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The 19th day of the Earth month. I was just staring at the scenery now, dumbfounded.

A lot of things happened yesterday. Alice had temporarily left from guard duty, apparently due to a meeting of the Six Kings, and Ein-san had been guarding me all day yesterday.

And then, Lunamaria-sans mother came to visit…… and I was really surprised that it was actually Noir-san, whom I had met before.

Noir-san left after drinking tea and chatting at Lilia-sans mansion for about an hour or so, saying she would visit again.

Most of Noir-sans stories were about Lunamaria-san, and I enjoyed the fact that she was generous with her family stories, like how Lunamaria-san used to be…… Lunamaria-san just looked at her with dead eyes, as if she was screaming at Noir-san to stop coming back, but Noir-san just said she would come back……

Well, I honestly thought the day would end with that ruckus, before I end the day after going to bed but…… honestly, I didnt expect more unexpected events to occur the next day.

Moving my gaze away from the window of this luxurious carriage Im riding at…… I called out to the person in front of me.

[……Ummm…… Why did I get abducted when I should be carefreely eating breakfast now, Chronois-san]

[……Im sorry about that, but it took a lot of work to arrange, so I didnt get to tell you beforehand.]


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Yes, I was currently being transported in a carriage by Chronois-san, who appeared out of the blue just before breakfast.

It was a sudden turn of events, but as soon as Chronois-san arrived, she said “Sorry! I dont have much time. Dont ask anything and just follow me.” while bowing with a sad expression on her face, so I wasnt able to refuse.

[……W- Well, thats fine but…… Where is this carriage heading]

[To the God Realm.]


[By Shallow Vernal-samas will, we are inviting you to the God Realm.]


Shiro-san invited me to the God Realm Come to think of it, I think she said something like that before…… I- I see, so thats why Chronois-san came to pick me up.

[I- I see. I can now understand why…… By the way, Chronois-san…… Why do you look worn out]

[……Shallow Vernal-sama decreed that we invite you as soon as possible…… Ive been rushing around to complete various formalities so……]

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[I- Im sorry about that.]

When I asked Chronois-san, who looked exhausted, she seemed to be struggling with Shiro-sans absurdness as usual…… This person really is too troubled.

I mean, the other party is that Shiro-san, you know Shes the kind of airhead that doesnt think that a jab for her would be a combo of uppercuts and a missile launcher for us.

However, she just said various formalities…… Even when going to the Demon Realm, you would need a permit that would take a week to issue, so the God Realm might not be a place you can just go and visit immediately.

[Great job…… Or rather, I guess you would need lots of procedure to go to the God Realm huh]

[It isnt that difficult to get to the “lower levels”. You just need to apply to the temple and get a permit to visit. However, its the “upper levels” that Miyama is going to this time……]

[Lower levels Upper levels]

[Fumu…… You are aware of the shape of the lands of the God Realm, right]

[Yes…… Its in the shape of a circle with an empty center, isnt it I saw it in the map.]

I remembered that the God Realm was a donut-shaped land, and was quite small compared to the Demon Realm and Human Realm.

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After hearing my words, Chronois-san nodded once before lightly explaining to me.

[Umu, thats right…… Its just that, it might be difficult to see on the map, but the God Realm is divided into “three” areas.]


[Yeah, wait a moment, Ill get a map.]

Saying that, Chronois-san takes out the same map that Lilia-san showed me before and holds it out to me.

Taking it and looking at the map again, which I hadnt really looked at so closely before, I saw that the circular earth did indeed seem to be three overlapping circles of different sizes, and I could see a slight gap in between each circle.

[First, the outermost lands are called the lower level, where the lower-ranked Gods, their subordinates, and the priests who serve the temple live…… As for that place, Humans and Demons can freely visit it as long as they have permit.]


[And the lands within it…… the difference in elevation will be hard to see on the map, but theres the second layer of the God Realm, the “middle level”, which is placed in lands higher when viewed from the lower level…… This is mainly the home of high-ranking Gods, and only people, with at least the rank and credibility of a King of the Human Realm, were allowed to enter here.]

Apparently, the Divine Realm is supposed to be like a mountain, and the closer the area was in the middle of the map, the higher the ground is.

