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While holding pity towards Chronois-san, I swam for a while with Shiro-san…… Or rather, I just leisurely submerged myself in the sea before returning back to the beach…… where a real beach house stands.

A simple wooden exterior, and a signboard that says “Beach House”…… She perfectly recreated a beach house, even the strangely old-fashioned parts. Chronois-san, this is amazing!

When I walked in, I could even smell the tatami mats…… Seriously, how the heck did you do this

And when I sat down across Shiro-san…… She had tied her hair into a ponytail before I knew it.

Maybe its to avoid having her long hair stick to the sand, but even so, I dont know if I should say that any hairstyle looks good on her or something like that, but its amazing how changing her hairstyle gives her a different kind of charm.

[Shallow Vernal-sama, what would you like]

[Well then, I would have this “Slightly Unappetizing Yakisoba”.]

(T/N: Stir-fry noodles)


Y- Yep. The yakisoba sold in beach houses certainly is like that, but do you really have to clearly say that! Ah, and there are some shops that sell decent ones…… perhaps. Im sure there are some, right

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[Understood. Miyama, what do you want]

[Errr…… Chronois-san, are you sure you can make all the food written on the menu over there]

[Theres no problem.]

[……T- Then, Ill have curry rice.]


(T/N: I think it would have been more appropriate to call this curry and rice but meh. This isnt rice cooked while mixing with curry roux. This is rice with curry as a side dish.)

Can she really make curry rice in such a short amount of time N- No, its true that Chronois-san seems to be able to manipulate time, so its not like she cant do it but…… She doesnt really have the image of someone whos great at cooking.

Even if I held some trepidation in my mind, just as I was about to place my order…… I felt the presence of another person with my Sympathy Magic.

I see…… Chronois-san asked for help from her huh.

If thats the case, then it seems like the food that comes out would be perfectly fine.

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As if to confirm my prediction, curry rice and yakisoba were immediately placed in front of me and Shiro-san.

When I took a bite of the curry rice after saying my thanks for the meal…… I found that even the slightly cheap taste was perfectly recreated, just as youd expect from “Ein-san”.

Indeed, this curry rice is unmistakably the curry rice that could be bought from a beach house.

[Shiro-san, what do you think]

[Its slightly unappetizing. I see, so this is the beach houses yakisoba huh.]

[……or rather, youre eating with a fork huh.]

[Ive never used chopsticks before. But thats true, isnt it You cant really eat yakisoba unless you use chopsticks, can you]

[……No, I dont really think thats the case though]

Shiro-san was using a fork to eat the yakisoba as if it were spaghetti.

Chopsticks arent common for the people in this world, so I dont really have a strange meaning when I mentioned that, I just meant it as a simple small talk but……. in the next moment, Shiro-san began saying something unbelievable.

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[Well then, Kaito-san. “Feed me” with your chopsticks.]


[I would like to try eating it with chopsticks, so feed me.]

[N- No, as expected, thats kinda……]

[I would like to try eating it with chopsticks, so feed me.]

[H- However……]

[I would like to try eating it with chopsticks, so feed me.]


Please stop saying that on repeat. Its seriously scary……

Hmmm, I feel like Ive been through lots of shame play today.

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However, its really fortunate that there are only Chronois-san and Ein-san in this beach house.

Giving up, I picked up a pair of disposable chopsticks from the table…… Or rather, she even made disposable chopsticks You really have it all down to a tee, Chronois-san.

Eh, wait a minute Shes asking me to feed her but…… While Im sitting here facing you Maybe its because this table is so big, but it looks like its going to be very difficult to do……

[Why dont you just sit next to me]

[……E- Errr…… A- Alright.]

I can certainly feed her easily if I just sit next to her but…… On a serious note, Shiro-san is currently in a swimsuit and her bare skin is very revealing.

It takes a lot of determination for me to sit next to her while shes like that but…… I obviously cant say no here since she would just keep going on an endless repeat like a broken record.

Finding resolve, I got up from my seat and sat down next to Shiro-san…… but the scene while sitting next to her far exceeded my expectations.

Sitting next to Shiro-san, who is almost the same height as me, putting aside her beautiful, glossy hair, I could clearly see her breasts, which were creating a deep cleavage.

Her skin looked so beautiful and soft, a pleasant scent that seems to be wafting out from somewhere, and a beautiful face that I cant even hope to describe even as shes right next to me…… I know it myself, that my heart is pounding really fast right now.

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C- Calm down, it will be alright.

Sitting down with some appropriate space between us, I just need to pay attention to where Im looking at……



Why did you come so close that our shoulders are almost touching each other! Even though I took care of getting a good distance between us!

As our bare skins almost touch each other, my heart leaped up even higher, but Shiro-san doesnt seem particularly bothered and remained expressionless.

C- Calm down, keep calm and composed…… Take a deep breath. Take a deep breath and……

However, Shiro-san didnt allow me to keep calm at all.

[Youre trying that hard to do that, are these two really good things]

Curiously tilting her head, without hesitation, Shiro-san took my hand…… and brought it to her breast——- Ehhhhhh!

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[Ehh Wha!! S- Sh- Shiro-san, w- w- what are you!]

[Well, it looks like youre looking at them with great interest.]

[ ~ ~ ! ! ]

What the heck is this person doing! H- How sof…… isnt what I should be thinking! T- T- This is bad, this is bad, I- I- I should pull away my hand, or it will totally be sexual harassment……

[If you want to touch them, I dont really mind, you know]

[Can you stop saying that! A- Anyway! My hand! Please let it go!]


Frantically screaming as I feel my face burning hot, Shiro-san simply lets go of my hand.

I- I can still feel it in my hand…… What the heck is with that outrageously airheaded move she did there! I thought she would burn out all of my reasoning in an instant!

However, the person in question, Shiro-san…… doesnt seem to be bothered at all, and holds out the plate of yakisoba to me.

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[Then, feed me.]


While experiencing the sensation of my spirit being whittled away, I look down and accept the plate, unable to look at Shiro-sans face properly.

Grabbing some yakisoba with the chopsticks, I bring it to Shiro-sans mouth.

[I see, I guess it tastes better to eat it with chopsticks huh.]

[I- I- Is that so……]

[However, doesnt this mean that Kaito-san cant eat your curry rice]

[Ah, no, that can wait……]

[Thats why, here.]


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After telling me her impressions in the same intonationless voice, Shiro-san takes my plate of curry rice, scoops some with a spoon and holds it out to me.

W- Wait a moment! Is this actually that! Youre not suggesting that we should take turns feeding each other or something like that, right


[N- No, Im fine……]




[……T- Thank you for the food.]

Shiro-san really wouldnt give in. I have no choice but to surrender and let my face boil before this shame play.

Eating the curry rice Shiro-san offers me, I now feed her some of the yakisoba.

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Dear Mom, Dad—— Im having lunch with Shiro-san at the beach house…… or so it should have been, but Ive been really swept along here. Seriously, I dont know if its just that Shiro-san is an airhead or not , but how should I say this…… Anyway—— Isnt your guard too loose!

[This is just something specially for you.]

[……Like I said, could you not say something like that…….]

Chronois: “Please, Ein! Theres no one else I can count on!”

Ein: “……Please dont do that. You bowing your head to me is really creepy. I understand, I will cooperate.”

Chronois: “Sorry, Im in your debt.”

Ein: “Putting that aside…… Whats with that outfit”

Chronois: “This just shows my utmost devotion…… Dont touch me.”

They may have such a conversation… or maybe not.

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Theyre just flirting all over the place…… Go explode, Kaito.-

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