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The 10th day of the Earth month. I had asked Lilia-san to make time in the morning for me to come visit her in the office.

[So, Kaito-san What do you want to talk about]

[……Errr, you see.]

What Im going to report to Lilia-san this time is that Kuro and Isis-san have become my lovers……Well, its related to my private relationships, so its not like Im obligated to report it, but I thought I should properly explain it to Lilia-san before she becomes astonished after finding out later.

I explain to Lilia-san, who was tilting her head at me, that after I became lovers with Kuro, and about how I was troubled by the differences between this world and my world, but in the end, I decided to adapt and became lovers with Isis-san too.

[……And thats the situation.]


[……Ummm, Lilia-san]


[My Lady]

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Lilia-san, who had finished listening to me, seems to have stiffened as she silently stared straight at me.

Lunamaria-san and I tried calling out to her while tilting our heads at the situation, but we received no response from Lilia-san.

[……It seems like she fainted.]

[How should I say this… Im sorry.]

Its a new pattern, but apparently, Lilia-san passed out with her eyes opened…… Sleeping with her eyes opened looked quite handy, but seriously, Im sorry.

After a while, Lilia-san, who had regained her consciousness, held her head in her hands with a stunned expression on her face.

She was holding a small bottle in one hand, taking out what looked like a pill from inside the bottle and drank it.

[……I- I had thought that such a day would soon come but……]

[My Lady, dont take too many stomach medicines……]

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[Theres no way!!! That I can think straight without taking some!!!]

[Well, I know how you feel but……]

Lilia-san bitterly exclaimed, but she seemed to have anticipated the possibility of me becoming Kuro and the others lover, and she didnt get particularly angry at me.

However, for some reason, she seems to be trembling and her face lost its complexion.

[……This is absurd…… If any idiotic nobles were to seriously disrespect Kaito-san…… The country would vanish…… For example, like Elder Brother, or perhaps, Elder Brother, and also, Elder Brother……]

[……E- Errr……]

If anything, it was Ryze-san who gave me some very encouraging advice and Im extremely grateful to him for it though…… Looking at Lilia-sans abhorrent expression, I remembered what Lunamaria-san had before about him being a fool in front of Lilia-san.

[……Well, its my job to keep that area in check, so I should just obediently give you my blessings…… Kaito-san, congratulations.]

[T- Thank you very much.]

Lilia-san had her head in her hands, but shes still a kind person, so she quickly switches expressions and congratulates me with a smile on her face.

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Lunamaria-san also takes a step forward towards me and reverently congratulates me.

[Miyama-sama really is a wonderful person. This Lunamaria is happy for you.]

[……Errr, thank you.]

[……Luna, whats your real motive]

[Im so happy to hear that Underworld King-sama will be visiting us more often.]

[……I should have known.]

Lunamaria-san was still the same person she was before, but in any case, now that my report to her was complete, I thanked Lilia-san again before I left the room.

[……By the way, My Lady, it seems that youre happy hearing what he reported earlier, huh]

[Ehh W- What]

A few moments after Kaito left, Lunamaria muttered, and Lilia looked back at her, looking shaken.

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[……I dont know, but perhaps, if Miyama-sama becomes comfortable with the common sense of this world…… Then My Lady might also have a chance, right~~]

[W- W- What are you talking about! I- I- Its not like I……]

[Speaking of which, I just got word the other day that My Lady has purchased some “mens clothing” before……]

[W- Where did nyow hear that!]

Hearing Lunamarias words, as if she just ate something extremely spicy, Lilia-sans face quickly turned bright red.

Indeed, as Lunamaria said, Lilia had secretly gone out to the city alone not long ago and purchased mens clothing…… a slightly expensive mens formal wear.

A clothing that someone wouldnt be ashamed to wear in a nobles evening party……

[I- I- Its not like that act has any meaning or anything…… I- Its just my thanks for his help to me……]

[Ahh, I see youre really planning to give it to Miyama-sama huh.]

[ ~ ~ ! ]

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[Good gracious, even My Lady has become quite the maiden in love…… You look quite lovely.]


After reporting to Lilia-san, I decided to go into the city to buy a few things.

Its not like Im going to buy anything important, just some snacks for me to munch on…… something to eat while Im in my room, so I decided to take a stroll without deciding on any particular purpose.

Incidentally, I think it might go visit Alices miscellaneous goods store later.

Alice was usually guarding me, so Im wondering how the store was doing during that time…… It seems that Alice can also create clones, so her clone was the one in charge of her store.

Well, most customers dont seem to come at all……

Thinking about this, I veered off the main street and entered a less busy street, though it has enough traffic that it still wont be called a back alley, I saw something that caught my attention.

Ahead of me, around the edge of the road, a small-built woman was crouching. I couldnt see her expression as her back was facing towards me, but she seemed to be in bad shape, so I hurriedly ran over and called out to her.

[Ummm, is something the matter Are you alright]

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[……Eh Yes, Im sorry…… Im just feeling a little anemic……]

The woman who turned towards me was a beautiful woman with long hair as blue as the spring blue sky. She also has jade-colored eyes and sickly white skin.