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And then, the middle level is basically inaccessible, unless youre the same class as kings…… What about the remaining upper level then

[……And in the place closest to the center, there are the lands called the “upper level”. This is a place that no one but the Supreme Gods and our subordinates are allowed to enter, and among the Humans, youre the second person to visit the lands after the First Hero…… You should be able to see how abnormal the situation is.]

[……I guess that would be because Shiro-san lives there huh]

[You are correct, though youre slightly mistaken about something. Shallow Vernal-sama lives on an island in the center of the Divine Realm, which isnt shown on the map…… Its an island floating in the skies called “Sanctuary”. In that place, even I will not be able to enter without Shallow Vernal-samas permission.]


Arehh Thats weird…… I can tell from her tone that it must be an amazing place. A place that even the Supreme God, Chronois-san, cant enter without permission…… making it literally the hardest place in the world to visit.

However, an island floating in the skies Isnt that…… the place where I first got my blessing from Shiro-san

(Thats right.)

Ah, I knew it…… So, why did you have to go through all these troublesome matters Couldnt you just teleport me just like you did the first time you gave me your blessing

(……Now that you mention it, youre right.)

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Oi, you there, airhead goddess…… You just simply didnt think about it! Chronois-san looked like she would collapse from exhaustion here, you know!

(Well then, I will now teleport you……)

Stop right there!!! Dont let all the work Chronois-san did come to nothing! I will properly visit you there under Chronois-sans lead, so please just wait there.

(On one condition.)

……And why are you demanding me a condition for that Oi, why Are you that free

I havent completely cleared my doubts but, I know all these questions would just be useless to Shiro-san…… For the time being, let me hear what that condition is.

(Only Kuro is unfair, so please take a bath in the onsen with me too.)

……The heck is this person talking about Onsen Did she just say onsen Does onsens exist in the God Realm

(I made them exist.)

Shiro-san, what the heck are you really doing! Are you really that free!

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I mean…… Does that mean youre seriously going to get in the onsen with me! No, no…… As expected, that would be……

(Only Kuro is unfair.)

No, like I said, that is, errr…….

(Only Kuro is unfair.)

……How about some compromise and we go swimwear

(No compromise.)

……Is this one of those requests where I dont have any option to say no


She just said it outright. She just declared that she would keep repeatedly saying it until I agree!

M- Mngghhh…… This is very troubling. Bathing with Shiro-san, who has really magnificent proportions and is an immensely beautiful woman…… Im not confident that I can seriously suppress my reasoning.

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To make matters worse, Shiro-san can read my mind…… Im afraid that she would be able to anticipate that I was desperately trying to endure it, and move to crush my reasoning.

But well…… Unfortunately, I dont have the option to veto. It would just be an endless loop until I agree to it, so I would eventually just agree…… This is too unreasonable.

(Does Kaito-san…… hate taking a bath on an onsen with me)

I think that way of asking is too unfair. Theres still no inflection in her voice, but the damage is still too d*mn high.

Alright already…… Ill go with you. I just have to take a bath with you, right!

(Thank you. Then, Im looking forward to seeing your arrival.)

Hmmm, Im not really sure…… if its because of the lack of inflection in her voice or not, but its hard for me to understand her intentions, and since my Sympathy Magic isnt effective, I cant understand what shes thinking.

[Have you finished talking to Shallow Vernal-sama]

[Y- Yes, well…… You see……]

Chronois-san, who seems to have been quiet because she noticed I was talking to Shiro-san, calls out to me, and I slowly tell Chronois-san about the conversation I just had with Shiro-san.

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I spoke ambiguously about the beginning of my conversation with Shiro-san, so that Chronois-sans hard work wouldnt have been in vain but…… For some reason, Chronois-sans eyes lost more light than before, and turned into the eyes of a dead fish.

[……I see……]

[U- Ummm, Chronois-san Is something the matter]

I thought she would respond with “I will not allow such immorality!” but…… She looks like she just gave up on everything……

[……Miyama…… later…… When you get to Shallow Vernal-samas island, please treat me as if Im not there…… Please dont remember me at all……]

[……Huh Errr…… Yes.]

Dear Mom, Dad—— Call it a sudden turn of events, Chronois-san suddenly appeared and brought me to the God Realm. For some reason though, Chronois-san had eyes that looked like a dead fish, but I think thats most probably——– Shiro-sans fault.

Serious-senpai: [……God of Creation-samas turn huh…… Shes kind of like my natural enemy…… Ill just go home……]

T/N: 69/237. nice.

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