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Chapter 1246 - Night Market ⑧

I know its understandable with the size of my house, but my bathtub is quite large. Its big enough for one to swim in if you wanted to.

I wasnt sure how much bath salts I should put in a bath of this size, so I repeatedly added and mixed a little at a time to see how it went.

After a while, the bathwater started looking like how bathtubs with bath salts are intended to be. It was white in color and looked more like a milk bath than a murky bath.

The smell wasnt milk-like though as it instead had an elegant aromatic scent. When I soaked my hand in the water, I felt how mellow it was and that my skin would become smooth if I took the time to soak in it.

Although its a prototype, its quite solid, and I think that the concept of a nobles…… a luxurious bath has been realized to a great extent. I mean, Im amazed that they were able to produce this great of a product in such a short period of time.

[Excuse my intrusion.]


As I was admiring how high of a skill Kuros trading company has, immediately after, I heard the sound of a door opening and heard Illness-sans voice behind me.

[I- Illness-san! I- I- I- Is something the matter]

What is it Did she forget something and came to deliver it to me, or perhaps, has she come to tell me that theres someone who actually hasnt taken a bath yet

I- Its alright, right If she came to bring something or tell me something, she should be wearing her maid uniform, right I should be able to turn around…… is what I was thinking, but just to be safe, I wont look back.

[While were at iiiiiiit, I thought of washing Kaito-samas baaaaaack.]


Wash my back Illness-san would wash my back L- Lets calm down, Im too shaken by the unexpected event to think straight. I need to calm myself……

[I- Incidentally, what is Illness-san wearing right now]

Am I some freaking some random pervert you meet on the road! What the heck is that question! I made a mistake in the way I asked…… but no, this is necessary information. If shes wearing a bathing suit or something like that, I can look back with peace of mind.

[What Im weariiiiing Im wearing my bathing clothes.]

[Ahh, I- I see.]

T- Thats great. It may not be a bathing suit, but she should be wearing an outfit worn when bathing. Of course, since its intended for bathing, it would probably be more revealing than a regular maid uniform, but not as revealing as a bathing suit.

Of course, since its Illness-san were talking about here, she would be flawless about matters like this. Im ashamed of myself for getting so nervous and having wicked thoughts.

Well, anyway, with this, I can safely look back.

[I see. Then, please dont mind if I accept your suggestion.]



I was so relieved by Illness-sans words that I turned around, but immediately after, I stiffened. Simply because Illness-san often wears clothes such as long sleeves and long skirts other than her maid uniform and almost never exposes her skin in the first place, even though shes wearing bathing clothes, its inevitable that my gaze is drawn to her white skin, which I dont usually have a chance to see.

But even more problematic than that was the way Illness-san was dressed.

……The bathing clothes I had imagined were a one-piece type swimsuit made thicker…… but the bathing clothes worn by Illness-san were very different from what I had in mind.

How should I say this…… It feels like a babydoll…… I mean, its a see-through one-piece over a bikini-type swimsuit.

N- No, it certainly isnt a babydoll, but bathing clothing. However, with an appearance like that…… It looks more sensational than a normal bathing suit.

The transparency of her see-through outer garment in particular makes it hard for me to know where to look.

[Kaito-samaaaa Is something the matteeeeer]

[N- No, i- i- its nothing!]

[Is that sooooo Well then, please come this waaaaay.]

[Ah, yes.]

This is bad…… This is really bad. Once I started thinking that her outfit looked like a babydoll, I could only see it as such and I felt a strange sense of embarrassment.

Illness-san herself doesnt seem to mind it, but to begin with, just the fact that Illness-san, who usually exposes almost no skin, is dressed like that makes my heart beat really fast, and on top of that, her outfit has tremendous destructive power.

While sitting with my back to Illness-san urging me to sit down, Im feeling so conscious of the fact that Illness-san is behind me.

[Well theeeeen, I will start washing your baaaaaaack.]

[I- Im in your care.]

I have had many mixed baths in the past, and I have even had my back washed before. However, how should I say this…… Im feeling strangely conscious of the fact that the other party is Illness-san.

I guess the gap between the current Illness-san and the usual Illness-san is just that big.

Illness-sans hands are very gentle, and she rubs my back with a truly perfect amount of force. I was flustered at first, but before I knew it, I felt as if my mind was calming down in comfort.

[Does it itch somewheeeeere]

[No, I dont feel any itch.]

[Well theeeeen, Ill pour water on your baaaaack. As for your froooont, would you do it by yourseeeelf]

[Yes. I will wash my front myself.]

[Understoooood. In that caaaaase, I will continue and wash your heeeeead.]

After she washed my back, she started washing my hair. Incidentally, this is actually not the first time Illness-san has washed my hair.

In fact, since shes the one who cuts my hair, she also uses the shampoo table to wash my hair for me.

Shes so good at it and it feels so pleasant that it felt like it might become a habit. Though, I guess thats to be expected from Illness-san.

This time, she wasnt using a shampoo table and was washing my head while I was sitting, but it was still as comfortable as ever, and I really appreciated the care taken in giving me a light head massage as well.

Before I knew it, my head, which had been freaking out, had calmed down and I ended up getting used to relaxing myself to her touch. I suppose it was mostly thanks to Illness-sans receptiveness, or rather, this motherly atmosphere she has around her.

Serious-senpai : [Theyre freaking flirting around so much…… It hurts…… H- However, even so, this receptiveness and motherliness, well, shes unmistakably much older than Kaito, but before one knew it, that so-called babumi, how motherly a character is, had somehow become synonymous with Illness instead of Kuro.]

Under King : [………………]

Serious-senpai : [Im saying it in a good way, okay! Im saying it in a good way!!! As the Main Heroine has already become lovers with Kaito, they instead became more of a married couple, you know Thats the kind of vibe Im getting!!! Im saying Kuro is one step ahead of hers!!!]-

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