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It may be abrupt, but when humans reach the limits of their mental strain, it seems that their thoughts can go into hyper-speed mode…… This is an act that comes along the defensive instinct of humans, and as the expression “Blood rushing to the head” suggests, an immense amount of energy is spent on thinking and searching for a way out of the current situation.

However, accelerated speed of thinking isnt the same as coming up with a good idea, so even if you think really fast, its possible that you wont be able to think about any solution either.

Thats exactly what happened to me in my current situation.

Right now, in a large bathtub, Im sitting in a seiza in the hot water because Im too nervous.

But even though the water is supposed to be comfortable, it feels a little lukewarm because my body temperature is rising so high…… No, seriously, it feels like Im going to overload here.

[Fuwaahhh~~ That feels good~~]

[……Unnn…… It feels warm.]

Free myself from obstructive thoughts. Become one with innocence…… Im just a rock, invulnerable from all that is happening. Im a thoughtless inorganic being. My heart holds no thoughts……



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[As I thought, Isis really has bigger breasts than mine……]

[……Really ……I dont…… think its that…… different though.]

! Stop, stop…… Why are you suddenly comparing your breast sizes!

Moreover, in the tropes written in light novels, this happens when the mens bathroom are separated from the womens bathroom, and such conversation could be heard across the wall, but why are both of you doing that right in front of me!

[……But…… Kuromueina…… you can just change it…… no matter how big you want.]

[Hmmm, I could certainly do that, but this form is already my basic form, you know Look, its a little smaller than Isis, right]

[……Unnn…… However…… Kuromueinas breasts…… are smooth and soft.]

[Ahaha, even Isiss breasts are very soft and feel good to touch.]

Ive thought of this last time, but Im really glad that this hot spring is filled with steam…… No, well, if Im going to be honest, I also think its a bit regrettable……

The sight of Kuro and Isis-san soaking in the hot water would probably make people looking at it gulp at the sight and it would have been a really awesome sight to see but…… the particularly dangerous one would be Kuro.

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She moves more than Isis-san, so if I get careless, I feel like something would stand tall.

[……Arehh Kaito-kun]

[……Kaito…… Are you alright]

[Hweh! Ahhh, yes. Errr, I- I- Im alright. It feels good, isnt it! The onsen, I mean.]

As if they were worried about me remaining silent for a long time, the two of them called out to me, and I replied to them with words clearly filled with nervousness.

[Unnn. A wide bath feels nice, isnt it…… Ahh! Thats right!]

Saying that with a grin on her face, Kuro approached me as if she had something in mind.

I wonder why I have a very bad feeling from the grin on her face though…… It makes me feel like if I dont run away here, it would be a disaster…… but I also feel like its a bad idea to just abruptly move here.


[ ! W- W- What are you doing, K- K- Kuro!]

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[Keeping close to Kaito-kun is happiness.]

[ ~ ~ ! ]

Kuro walked up to me and spontaneously sat on my lap.

What the heck is this girl doing! Thats dangerous, doing that is really bad! Awawa, it feels like the touch of heaven is caressing my lap……

Ive never felt better about sitting in a seiza than I do right now…… I mean, if I loosened up my seiza right now, I felt like my body would completely react and a certain something would touch Kuro, and thats something I cant let happen.

[……Kuromueina…… Thats crafty.]

[ ! ]

Shes not being crafty! Shes not being crafty, alright, Isis-san! So stop, please stop, its impossible…… Any more than this is……

Shuddering as Isis-san approaches me saying such disturbing words, but I cant move because Kuro is on my lap.

However, the screams from within my heart were futile, as Isis-san went the opposite direction from Kuro…… slithering her hands in front of me, attaching herself to my back.

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[ ! ! ]

[……Youre right…… Being like this…… makes me feel…… really happy.]

[Isnt it~~]

What the heck is with this happiness deluxe sandwich! Are they trying to kill me! Are you trying to completely obliterate my reason!

From behind me were twin hills being flattened on my back, and from in front of me were soft buttocks, changing shape upon contact with my lap…… My mind completely went blank. Rather than having my mind whittled away with a file, its as if my sense of reasoning was cut in half with a giant pair of scissors.

[Arehh Kaito-kun]



The stormy and confusing thoughts swirling in my mind before had gone completely silent…… and I felt my consciousness getting farther.

I see…… I see, this is probably that enlightenment thing…… No, Im mistaken…… It may just be ( was completely overpowered from all the worldly desires.

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Thinking about the worldly desires, I completely overheated…… and fainted.

[……Ugghh, nngghhh…… Arehh I was……]

[Ahh! Kaito-kun! Thats great, youve finally gained consciousness huh.]

Feeling a bit chilly, I moved my body, and thats when I heard Kuros voice, sounding worried.

Ahh, I see, I fainted huh…… It doesnt seem like a lot of time had passed though……

[Youre sweating, arent you Im sorry, I didnt notice.]

