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As I was feeling anxious about the future, Pandora continued her explanation about the Ten Demons.

[The fifth in line in the pecking order is "Astaroth". They have the unique ability of being able to quantify and see the abilities of others, and they make use of their ability to serve as the Chief Officer of Peerage Authorization.]

[To put it simply, Kaito-san, they have the power to see someone's abilities just like one of those status boards in games. Well, it doesn't always work against more powerful targets…… Incidentally, the magic tool for measuring magic power that was used during the festival hosted by Megiddo-san was also developed by Astaroth.]

[I see, that makes it easy to understand.]

It certainly is the most optimal power for recognizing Peerage Authorization. Even though it won't work against more powerful people, with Astaroth-san being a peak Count-rank, their abilities would be able to accurately measure abilities to that extent, so them, being the Chief Officer of that department makes sense.

[The sixth in line in the pecking order is "Moloch". She's the Chief Information Officer for the Archlesia Empire, and she's the one who brings together the Daemons.]

[……Pandora, make sure to tell that "skewer maniac" not to give anything weird to Kaito-san beforehand.]

[S- Skewer maniac]

[Moloch's loyalty is remarkable, but I don't know if that's her fetish or not, but she likes to skewer things…… She often has animals and monsters skewered and displayed in her home. In addition, because she thinks those sorts of things are art, there's a possibility that she will give them to Miyama-sama as a token of friendship.]

[……I'm in your care.]

Skewering as a fetish, that's quite the deep one you're sinking in there. I certainly wouldn't know how to react when I'm handed a skewered animal as a token of friendship as a token of friendship, so I really appreciate that they warned me about this in advance.

[The seventh in line in the pecking order is "Lilim". She's the succubus who stands at the top of all lustful demons…… Even though she has somewhat settled down lately, I think Miyama-sama still needs to be careful of her, especially because you're of the opposite gender……]

[Ahh~~ No, Lilim is alright. I'm almost certain that nothing strange would happen when she's dealing with Kaito-san.]

[Is that so]

[Yes, well, you'll know when you see the situation in person.]

I was curious as to why she said that, but if Alice said it was alright, then it probably is.

[The eighth in line in the pecking order is "Catastro". Miyama-sama has already been acquainted with her, so we'll omit her from the people Miyama-sam will be meeting.]

As Pandora-san said, I've already thanked Catastro-san.

[The ninth in line in the pecking order is "Phenix"…… A sh*tty bird. That's all you need to remember about her. Based on the situation, I will have to seal her up and drown her in the sea before Miyama-sama's greeting ends.]


Now that is one heck of a way she said it. I mean, I remember Alice mentioned something about a sh*tty bird and a sh*tty snake, so I guess this Phenix-san is one of the most dangerous among the Ten Demons

In addition, adding on to my anxiety, the person that was described as a sh*tty snake was still not mentioned yet. That means, the remaining one……

[And finally, the tenth in line in the pecking order is "Tiamat". A sh*tty snake. It's possible that I might bury her in the ground within a few seconds of Miyama-sama meeting her, so you also don't need to remember her that much.]

[……I- Is that so.]

I see…… Greeting in the pecking order means that the two most problematic people in their group will also be the last one I would have to greet…… I may have to brace myself when meeting them.

[……For the time being, we're going to see Gluttony-san first, right]

[Yes, we will. As long as Miyama-sama wills it, we can meet them now.]

[Ahh, then, I don't have any plans today, so can I ask you that]


It was a sudden turn of events, but I had originally prepared for it, and as long as the other party is available to meet, the sooner I could meet them, the better.

As I stood up from the sofa I was sitting on to simply get ready, Pandora spoke.

[……Gluttony is a decent person, so there's no problem with meeting her, but there's one thing I'd like you to take note of.]

[What is it]

[Well, even if Gluttony offered you something to eat or brewed you tea…… "I recommend that you don't consume it".]


[Ahh~~ Gluttony's sense of taste is rather off. They're an eccentric eater, or rather, they like to eat things that most people would say taste bad. They really seem to think it tastes good though, so they might serve you a tea with a poisonous hue as a welcome, so be careful.]

When I tilted my head at the unexpected words that were mysteriously spoken, Alice added more explanations to Pandora-san's words.

That means…… The person themselves doesn't have any ill intentions, and just had a bad palate…… Hmmm, but if it was actually served to me, I feel like I might not have a problem eating it.

As long as it just tastes bad and isn't poisoned or anything like that, it should be alright…… At any rate, I'm trained by Kuro's everyday baby castellas, so as long as it wasn't on the level that would make me pass out or anything like that, I don't think there's any need for me to go out of my way to disrespect their hospitality.

Well, that's only if they serve me something……

※ I added the reason why Illness wouldn't meet Kaito in the Afterword of the previous chapter.

: [Come to think of it, that was the case, wasn't it Kaito-san did eat one of Kuro-san's worst baby castellas that even dealt fixed damage to me……]

Serious-senpai : [It seems like he had really trained his stomach.]-

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