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It really is easy to talk with someone when theyre from the same hometown, and I ended up spending some time chatting with Kaori-san about other things.

As I listened to Kaori-sans stories about her time traveling the world and discussing the topic of whether there are also other emigrants in this world, time passed quickly as we enjoyed spending time together.

[……Oops, I think its about time I get ready to open the restaurant.]

[Ahh, Im sorry for hanging out for so long.]

[No. Rather, Im sorry for having you hang out with me for a long time. I enjoyed talking with you so much that I lost track of time. Kaito-kun, are you alright with time]

[Yes, I still have some leeway on my side.]

I originally left early to do some sightseeing, so I still have a reasonable amount of time before my appointment with Founder-san.

If I wanted, I could have stayed a little longer and continued talking with Kaori-san, but as expected, I would be a nuisance.

[By the way, Kaori-san, until what time is your restaurant open at nights]

[My restaurant We dont handle much alcohol, so were open until 9 pm. Ill only accept orders until 8:30 pm…… Eh Could it be, youll also come visit at night]

[If I can spare some time…… I also wanted to try the Pork Shogayaki, so I thought I would pay for it this time.]

Yes, I wanted to eat the Pork Shogayaki Set Meal…… that meal I had been having trouble deciding with along with the earlier gyukatsu. I mean, there are so many things on the menu of this restaurant, which certainly feels like a Japanese Set-Meal Restaurant, that I want to eat.

That Chicken Nanban also seemed like it would be delicious, and the fried chicken would also be a good choice…… Somehow, I feel like if I miss the taste of Japan, I will definitely come visit this restaurant again.

[I see, Im glad to hear that. Ill be looking forward to your visit.]

[……Thats only if I have the spare time, okay]

[Ill be expecting you then.]



Seeing Kaori-san mischievously smile, I also felt myself slightly smiling. Even if she was just messing with me, since she has gone so far as to say that, I hope Ill somehow make time to visit her again at night.

After that, I chatted with Kaori-san for a little while longer before leaving the restaurant and heading towards the central Cathedral.

On my way to the Cathedral after leaving Kaori-sans store, I suddenly thought of something and called out to Alice, who was probably nearby.

[Alice, can I ask you something]

[What is it]

[Have there been other emigrants besides Kaori-san and Okura-san]

[There are some. As for those that are still alive right now, theres one other person……. A person named Mikumo Akane.]

I asked about the other emigrants. After meeting Kaori-san this time, I became curious to know if there were other people from my homeworld.

And of course, Alice has a good grasp of information about the other emigrants, and she told me that theres one other person named Mikumo-san.

[What kind of person are they From the name, it sounds like shes a woman……]

[Shes the chairman of a mobile trading company called Mikumo Trading Company, and has the highest status and financial resources among the still living emigrants. I mean, Ill just say this now…… but Kaito-san, havent you seen Akane-san before]

[Eh Is that so!]

As I listened to Mikumo-sans story, words I didnt expect came out of Alices mouth. I have met Mikumo-san before Ahh, no, thats not it…… From the way she worded it, I suppose I really havent had a direct conversation with her, but I should have seen her from a distance or something along those lines

Hmmm, I wonder if Ive seen someone who could be her

[Remember when you went shopping for fishing gear the other day, and how I told you about a mobile trading company coming to Symphonia Kingdom]

[I remember but…… ahh, I guess its that mobile trading company huh.]

[Yes, theyre the Mikumo Trading Company.]

Speaking of which, that did happen. When I went shopping before my trip with Fate-san, I heard that a mobile trading company had arrived.

At that time, I was a little put off by how thriving with people it was and ended up not stopping by…… but for it to actually be an emigrants trading company. Thats regrettable.

If I had stopped by, I might have had a chance to meet Mikumo-san……

[Incidentally, the purple-haired woman in a leopard print outfit with a kansai accent that Kaito-san passed by after that is Akane-san.]

[Ehh! Really!]

I- I remember now. There was that person! I had been wondering why I heard a Kansai dialect, so I remember about her…… however, arehh

[But she looked pretty young…… She looked like shes in her teens, so its pretty hard to believe shes someone who played the role of Hero before Kaori-san.]

Yes, that woman was quite young. At the very least, she didnt look more than 30. However, if Seigi-kun and Kaori-san had played the role of Hero for the previous decade and the one before that respectively, then the one who played the role of Hero before them should be at least close to 40 years old.

[Ahh, her youth was rejuvenated thanks to Life-sans Provisional Blessing. She may not be an affiliate, but Akane-san is on reasonably good terms with Kuro-sans trading company, and through that connection, she was invited to the Six Kings Festival.]

[I see……]

Shigenobu Okura-san who Ive heard from Kaori-san, Mikumo Akane-san who Ive heard from Alice…… People from the same country who have emigrated to this world…… I would like to meet them if I have the chance.

Serious-senpai : [Mhmm, what happened last chapter…… wasnt exactly a flag yet]

: [I wonder. I suppose itd be around somewhere where she considers him as “probably a pretty excellent one” Well, I get the feeling that Kaito-san likes her set meal menu, so wouldnt he stop by there often in the future and steadily build up that flag]

Serious-senpai : [Kaito, as far as weve seen from the story so far, likes commoner food, or rather, he like its taste……]


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