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In the silence that could be called as the calm before the storm, the War King and Chronois-san quietly stared at each other.

On one hand is one of the Six Kings, the pinnacle of the Demon Realm, and on the other hand is a Supreme God, of which there are only three in the God Realm…… Both of them are beings with power close to the pinnacle of this world.

When it comes to a battle between one of the Six Kings and a Supreme God, I can only imagine that its going to be on the level of a natural disaster.

And in the midst of that heavy silence, Chronois-san spoke first.

[In the first place, what are you planning, War King Its not like you…… Youre supposed to prefer fighting strong people, why do you want to fight Miyama Even if youre trying to flatter him, you cant describe Miyama as a good fighter.]

[Haahh I can tell that just by looking at him. That guys fighting ability is just about as strong as a slime.]

[……N- No, he might be a bit stronger than a slime but……Thats generally what Im saying.]

Chronois-san…… If youre going to back me up here, could you not drop me down on the way……

I guess the War King really knew I was weak, but why did he ask me to fight him then

As if to answer my question, the War King leisurely spoke.

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[You cant measure strength just by battle capabilities, right I like strong people. Im not just talking about fighting strength, that also includes intellect and mental strength…… I like all kinds of strength.]

[……Fumu, I cant argue with that.]

[Thats why Im not really looking to go in a fistfight with Kaito, if were going to fight, of course, Im going to fight on the terms that he has a chance of winning…… Lets see, a “drinking contest” sounds good.]

The conversation suddenly took a strange turn.

The War King didnt want to get into a fistfight with me, he was going to have a drinking contest with me, a fight that didnt involve battle strength at all.

Hearing the War Kings words, I was relieved to hear him say that, but the body hair on the War Kings body began to turn black again.

[……However, if its you thats my opponent, then thats a different story! Isnt it great that youre here, Chronois…… Youre strong, youre a great opponent to hit!]

[ ! ]

[If its to fight you, planning to hit those fellows…… isnt so bad!!!]

[Tsk, this is why battle junkies……]

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It seems that Chronois-sans appearance has resulted in an increase in War Kings will to fight, as he joyfully takes a battle stance.

And in response to that, Chronois-san also raised her fists and took a stance, starting the battle that would shake heaven and earth, but for some reason, the War King lets down his stance first.

[……Is what Id like to say, but I wont do it today.]

[Hoohhh, how admirable…… How come you changed your mind]

[Well, there are also people I dont want to fight, you know……]

For some reason, seeing the War Kings bringing down his will to fight, Chronois-san gives him a puzzled look, in which the War King lets out a big sigh.

[Anyway, I wont act violently here, and I wont hurt those fellows…… So you dont have to stare at me with that kind of face…… “Kuromueina”.]


Surprised by the War Kings words, I looked in the direction of his gaze and saw a huge jet-black beast on the roof of the mansion.

Its appearance resembled that of a wolf, with black crystal-like spikes covering his entire body. A huge magical beast with a physique not that different from the War King.

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After looking at the War King for a while, the magical beast body turned into black smoke, and when the smoke gathered in front of me…… it changed into the familiar form of Kuro.

[……Kaito-kun, are you injured I came as soon as I heard from Ein……]

[Ah, yeah…… Its okay. Im uninjured.]

[I see…… Megiddo.]

[I know that already. I dont have any chance at all when Im against you, so I wont act violently.]

When Kuro came out, the War King easily promised that he wouldnt fight and his body turned back to red.

[However, what Im giving up was fighting Chronois…… I will still fight you, Kaito!]

[……Are you talking about that drinking contest]

[Yeah, of course theres the difference in size between us. So, lets see…… I will drink ten cups for each cup Kaito drinks. Then, that should make it fair, right]

[……U- Unnn.]

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When the War King drank ten times as much as I did and told me that he was going to compete drinking with me, Kuro had a troubled look on her face.

Sure, under those conditions, a normal human like me might be able to compete with him, but Im not a particularly strong drinker…… No, do I really have to win As long as I responded to his game, the War King might be willing to take it at that and willingly leave.

[……Im sorry, Kaito-kun. Will you accept it Megiddo has that kind of mentality, and it would be difficult to make him return otherwise……]

[Ah, unnn. I dont really mind but……]

[Im sorry. If Megiddo gets out of control, I will take responsibility and beat him myself.]

[……Wouldnt that kill me]

After a strange flow of events, I ended up competing with the War King.

From there, the War Kings subordinates quickly prepared for the match and cups was placed in front of me and the War King in the blink of an eye.

In the meantime, I asked Kuro to heal Eta and Theta for me.

Even though they were enemies, it feels awkward leaving them wounded there…… and Kuro immediately helped me with my request, healing both of their bodies of their wounds.

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Theyre still unconscious, but I think theyll be okay with this for the time being.

[…..Underworld King, do you mind if I leave this place to you]

[Unnn. Its okay. I will look after Megiddo, thank you too, Chronois-chan.]

[Well then, I will be going back…… I still have some work left to deal with.]

Apparently, Chronois-san has some work to do, so she told Kuro that she would entrust the place with her.

[Chronois-sama, thank you very much.]

[Its all right. Lilia, Im on your side…… If you need my help, dont hesitate to call me.]


