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The day after I met three of Phantasmal King's executives, Gluttony-san, Astaroth-san and Nia-san, I was leisurely walking around the city.

The only ones among the Ten Demons I need to greet were Lilim-san, Phenex-san and Tiamat-san, but I'm checking Chris-san's availability first, so I'm taking a break for the day.

Incidentally, I've already talked to Lilia-san about this matter. If I told her that I've been introduced to all the Six Kings' executives later, she would definitely get angry at me, so I told her about this first.

Lilia-san looked like she was gazing far into the distance, but she looked a little relieved, saying "……Well, it's still easy on my stomach to know who you're going to get to know in advance.".

Anyway, having met the three of them, I thought it would be better to make some adjustments regarding souvenirs. Fortunately, it wasn't a problem this time, but I thought I should prepare something other than sweets for some people who might not eat or drink.

Thinking that I should have different types of souvenirs ready, I thought of asking about them first before I get introduced to them in advance and think about which ones I should give them.

Well, that's why I was out shopping today, but it didn't really take that long for me to finish. With shopping done, I just went for a quick walk around.

Even though I've been living in Symponia's royal capital for over a year now, there are still places I've never been before. For example, just by going a few distance away from the street I usually go to, I will find myself in an unfamiliar landscape.

As I walked leisurely along a road I had never been on before, I found a small park. It was really small, and there were no benches around here or anything like that…… and rather than a park, this feels more like a vacant lot. However, I know that it was a park because of that signboard that said "park" at what seemed to be the park's entrance.

As I was feeling wondrous upon arriving in a well-kept secret place with no people around, I entered the park without a second thought, and the sight I saw left me speechless.

It was…… a beautiful dance. In the center of the park, a woman with clear, beautiful sky-blue hair was dancing gracefully.

The woman's height should be near 160cm, dressed in those so-called dancer's dress, which looks like a see-through cloth over a swimsuit. I'm not sure if she may not have noticed us or that she was concentrating on her dancing, but with fluttering steps, she danced.

The little bell-like things attached in various parts of her outfit made a beautiful sound with each of her movements, and the setting sun seemed to reflect off her accessories, making them sparkle and shine.

I can't really say I'm an expert in dancing, but I could still understand that the woman's dance was wonderful. Even though I couldn't help but stare at her, the sight of her dancing in such a risqué outfit doesn't make me feel any wicked emotion, and it was just making me feel her beauty.

There was no music resounding in the park, but it felt like she had the charm that drew people's attention, as if she was dancing under the spotlight on a magnificent stage.

I continued to watch the woman dance for a while, and when the dance seemed to be over, I couldn't help but clap my hands.


[Ahh, I- I'm sorry. It was such a beautiful dance that it looked like you were fluttering in the sky, so I couldn't help myself……]

Noticing the sound of my applause, the woman curiously tilted her head and after looking at me with her marine blue eyes, a deeper shade than her hair color, but let out a small smile when she heard my words.

[Gratitude…… In other words, thank you for the nice compliment.]

[Ah, no……]

[Question…… In other words, there's something I'm worried about. Passing through the barrier…… In other words, even though I placed a barrier around the park, how did you get in here]

[A barrier]

[Unaware…… In other words, you passed through the barrier without knowing it. A unique magic power…… In other words, I feel the magic power of an otherworlder from you. One candidate…… With the given requirements, I have an idea of who you could be.]

How should I say this…… She has a unique way of speaking. Also, even though it isn't as much as Shiro-san, her expression also doesn't change much and she looks rather cool-headed.

[Conclusion…… In other words, I am not mistaken to assume that you are Miyama Kaito, right]

[That's right…… but how did you know my name]

[I've heard rumors…… In other words, I've heard about you. Multiple sources of information…… In other words, I heard about you from various sources, but most often from friends. The First Fairy King…… In other words, the main source of my information came from the fairy named Razelia.]

[Eh You're acquainted with Raz-san]

[Not directly…… In other words, I may have been acquainted with her, but I don't talk to her that much. A friend of a friend…… In other words, a fairy friend of mine is good friends with Razelia, and I've heard about you from her.]

[I- I see……]

It seems that she's a friend of Raz-san's friend. Raz-san's friend connections were quite vast, so hearing her say that, I could somehow understand.

[In that case, as you already know, I'm Miyama Kaito. Errr, if you don't mind me asking, may I ask your name]

[Shock…… In other words, I'm very surprised. You asked my name…… In other words, is this that rumored "being proposed to"]


What did she just say I feel like I heard something really crazy just now……

Lilia : [……Why Why are you doing this You said you'd meet them in order…… You said you'd start with the Ten Demons……. Isn't that what you saaaaaaiiiiiiddddd!]

T/N: I'm off to get my second shot. I'm not sure if I'll get nauseous and end up collapsing to sleep again, so I'll just post these chapters early and say that I might not be able to post chapters for the next few days. Prolly 1 or 2. Or 3.-

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