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Chapter 1213 - Duke-Rank and Maid-Rank ⑧

After the Underworld Kings camp, War Kings camp, and the World Kings camp, the place we went to next…… is my house.


[No, we dont have to go to Isis-sans castle, since shes over there, you know Iris, I mean.]

[Ahh, the next one is Iris-san huh.]

[Ive already told her to swap with the clone in the basement bar in advance. Iris is also quite good at Space-Time Magic, so she quickly learned the magic of swapping her main body with her clone.]

In other words, the next place were heading to is Iris-sans bar, since shes in the Death Kings camp. Nodding in understanding to Alices words, we walked to Iris-sans bar, where we were greeted by Iris-san.

As soon as we were seated at the counter, Alice began to make small talk with her.

[And so, Iris. Youre a Duke-rank now.]

[……You have no intention of explaining huh. Well, I had heard some things about this beforehand…… Even so, isnt my pace quite strange]

[Well, in just 2 years from your resurrection, youve gone up to Duke-rank. That honestly makes you the fastest in history, but in Iris case, you have an unfair start over everyone.]

Iris-san was originally Alices clone that has almost the same physical abilities as her…… Errr, something like a Perfect Clone or something like that, so needless to say, it could be said that her basic level at her starting point was on the level of the Six Kings.

Well, in fact, it seems that she wasnt able to use that extremely strong power, and I heard that she was only able to draw power as much as a mid Count-rank.

After Shiro-san had given her the item that allows her to generate her own magic power, even though her basic abilities had been reduced due to adjustments, it seems that allows her body to grow.

[……Speaking of which, it just occurred to me, but Iris-sans body was originally Alices clone, right I heard she was amassing a large number of those clones, but isnt there any strain on Alices]

[It used to have some strain on me back then, but it isnt a problem now. To be honest, the me right now can easily make a few hundred million clones…… Also, as for Iris current body, in the first place, it has already been rebuilt in a different way from a clone.]

[Ahh, so Iris-san doesnt have your clone as her base]

[Yes, I had her body created based on the items given to me by Shallow Vernal-sama.]

……”Had her body created” Who did Did she ask Shiro-san, or perhaps, Kuro, just like how she created Zwei-sans body……

As I was thinking about this, Iris-san spoke.

[I dont mind the idea of becoming a Duke-rank…… but didnt I hear how youre gonna raise two people from each camp]

[Ahh~~ I intended to do that, but the number of Death Kings subordinates is too small at the moment, so for the time being, it would just be Iris. After a while, when your camp has more people under your command, I will have another one become a Duke-rank.]

[Fumu, well, do whatever you want. Its not like being a Duke-rank changes anything. Especially since Im still new to this world, I have no special thoughts about the Peerage system…… It does feel a little uncomfortable that Im classified as a Demon instead of a Human.]

[It is a fact that the current Iris isnt a Human after all.]

[Well, I guess thats true.]

Hearing Alices words, Iris-san wryly smiled. The conversation between the two of them is light and casual, but being best friends, their conversation really has this calm mood around it.

Its like, they have this air around them that was open for the other person.

[Even so, going from one place to another in the morning, it must be rough for Miyama Kaito too.]

[Come to think of it, quite some time has passed huh.]

[……Guess thats the reason you came at this time]

[As expected, Iris quickly gets it. We leave our lunch to you.]


Ahh, I see, the reason why we went to the bar instead of Isis-sans castle at this time was that she was planning to have lunch here huh…… Indeed, looking at the clock, it was exactly noon.

Letting out a sigh of dismay, Iris-san snapped her fingers. Thereupon, a small pot appeared in front of Iris-san.

[……Are you fine with dry curry I made some yesterday, so I could easily prepare it now.]

[Im OK with anything.]

[Ah, Im alright with it too. Im sorry for the suddenness.]

[No, dont mind it. Ill prepare it right away, so wait for a bit while I make you some drinks…… As for you, Alice, I pretty much mind it, so go prepare your own drink.]

[Thats strange, isnt it Even though youre so kind to Kaito-san, why is this best friend of mine not kind to me at all……]

She suddenly barged in and demanded lunch, so I guess her acting like that cant be helped.

Even so, as Iris-san began to prepare a drink for me as she said, them bantering like that really feels like they were close, making me smile a bit.

Makina: [……She made me create it.]

Serious-senpai : [I freaking knew it!!! I was feeling like Id seen something like that happening before.]-

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