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She made the wrong procedure. After telling her that, Shallow Vernal calmly looked at Fate before she continued.

[Fate, the people you're interested in….. It's not wrong to say that it's Alice and Kaito-san, right]

[Y- Yes! It is as you say.]

[That's the "misunderstanding" that I was talking about.]

[……Mis…… understanding]

Not understanding the meaning of what Shallow Vernal had said, Fate looked a little puzzled. At the same time, Chronois and Life are also nodding their heads, as if they also didn't understand.

[You immediately took interest in Alice and Kaito. That's because your authority over fate doesn't work against them…… You had only become closer with Kaito recently, so the reason is that you had become friends with Alice.]

[W- What does that……]

[The first person you were interested in was Alice, and the second you were interested in was Kaito-san…… They have become "the standard by which you become closer with others".]

[ ! ]

Her sharp words seemed to pierce Fate's chest. It's not that Fate is stupid, and in fact, she has a good head on her shoulders.

Thus, she understood the meaning of Shallow Vernal's words……

[It's the opposite. Because "Alice and Kaito-san are special", you would need to take certain steps to be interested in others. However, you have made Alice and Kaito-san the standard……  that's why, when you met Kaito-san parents, you tried to become vaguely interested in them. You disregarded all previous steps, and told yourself that "you had to be interested in them"…… so it's inevitable that it won't work.]

Yes, Fate tried to be vaguely interested in Akari and Kazuya. However, since Alice and Kaito had become her criteria for one to gain her interest, she couldn't get interested in them no matter how hard she tried.

The words Shallow Vernal told her. The reason she was immediately interested in Alice and Kaito was that they were special, and that she would need to take more steps to achieve such a thing……

[S- Shallow Vernal-sama……  What is it that I need to do to be interested in them……]

[That's something you need to figure out by yourself. It's not in your best interest to have everything easily told to you. However, if I were to guide you to a path…… You should think about "what it is that you're lacking". It's not like you have to prepare something new. There are things that you lack for you to be interested in Kaito's parents. You need to think about it carefully.]


Listening to the words encouraging her growth, Fate nodded with a serious expression on her face.

Thereupon, after looking at Fate and nodding once, Shallow Vernal then turned her gaze to Chronois and Life.

[God of Time and Space, God of Life.]

[ [ Hahh! ] ]

[You both don't understand what Fate is struggling with right now. You also don't understand the meaning of the words I told Fate…… Isn't that right]

[Yes…… It is as you say.]

[Embarrassing it may be, just like God of Time and Space, I don't understand it either.]

As Shallow Vernal saw it, Chronois and Life couldn't understand Fate's worries. The only thing that popped into their mind was that "Why do they need to be so considerate of them".

Seeing their confusion, Shallow Vernal calmly spoke to them.

[There is no shame in not understanding now. What you should be ashamed of is letting yourself remain ignorant. Why was Fate troubled about this, and why couldn't you understand it…… Carefully think about the cause for these matters. This will lead to your growth.]

[ [ Hahh!!! ] ]

[I'll give you a hint then. The difference between you two and Fate is your "perspectives". I would say that your field of vision is narrower compared to Fate. In that case, what it is that you should look at, and what you should do with what you saw…… Carefully think about it in the future.]

After saying this, Shallow Vernal turned her back on the Supreme Gods, leaving them with words spoken with a voice with a hint of tenderness.

[……The two of you have yet to change from the time I created you. Firmly grow up…… Gain my affection, make me believe that each of you are unlike any other. Chronois, Life…… I'm looking forward to the time I can call you with your names.]

Saying this with a small smile, Shallow Vernal disappeared.

Shallow Vernal really has tremendously grown. She is now able to look not only at herself, but even at those around her, and at the same time, guide them and encourage them to grow……

She has become less intimidating than used to be. Even so, the Shallow Vernal of today seemed much larger and greater than before. She had become one would expect of the pinnacle of the world……

The three Supreme Gods continued to bow their heads for some time after her great presence disappeared.

Serious-senpai : [……Didn't her charisma explosively increase]

: [It has quite the contrast, doesn't it From that Airhead who makes explosive comments, she had become a God with the majesty of one…… It's really amazing how much she's grown. If the current Shallow Vernal had been my opponent back then, I would have had a very difficult time in the decisive battle at the God Realm……]-

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