[No…… How long had I fainted]

[Eh Well, youve only lost consciousness for a few minutes. Isis went out to get you something to drink.]

[I see, Im sorr—— Bfuuuhhh!]

Apparently, I fainted only for a few minutes. To be more accurate, I didnt feel dizzy because of the heat of the onsen, but because I was so nervous that I overheated, but I decided to keep my mouth shut to protect my honor but……

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When I slowly opened my eyes, feeling bad that Kuro and Isis-san had to take care of me…… My thoughts completely stopped.

Apparently, I really fainted for a short while, and we werent out of the bathhouse yet…… which I should have expected if I just thought about it.

However, as I just noticed I fainted, I didnt think too much about other things, so I opened my eyes without thinking carefully about my “current position”.

And what plunged out at my face was the relieved Kuros face and…… the small twin hills hidden by nothing, along with the cherry-colored protrusion at the tip.

Yes, I was currently in a situation where I was sleeping in a lap pillow on the “naked Kuro”.

My confused consciousness instantly awakened, and I flusteredly tried to get up.

[I- I- I- Im sorry!]

[Are you alright I think you should lie down a little longer……]

[I- I- Im alright!!!]

Jumping up from Kuros lap, I avert my gaze away from the sight that is too much for my heart.

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The image of Kuro I saw earlier is completely burned into my brain though, and I cant think straight at all.

[……Ahh….. Kaito…… thank goodness.]

[ ! ! ]

However, the situation didnt change for the better even.

As I looked away, the bathroom door opened right at that moment, and Isis-san appeared with a cup in her hand.

Im pretty sure that with Isis-sans character, she would have been flustered when she saw me pass out…… And thats exactly why she didnt even take the time to wrap a towel around her body and went to get some water.

And thus, the result was this situation…… where I was directly looking at the “naked Isis-san”.

[ ! ! Uuu!]

[Kaito-kun! Your nose is bleeding!]


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The shocking turn of events that occurred so quickly and continuously seems to have finally pushed my brain to its limits, and fresh blood falls from my nose from the unusual amount of arousal I felt.

Getting a nosebleed from arousal, what am I, a middle schooler…… Its the sadness of a virgin seeing a naked woman for the first time.

[As I thought, youre still feeling dizzy huh…… For the time being, Ill use Recovery Magic to stop it, Isis!]

[U- Unnn! ……bed…… this way.]


[ ! ]

Seeing me with a bloody nose, Kuro and Isis-san flusteredly rushed over towards me……Aaaahhhh! Stop right theeeeeeerrrreee! In all sorts of ways, Im already reaching my limits!!!

And thus, after Kuro put her hand over my face, the blood instantly stopped, and at the same time as Isis-san turned around to guide us, I felt my body being lifted with one hand.

Or rather…… she just easily lifted me, whos at least 60 kilos…… A- As expected of Kuro……

I- Its kind of important, but fortunately……. really fortunately…… the two of them misunderstood that I was feeling dizzy.

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If they had known that I was so aroused from seeing their naked bodies, I would have died from embarrassment.

Even as I thought about this, it seems like my extremely tired mind was searching for rest…… and my body sank unconscious yet again.

Slowly opening my eyes, I found myself in a dimly lit room. It seems that this time, Ive been unconscious for quite a long time.

No, well, it might be shameful to say this…… but the naked bodies of Kuro and Isis-san, two tremendously beautiful girls, are a little too stimulating for me, who has zero experience with women.

Should I lament my timidness for fainting at that situation, or should I be relieved that I fainted and didnt cause my rationality to collapse, making me recklessly do something…… Anyway, it looks like Ive survived the biggest ordeal of my life.

The place Im lying on right now should be a bed, right I felt a little thirsty…… so I tried getting up but…… Arehh It feels like both of my arms are being grabbed……




I take back my previous statement. The ordeals isnt over yet…… The biggest ordeal of my life is still going on.

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Dear Mom, Dad—— Having a mixed bath with Kuro and Isis-san, both of my lovers was difficult as Im feeling flustered the whole time. Even though Ive passed through that with a bleeding nose and lost consciousness——– It seems that it isnt over yet.

The sugar-filled phase is still going on…… Kaito, go explode…… Please go explode…… Or rather, please just go die.

~ Extra, at that time, in the God Realm ~

[Shallow Vernal-sama What are you doing]

[Im making an onsen.]


[I will go have mixed bathing with Kaito-san.]

[Wha! T- That wont do! Please dont act immorally!!!]

[I see…… The God of Time and Space also want to join, right]

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[Huh S- Shallow Vernal-sama W- What in the world are you……]

[Well then, Ill can you next time when Kaito-san comes.]

[P- Pkease wait a moment! Shallow Vernal-sama!]

T/N: Sorry, a bit late. I fell asleep.

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