Shes still as ikemen as usual…… If someone just hears that part of your conversation, it will sound like the conversation between the hero and the heroine.

And then, a few moments after Chronois-san left the place, the War King called out to me, as it looks like the preparations are ready.

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[Alright! Well then, lets get this started, Kaito!]

[Ah, yes. Warlord-sama.]

[You dont have to be so stiff calling me that. Were going to fight now, so you just skip with all that honorifics.]

[Errr, then, Megiddo-san……]


Hmmm. Lots of stuff happened, but hes quite a straightforward and easy to understand person.

Sitting down facing each other with a cup in front of us, Megiddo let out a lively smile.

My cup is as large as those cups used in Japanese weddings, but Megiddos cup is as big as a mini car…… With that size, putting aside 10 times, it would be even more than that.

[The rules are simple. We take turns drinking, and whoever gets smashed first loses…… Alright, Ill go first! Oi, start pouring!]


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Following Megiddo-sans words, his subordinate poured alcohol into his cup.

That cup that might be enough for a whole barrel…… And Megiddo-san drank that ridiculous amount of alcohol all at once.

[Gulp…… Pfhuaaa~~ I cant get enough of this! Alright, its your turn!]

[Ah, yes.]

After Megiddo-san gulped his alcohol, I also drank mine…… wait, how strong is the alcohol they put in my cup! The heck is this, its making my throat hurt!

It seems that the alcohol Megiddo-san has prepared for us is a very strong one, and I feel as if Ive become a bit drunk after just one drink.

Isnt the chance of me winning close to nil……

[Nice alcohol! Alright, lets keep this going!]

[……Arehh Speaking of which, Kaito-kun has Shiros blessing on him…… Arehh Doesnt this mean……]

And so, the drinking competition continued……

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How many cups have we had now I think this should be the seventh cup, right

The first time I drank it, I thought it was strong that Id quickly pass out, but strangely enough…… I still dont feel like Im going to pass out.

[Y- You…… are good…… This is supposed to be alcohol that could smash a dwarf with just one drink, but you still looked pretty composed……]

[N- No, its just that Im not getting drunk for some strange reason……]

[Rather than that, I dont think theres any chance that Megiddos going to win this match, you know]

[Ahh What do you mean, Kuromueina]

Compared to me, who was strangely unaffected by the alcohol, Megiddo-san has gotten drunk now, and seems to be having a hard time.

And for some reason, Kuro started saying that Megiddo doesnt have a chance to win.

Naturally, Megiddo looked doubtful, but since I also dont know why, I tilted my head.

[Thats because, Kaito-kun has Shiros blessing…… so he wont get drunk.]

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[Wha! What~~! T- Then, does that mean!> That he would still be composed no matter how much he drinks!]


It seems that I, who have Shiro-sans blessings, never get drunk, and no matter how strong the drink is, I wont suddenly collapse from drunkenness.

Thats kinda on the level of cheating when used in drinking competitions……

Hearing Kuros words, Megiddo-san looked dumbfounded…… before slowly he fell on his back.

[……Ahh~~ Sheeettt, I lost huh~~ Youre amazing, Kaito, its been a long time since I lost.]

[Eh No, ummm, how should I say this…… Its not really because of me that I dont get drunk…..]

[That doesnt matter! Borrowed power or not, its your power, and I lost to you. Thats all there is to it! Hahaha, well~~ Its impressive how you wont get drunk!]

[Ah, errr, yes.]

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Megiddo-san, who was lying down, admitted his defeat by praising me straight away.

I dont know if hes just clear-cut and straightforward, or just a frank and unwavering person…… But thats probably why he had so many subordinates who adore his way of life……

Then, Megiddo-san laughed for a while with an amused look on his face, before he got up with a bang.

[Alright, lets have a feast!]



[Oi oi, whats with that unpleasant look on your face. We already fought it out, and settled it! Then, all thats left to do now is to celebrate each others strenuous efforts and have a party!!!]

Megiddo-san suddenly talking about having a feast left me dumbfounded while Kuro had an amazed look on her face.

[Alright, you lot! Get ready for the feast! Dont be stingy, and get us some of the best booze and food you can find! This is a party for the guy who beat me, and if we dont have the best party, then it would be like tarnishing my name!]

[……Ummm, Kuro]

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[No, I know youre confused, but hes this kind of guy…… He only cares about fighting and having parties.]


Leaving me, who hasnt been able to keep up with the situation behind, Megiddo-san gives orders to his subordinates, one after another to start preparing for the banquet.

I dont know if I should say hes an overbearing person…… Or rather, this is Lilia-sans garden though……

[Oi, the noble over there!]

[Y- Yes!]

[Ill be borrowing your garden!]

[Ah, y- y- yes!]

[Alright, go call everyone within your mansion! The more people there is in a party, the merrier!]

Ah, he properly asked for permission huh…… Well, it feels pretty late already for him to ask permission.

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Dear Mom, Dad—— How should I say this… Megiddo-san is lively and frank, though hes also as intense as blazing flames. And also, I dont know how it happened—— but a party began.

Underworld King: “I hardly had any appearances lately, so even if Chronois-chan can already handle it on her own, I still came out!”

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