With the elegant dress she was wearing and her silky hair, is she some nobles daughter She looked graceful, but her face was very pale.

[Anemic! E- Errr…… I- In that case…… I- Is there anything I can help you with]

[Thank you for your concern…… but Im just on my way to the hospital, so Ill be fine.]

[N- No, but…… can you walk]

[……I guess its going to be a bit difficult.]

……Oi. That doesnt look fine at all…… H- However, what should I do Ive never been anemic before, so I dont have any medical knowledge of what to do.

Should I bring her there with Teleportation Magic No, rather than bring her to the mansion, wouldnt it be better to lead her to the hospital instead……

For a moment, I thought about calling Alice but…… even if she doesnt look like it, Alice is still the Phantasmal King. If she appears in the form of the Phantasmal King in front of someone who isnt feeling well, she would be so surprised that the situation would turn really serious…… Though I said that, its not like I can just leave her alone……

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[Errr, was that hospital far from here]

[N- No, its just around the corner.]

[……I understand.]


Hearing the woman say that a hospital was just around the corner, I crouched down in front of her.

[Im sorry, I dont know what else to do. You may not like it, but Ill take you to the hospital.]

[N- No, that is! I cant afford to bother someone I just met for the first time……]

[Im sorry…… but my personality doesnt allow me to ignore you, so it might be quite forcing of me, but please let me help you.]

[……You are a kind person…… Im sorry. Well then, please allow me to presume upon your kindness.]

It may be rude of me to suddenly suggest carrying a woman on my back, but unfortunately, I cant even think of a way to do it, and if I take my time thinking about a way, she might get even worse.

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She certainly may have been anemic as she said, but its possible that she could even be worse than that, so I think I should bring her to the hospital as soon as possible.

I dont know if these thoughts were conveyed to her, but the woman thanks me and lays her body on my back…… ehh, shes too light!

Although she looked slender, her body was actually surprisingly light, and even I, someone that isnt really that powerful, could easily carry her.

[……Really…… I dont know how to thank you enough…… Ummm Arent I heavy]

[No, youre completely light. So, wheres the hospital I dont really know where it is, so please show me the way.]

[……Yes. Just walk ahead and turn right at the corner……]

The womans voice was somewhat weak, as if she was still not feeling well, and following her direction, I walked a little faster to the hospital.

As the woman said, we walked a few minutes from the alleyway we had just left and arrived at what appeared to be our destination.

[……Errr, is this the place]


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[……doesnt this place look like a “church”]

[Yes, the doctor is also a priest in the church……]

The place I arrived at looks more like a church…… or rather, its really a church, so I thought if I went in the wrong direction, but it seems that this is the right place.

Its true that in RPGs, priests are considered to be healers, and in a world where magic is common, it may be natural for a priest to be a doctor.

Well, either way, I dont have time to think about it. I have to get in and quickly get her examined……

With this in mind, I opened the door of the church with the woman on my back and was met with a scene that seemed even divine.

The crosses that adorned the walls were filled with light from the stained glass windows, filling the church with light as if it were illuminated by the starry skies.

In front of the altar, I saw a woman in deep indigo vestments with gold embroidery, kneeling down and praying.

As soon as we entered, the woman heard the door open, and standing up, she looked back at us.

Her deep, dark gray hair in her sidelocks extended to her waist, held in place by a silver hair clip.

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Her hair was covered by a veil of the same color as her vestments, but she had something of a virtuous nun vibe around her, and her deep amber eyes accentuated the mysterious atmosphere.

The mysterious beauty of the woman took my breath away, and with a gentle smile that captivates all that had seen it, she slowly walked towards us.

[……Welcome. How can I help you to——Fugyyyaaaahhhh!]


Just as she was walking, she stepped on the hem of her long vestments…… and vigorously tripped, hitting her face on the floor.

Errr, what should I do…… I feel like Ive seen something Im not supposed to see. The mysterious atmosphere around her and all that stuff she had earlier is ruined.

I mean, she totally smashed her face on the floor, but is she alright

As soon as that question comes to my mind, the priestess gets up, holding her face in her hands.

[My fwace…… huwts……]

[……Errr, are you alright]

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[U- Unnn. Im sorry I showed you something embarrassing…… Errr, so, how can I help you today…… eh, Noir-san] (T/N: ノア/Noa)

[Its been a while. “Dr. Fear”.]

The priestess, who got up, lightly scratching her cheek, as if she was embarrassed to have fallen over, changed her expression to one of surprise upon seeing the woman I was carrying.

Apparently, shes definitely the doctor and the woman Im carrying…… Noir-san sounded relieved as she called the priestesss name.

Dear Mom, Dad——- While strolling through the city, I saw a woman who looked unwell, and I had to take her to the hospital. No one really knows whats going to happen in life, but just as I was casually strolling——- I have encountered someone new again.

Serious-senpai: [Didnt you say that there was only one heroine!!! Liaaarrrrr!!! I could still taste the rainbows in my mouth, so why are you adding two more peeeeeoooooopppppple!!!]

Actually, Noirs existence had been hinted at before.

T/N: 53/237-

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