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When I met Cento-san earlier, she requested something from us before we parted ways…… but the idea was that if we were ever to encounter Tre-san again, she's asking us to keep her around and contact her if possible.

So, after we met Tre-san again, Sieg-san contacted Cento-san via hummingbird while I was talking to her.

And just as Tre-san finished her second challenge…… having a total score of 2, walking back towards us with a somewhat satisfied look on her face, I heard voices.

[ [ Esteemed Sister Tre! ] ]

Receiving the call, Cento-san and Cien-san rushed over to us, and we moved our gaze in their direction. I'm glad that Sieg-san managed to contact them…… but to be honest, I still don't understand their situation very well.

If you only look at the situation, you'd get the impression that Tre-san slipped away from them…… but despite this, Tre-san didn't seem to be troubled after being found by the two of them.

Thus, I was wondering what Tre-san's reaction would be after the two girls found her……

[Ahh, Cento and Cien. Would you two like to try it too This is pretty hard.]

Without looking flustered at all, she smiled at them in a very light-hearted way.

[Esteemed Sister Tre! You disappeared again without a word! Do you have no idea how worried we were!!!]

[……Arehh I left a note for you two though.]

[It's not about leaving a note! Does Esteemed Sister Tre even realize that me and Cento are your guards!]

[Of course, I do. I'm always counting on the two of you.]

Cento-san and Cien-san continued to close in on her, but as relaxed as ever, it seems like Tre-san's mind was very much at her own pace. Somehow, I could sense that Cento-san and Cien-san were having a hard time.

[Then, why are you going out without us]

[I'm just having fun in the neighborhood.]

[You really don't understand at all, do you! Even though we told you to bring us with you before……]

As Cien-san scolded Tre-san, Cento-san turned toward us, and after approaching us, she bowed deeply.

[……Thank you very much for contacting us.]

[No, I'm glad you were able to meet up safely.]

When Cento-san told us this, she pulled out what seemed to be her wallet and took out a few gold coins.

[It's not much, but as remunerations……]

[No, you don't have to give us remunerations. It's really just a coincidence that we met again, so just your thanks are already enough.]

[That's very kind of you. Once again, thank you……]

After hearing my words, Cento-san bowed her head once more and took out a slip of paper…… a business card-like thing from her pocket and handed it to me and Sieg-san.

Written on it was an address, I suppose The name of the city was written on it, as well as the Seditch Magic Tools Trading Company Subdivision and Cento-san's name.

[If you ever need a magic crystal, please let me know. We're influential in the Magic Crystal Division, and we can provide you with some good ones.]

[Thank you very much.]

[If another opportunity comes, I will be in your care.]

After we received her business card and responded to her words, Cento-san bowed for the third time before going to Tre-san, who was still being scolded by Cien-san.

[Come on, Esteemed Sister. Let's go back already.]

[Eh It's that time already]

[……No, but I just don't want to be a nuisance by scolding you here.]

[Eeeeehhhh…… There's a scolding]

[Of course. Cien and I still have lots of things to tell you.]


Thereupon, grabbing Tre-san by the scruff of her neck, the twins dragged her away. As they were departing, Cento-san and Cien-san gave us one final bow, while Tre-san waved to us somewhat happily as she was dragged away.

As they dragged Tre to Kuromueina's castle, where they had originally planned to visit, Cento and Cien continued to scold Tre.

[……Like we said, no matter where you go, be sure to tell us when you go out.]

[Unnn, unnn.]


Tre nodded firmly at Cento's words…… but this kind of exchange had taken place many times in the past, so as far as the current situation was concerned, any improvement was hopeless.

Tre is basically an optimistic person, and she is the type of person who forgets things after putting them off, so it wasn't hard to imagine her saying "I'll just call them later".

[…….Well, even if we say all these things, Cien and I both know that Esteemed Sister Tre wouldn't really listen to us.]

[Yes. So, this time, we called in "helpers".]


Tre tilted her head at their words, but as they approached the entrance of the castle, her expression turned pale when she saw the person awaiting them.

[……S- Sis Ai and Sis Zwei…… Isn't calling them cheating You can't do that, you're cheating here……]

Waiting for them at the gate were Ein and Zwei. Sweating like a waterfall, clearly looking flustered, making one wonder where the composure she had earlier had gone, Tre spoke.

[S- Sis Ai…… S- Sis Zwei…… W- Well~~ It's been a while~~ I see Sis Zwei has come home…… Good timing~~ I'm glad to see you both here~~]

[ [ ………………………. ] ]

[C- Could you not look at me with those scary faces…… You're crumpling your beautiful faces, you know I really love the kind you…… D- Does that work]

[ [ ………………………. ] ]

[……It didn't huh. It's over…… It's totally over for me.]

Seeing the two of them look at her with quiet, but clear anger in their eyes, Tre looked up at the sky with a look of resignation on her face. A few moments later, Tre's scream echoed in the crystal clear blue sky.

Serious-senpai : [……I see, I guess this means it's case closed huh]

: [I'll give you a hint again. "Kaito-san never introduced himself".]

Serious-senpai : […….Looks like there's going to be a bit more of an uproar.]-

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