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The field that we arrived at, guided by the happy Tir-san, was quite the magnificent one. I've been to Raz-san's field behind Kuro's castle several times. It was a huge farm that I found it hard to believe that Raz-san was managing it all by herself, but anyhow, I was overwhelmed by the vastness of the Raz-san's field, but Tir-san's field was no less impressive than that.

Just like Raz-san, Tir-san is also probably managing this farm on her own. I thought I understood in my head that Tir-san was one of the amazing executives that the Six Kings have, but seeing something like this, I tend to use my own common sense.

[It's a very fine field.]

[It's not as good as Raz-sama, but this field is Tir's pride and joy. Planted over there are the vegetables that I had asked Ariel to buy recently. Ahh, speaking of which, Ariel also mentioned how she met Kaitokun-san!]

[We met by chance in the city. It seems like Tir-san is good friends with Ariel-san.]

[Yes! We are good friends!]

[I also heard that you're good at playing musical instruments.]

[Yes! Tir can play various instruments. That's right! We still have some time before Raz-sama arrives, so if it's alright, I'd like you to listen.]

[Is it alright Then, by all means.]

It was an unexpected turn of events, but Tir-san agreed to play her musical instruments. As I sat down on a wooden chair Tir-san had prepared for me, Tir-san took out a lute-like instrument.

The lute was small and cute, but the way she held it seemed to be quite elegant, as if she was used to playing it. She seemed to have a certain air of majesty around her, just like a skilled musician.

And just as I had expected, Tir-san's performance was nothing short of magnificent. The gentle tone of her lute, with a somewhat folk song-like atmosphere, matches well with the atmosphere of the natural surroundings very well, and sounded very comfortable to the ears.

I'm not that knowledgeable about music, but I think it's an amazing performance with a tune that I couldn't help but be immersed in.

As I continued to enjoy Tir-san's concert for a while, before I knew it, quite a bit of time had passed, and after Tir-san played some songs and made a small bow, I could tell that the performance was over.

After Tir-san finished her performance, I reflexively clapped in applause.

[It was amazing. I listened so attentively that I felt like time passed in the blink of an eye.]

[Ehehe, I'd get embarrassed if you praise me that much. But but, if Kaitokun-san is happy listening to me, Tir is also happy.]

[That was really splendid. If there's another opportunity, I'd like to listen again.]

[With pleasure~~ Ahh, Raz-sama will be here soon.]

After bashfully smiling at my words of praise, Tir-san started looking around the surroundings.

[She's coming soon]

[Yes. We planned to meet here in the field.]

Immediately after Tir-san answered, a familiar voice came from the distance.

[Tir~~ I've arrived~~]


When Tir-san saw Raz-san flying towards her from a distance, waving her hand, she happily smiled and vigorously flew towards Raz-san.

[I've been waiting for you, Raz-sama!]

[Thank you for waiting~~ I'm glad to see Tir is doing so well.]

[Yes! Tir is always doing well. I'm glad Raz-sama is doing well too!]

[We're the same then~~]


Clasping their palms together, the two of them spun around in the air, looking very happy. What an adorable sight. It was as if the two of them were radiating healing surges around the area.

They spun around like that for a while, but after they stopped moving, Raz-san's gaze turned to me and her expression changed to one of surprise.

[Aya! It's Kaitokun-san!]

[Hello, Raz-san.]

[Hello~~ It's a coincidence, meeting you here, but I'm glad to see you, Kaitokun-san!]

Happily smiling as she flies towards me, Raz-san looked as cute as usual.

[But but, why is Kaitokun-san here]

[I met Tir-san by chance, and she invited me.]

[Yes! Tir invited Kaitokun-san!]

[I see~~ In that case, Kaitokun-san is playing together with us~~]

Speaking of which, what were they planning to do when they met up in the field If you think about it normally, one would think that they would be discussing about their field, but considering what Raz-san said, they might have just met at an easy-to-understand place and promised to play together.

Well, anyhow, I'm looking forward to it.

[Yes. Kaitokun-san is playing together with us, and then we can eat vegetables together later! I've recently harvested some very tasty "bell pepper", and I'd really like you to try them~~]


Now then, it seems like the biggest crisis of the year has come. I want to leave immediately…… What should I do……

Serious-senpai : [I've always thought about it. That the two most dangerous people in this novel are Makina and Pandora…… but it seems like I was mistaken. There's only one dangerous person here. I feel rather sorry for Pandora for lining her up equal to that thing.]

: [What's amazing is that even though she talked so much, she didn't repeat any topic, saying different things in each case…… Well, each topic takes her a lot of sentences to finish though……]

Serious-senpai : [……She's your best friend, quickly do something about her.]

: [You know…… even I have things…… that I can't do.]-

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