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Chapter 1248 - Night Market ⑩

I finished bathing and wiping myself thoroughly in the changing room. As befitting a huge bath, the changing room in my home is also quite spacious. Its probably as large as a public bathhouses changing room, with multiple washstands for one to wash yourself and benches for one to take a break after bathing.

If a refrigerator is always available here, it would have been possible to drink milk after taking a bath. Well, I dont really want to drink milk after bathing that much, so I didnt ask for one installed……

This time, since Illness-san was also here, I quickly put on my clothes and dried my hair. I glanced in her direction and saw that she had magically dried her bathing clothes and was wearing a thin bathrobe over her body.

I wonder why though The extent of her exposure should have been greatly reduced, but the glimpses of her skin that I could see through the gaps in her bathrobe made her look strangely sexy.

[The hot water was niiiiiice.]

[Youre right. It was quite satisfying.]

[Kaito-samaaaa, will you go back to your room soooooon]

[Ahh, no, I was in the bath for a little while, so I thought I would take a break before going back to my room……]

I can cool off after returning to my room, but its also nice to relax on a bench in the changing room after taking a bath. Theres a magic tool that generates wind installed here, so I can take a breather while cooling my body after the bath.

There may not be a refrigerator here but if I want something to drink, I can just take it out from my magic box and drink it, so I can really relax as much as I want here in the changing room.

[I seeeeee. In that case, may I make a little suggestiooooon]

[Ehh A suggestion]


Saying that, Illness-san sat down on the edge of the changing rooms long bench and lightly patting her thigh, she smiled.

[If Kaito-sama doesnt miiiiiind, why dont you take a break heeeeeere]

[What Errr, Im sorry if Im misunderstanding things here…… but you dont mean to sit next to you, but errr…… You mean…… Illness-san is going to give me a lap pillow]

[If Kaito-sama doesnt mind iiiiiit.]

Arehh What is this Why is this development happening Shes going to give me a lap pillow Eh What flow of conversation led to this thought……

[O- Of course, its not that I dont like it but…… Errr, is it alright]


However, despite my confusion, Illness-san naturally smiled kindly, seemingly not minding at all.

S- Seriously, what is going on Todays Illness-san is somehow more aggressive than usual…… Although shes usually a gentle and pampering person, today she seems to be doing it more than usual.

O- Of course, it isnt that I dont like laying my head on Illness-sans lap.

[E- Errr, in that case…… Im in your care]

And what the heck am I talking about now I just went with the flow, and almost unconsciously gave a response that took advantage of her kindness. I may have misspoken a little too much today.

Thereupon, with her usual smile on her lips, Illness-san slightly nodded.

[Well theeeen, here you gooooo.]

[Ah, yes. P- Please excuse me then!]

With the situation like this, it was already hard to refuse, so I just decided to obediently let myself be spoiled by her…… Errr, Illness-san was laying open when she sat like that…… so if I lay down like this, Id have to put my head on her bare legs…… Seriously, is Illness-san alright with this

As I had such thoughts in mind, I glanced over to Illness-san, but she was smiling, seemingly not bothered at all.

Puzzled, wondering if it was really okay, I timidly put my head on Illness-sans thighs…… Directly feeling the amazingly soft and slippery skin, and her slightly warm body temperature after the bath, I feel like my heart would leap out of my mouth.

In response to me, Illness-san pulled a fan-like object out of nowhere, and while fanning it to send wind to my face, she put her other hand on my hand and began stroking it.

[I would be happyyyy if you could relax even a little biiiiiit.]

[T- Thank you.]

No, this could be bad. As for whats bad, I feel like Id end up useless, as lying here feels like it would be a habit…… This feels incredibly comfortable.

First of all, the feeling of Illness-sans lap pillow in itself is incredibly pleasant…… but in addition to that, there was the exquisite breeze that hit my flushed body, the gentle hand that stroked my head, and the expression on Illness-sans face as she looked with a gentle smile.

How should I say this…… The overwhelming sense of comfort and receptiveness, as if she would accept and embrace everything I have to offer…… It just feels so comfortable that before I knew it, I was suddenly feeling sleepy.

[If you would liiiiike, why dont you take a little reeeeest I will wake you up in about 15 minuuuuuutes.]

[……Well then, allow me to take up your words…… ]


Seemingly as if she could see through my thoughts, she gave me an irresistible suggestion, to which I nodded and closed my eyes. As I felt myself slowly basking in the comfort of her warmth, my consciousness gradually fades away.

And just before I completely fall asleep…… I felt something…… soft and slightly damp touch my forehead, but before I could think about it, my consciousness sank into slumber.

Serious-senpai : [Alright, thats the end!!! This is the end, right!!! We can end this here, right!!! Please let it end already!!!!]

: [Next chapter: “Night Market ”]

Serious-senpai : [Nooooooooo!]-

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