw that the madness from Eden-san had completely disappeared.

[……My apologies, my child. It's okay now.]

[Errr, what just happened]

[I've activated my last-ditch countermeasure…… Please don't ask me what it is. Please.]

[Ah, yes. I understand.]

What's going on I'm not really sure, but there is one thing I'm sure of…… its that her last-ditch countermeasure has a tremendous effect.

Because now, Eden-san was calling me "my child" instead of "my beloved child". In other words, she's back to Phase 0.

At first, she was able to return to Phase 0 after cooling herself down, but after a certain number of times she cooled herself down, Phase 1 became her default checkpoint and after that, nothing below Phase 2 appeared.

In short, it was getting harder and harder to return to her safe state. Especially Phase 0, which was her safest state and even had a bit of time before she moved to Phase 1…… but I don't know why that suddenly happened.

It was impossible to return to Phase 0 from her rampaging state even if her body was actually literally wiped out, so how powerful could this last-ditch countermeasure of hers be

In addition, I was surprised to see Eden-san that astonished…… Well, she doesn't want me to ask, so I won't forcibly ask her…… Hmmm, strange things really were happening quite a lot today.

While Kaito tilted her head in wonder, Eden…… or rather, Makina, who was currently controlling Eden's body, was thinking about her last-ditch countermeasure.

The story regarding this countermeasure, which also astonished Kaito, goes back to a few days ago.


[Please, Alice! Help me!!!]

[……No, I don't understand what you mean though]

During a break in their training, which had become a regular occurrence, Alice gave Makina a dubious look as she clasped her hands together, asking her for help.

[I want to go out with my beloved child too! I really want to!!! But you see, my love for my child overflows easily, and I don't want to be interrupted by that.]

[…..Why don't you just make sure you don't go out of control]

[That's impossible! My child is just so cute that I want to lick him all over his body, and I think it is actually rude of others to not go out of control before my cute child……]

[Thank you for your hard work. I'm going home,kay]


[Eiiii! Stop clinging on to me! Hands off! ……Hahhh…… In the end, what do you want me to do]

Alice was about to run away because she thought things would be troublesome, but when she saw Makina clinging to her, half-crying…… She eventually let out a big sigh and decided to listen.

[Unnn, as I was saying, if I go out of control, I want Alice to do something to stop me!]

[You're asking for the impossible, don't you think……]

[Aliiiiice, you can do something, right]

[……Why would I go to all that trouble…….]

[I've been helping out Alice a lot, haven't I]

[……Mnhhh, if you say it like that…… Hmmm.]

When she heard the words Makina cried out, Alice, who certainly had been helped in various situations recently, felt uncomfortable about turning down Makina's request.

In the end, Alice finally gave in…… and became the last-ditch countermeasure for preventing Makina from going out of control.

Serious-senpai: [……You, eh You can stop Makina's rampages]

: [……I can't say I am able to always make it work, but if it's just a few times…… I have several plans I could make use of, but the point is, I should catch Makina off guard and empty out her thoughts. It's not a move that can be used more than once though…… Well, I guess you'll find out how I did it in detail next time.]-

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