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After witnessing Frea-san's encouragement to the members of the Crimson Fang, I was suddenly startled when a shadow flew overhead and I reflexively looked at the sky.


[T- This is……]

[It seems like they've arrived.]

Lilia-san was just as I was when she looked at the sky. Flying above us was a humongous sea dragon with a long body and indigo scales.

Unlike the other Dragons I've seen in Trinia that look like western dragons, this one looks more like an oriental dragon, reminding me of those sea dragons like Sea Serpents and Leviathans I've seen in games.

This dragon is undoubtedly one of the Four Great Demon Dragons, Eingana-san…… As one would expect from a kilometer-long dragon, she's indeed outrageously gigantic.

Its appearance, which is bigger than a mountain, is truly worthy of being called a humongous kaiju…… Unnn, Magnawell-san was just too out of the norm, but Eingana-san is undoubtedly humongous.

[……It seems like she's going to give a word to her troops just like I did. Well then, let's head over there.]

Nodding at Frea-san's words, we moved to join Eingana-san. The fact that I could look up at them from where we were means that the place where the members of the Ocean Scales were gathering wasn't far away, and after a short walk, I could see the gathering of dragons.

Looking at them like this, I somehow feel like many of them were somewhat aquatic in appearance. Meanwhile, Lilia-san was happy to see Eingana-san's whole body, which she had mentioned that she had been wanting to see, as her eyes were glittering as she kept looking up at the sky.

"……Listen here, okay Those who lose composure would surely lose their battles. No matter how stormy the surface of the sea may be, the depths of your hearts must remain as calm as the depth of the seas. If you try to exert all of your strength, you will eventually be overwhelmed. There is no need to exert yourselves to your limits, control yourself so that you can exert 90% of your strength equally in every battle. Do this and results would naturally follow."

With her voice seemingly echoing from the sky, I guess Eingana-san was talking to the members of her unit. The content of her speech and her voice gave me the impression that she was an intelligent and calm woman.

The dragons listening to her words seemed to be quieter than those of the Crimson Fang…… I guess each unit has their own characteristics.

Eingana-san continued to talk like that for a while, and when she finished, the dragons quietly bowed and dispersed to start warming up.

Seeing them dispersing, Frea-san called out to the airborne Eingana-san.

[Eingana, mind coming here for a moment]

"Nidzvled Yes, I don't mind."

[I've got some people I'd like to introduce you to…… Ah, you also don't have to assume importance. I introduce to you my comrade, Miyama Kaito, and Duchess Lilia Albert.]

"……I see."

As Frea-san introduced us, Lilia-san and I bowed to her once before she muttered, as if she understood something.

Thereupon, her body was enveloped in light, and a few moments later, a tall woman stood in front of us.

She had long indigo hair that reached her feet, red eyes, beautiful white skin and her beautiful proportions that were slender and supple, and her figure dressed in a pure white one-piece dress undoubtedly made her look like a peerless beauty…… She's really tall though.

She's even taller than the 2-meter tall Epsilon-san…… I estimate that she'd be around 2 meters and 40 centimeters.

[It's the first time we've met like this. I'm one of the Magnawell-sama's Executive Subordinates, the Four Great Demon Dragons…… "Aquarina Eingana". It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.]

[I'm Miyama Kaito. It's nice to meet you.]

[My name is Lilia Albert. It's a pleasure to meet you.]

Bowing our heads, Lilia-san and I greeted the humanized Eingana-san. Unnn, she really seems like an intelligent and calm woman.

[It seems like my comrade wishes to thank you for that battle that occurred in the God Realm.]

[Thank me, is it No, my participation in that battle was natural as a subordinate of Magnawell-sama, so there is no need for your thanks.]

[That isn't the case. It's true that may be the case for you, it's inevitable that my comrade would want to thank you for your support. If that's the case, wouldn't it be courteous for those who have shared the battlefield with you to just obediently accept it]

[……I see, you do have a point.]

Eingana told me that I didn't need to thank her, but Frea-san supported my words, which I was very grateful for.

Thanking Frea-san in my heart, I took out the thank-you-gift I prepared and called out to her.

[Eingana-san, thank you for lending me your help in that battle in the God Realm.]

[Yes, your gratitude has been well received. I also thank you for your courtesy.]

The way she smiled serenely, she really looked like a mature woman. Considering her speech and conduct, she and Frea-san seemed to be quite close.

[Eingana, doesn't your magic power look more refined than before]

[It's not that I've become refined, it's jst that that I felt a little dull during that battle in the God Realm, so I made some adjustments.]

[Fumu, it's true that lack of actual battle in a peaceful world is an issue…… So, how about it Why don't we———–]

[I refuse.]

[……No, I still haven't even said it.]

[I absolutely don't want to train with you. First, you need to learn how to be sensible in training.]

[I- I see, what a shame…… In that case———]

[I also refuse to have a mock battle!!!]

[……Mnhhh, you've been rather boring lately……]

What is this The calm demeanor she had earlier changed, rejecting Frea-san's proposal with so much vigor that she even interrupted her words. Her face also looks so desperate…… Did she have bad memories about that

Serious-senpai : [……Long hair, white skin, white dress…… and about 2m40cm tall…… She's that, right She's totally modeled after Hachisha……]

: [Oops, let's stop right there.]-

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