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With the noise of people buzzing around me, I looked back and spoke.

[Come on, Kuro. How long are you going to stare at the ticket gate Let's go to the platform already.]

[Ahh, unnn! Hmmm, machines really are interesting. I'm really looking forward to riding the bullet train.]

Even though it was a weekday afternoon, there were a lot of people coming and going at the transfer gate of the bullet train's big station. Hand in hand, Kuro and I walked through the crowd.

Dressed in a white camisole dress, a black jacket, and dark brown half pants, Kuro looks like a beautiful girl, but the people around who noticed Kuro don't seem to be looking back at her.

It seems like Recognition Inhibition Magic is also effective in this world.

[Look, look, Kaito-kun! There's a shop selling bentos over there!]

[train bento huh…… It's going to be a long trip on the bullet train, so I guess we should get something to eat.]

[Really! Hmmm, all of them look delicious. I can't decide which one to pick.]

[I know how you feel, but we don't have that much time before the train leaves, so you should quickly decide what you want.]

The word "excited" seems to be the right word to describe Kuro's current state, as she was looking around filled with childishness fitting with her appearance, which looked a bit refreshing.

Well, I guess her reaction was natural since this world was new in Kuro's eyes. It reminded me of the time when I first went to that world, making me smile. I wonder if this is what Kuro felt when she was teaching me about the stuff in that world……

Yes, Kuro and I are in Japan…… in the world I used to live in.

It all started with Kuro's abrupt declaration of "Let's go on a trip to Kaito-kun's world!". It was usual for Kuro to say something outrageous out of the blue, but as expected, even I was surprised.

I mean, no matter how much Kuro wants to go…… I think it would be a problem for someone as powerful as Kuro to just go to my former world.

However, it seems that Kuro won a bet with Eden-san for a "month-long pair trip with me", and the trip was approved by Eden-san, the God of this world herself.

Well, there are a lot of things I want to say, such as why the trip with me is being bet on without my permission, and the really scary thought of Kuro losing that bet, which would make me spend a whole month alone with Eden-san.

However, seeing Kuro's happy smile…… It's strange how I can't help but think that a trip like this is okay too.

The benefits of having the full backing of Eden-san, the creator of this world, was quite tremendous…… Kuro's family register was prepared as a matter of course, and we received an astonishing amount of money to spend on the trip. Thanks to her, I'm able to enjoy my trip with Kuro without worries, so I'm grateful to Eden-san as well, regardless of the fact that they used me as a prize without my knowledge.

Kuro said she didn't mind where we go as long as she could go around this world with me, but since I'm already here, I'd like to take her to various places.

That's why, Kuro and I were currently about to ride the bullet train…… heading for "Okayama". The reason why I chose Okayama…… Well, it's because that's the only other prefecture that I can guide her.

I have a sense of pride too. I'm going on a trip with my lovely girlfriend, and I want to lead her well.

My mom is from Okayama, and she has brought me there a few times when I was a kid. It was a long time ago though, so my memories of my outing towards that place were vague, but I remembered some of the famous tourist spots, so I should be okay.

If the need arises, I'll use this phone that Eden-san secretly prepared for me…… and use the power of internet to secretly look up where to go without Kuro noticing.

After we finished buying some train bentos, we moved to the bullet train platform…… and boarded on the Green car. I've ridden the bullet train many times, but this was my first time in a Green seat.

(T/N: They're not the highest class seat in all Shinkansens in Japan (they're called Grand Class), but I think Green seat can be considered as the highest class in the Shinkansen that Kaito and Kuro is riding towards Okayama.)

If it was just me, I would have been fine riding on the Ordinary Class seats…… but I wanted Kuro to travel as comfortably as possible. Besides, with the bank book Eden-san gave me that had an unbelievably large amount of money, so I decided to splurge.

Well, I guess it's wrong to expect God to have a sense of money……

We could even have afforded to ride a first-class flight, but I chose riding on the bullet train instead because I thought it would be better to see the scenery while traveling.

[Ohhhhh! Amazing! It's amazing, Kaito-kun! This big chunk of steel is moving!]

[Ahaha, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. Our travels riding this train might be slower than Kuro's speed though.]

[That's not the case, I'm really having fun! Ahh, look! Look! There's a big tower over there!]

Seeing Kuro looking so cute as she gazed at the view from the window, I couldn't help but smile as well. Fortunately, the Green car is empty, no, I guess it's more apt to say that Kuro and I are the only people in this car, so we don't have to worry about disturbing others.

I've never ridden in a Green car before, but the chairs are big and soft, and there are magazines prepared and even a footrest. They've even given us hand towels as in-car service, so I think we got really great seats.

[Kuro, we haven't had lunch yet, so how about we eat some of the train bento]


It was around lunchtime, so I thought that we should eat the train bento we had bought.

Incidentally, I bought a bento called "Beef Domannaka", a bento filled to the brim with minced Yonezawa beef. Hmmm, the minced beef went well with the rice and was very tasty.

Kuro chose the "First of its Kind – Tokyo Bento", a gorgeous bento with a variety of ingredients, which also looked very delicious. Especially the salmon pickled in sake lees…… Those look absolutely delicious.

Click to open image >>

*Beef Domannaka Bento*

Click to open image >>

*Shinise no Aji – Tokyo Bento*

As I was thinking about this, Kuro noticed my gaze and grinned.

[You want a bite, Kaito-kun It's delicious, you know]

[Really Then, I'll have a bite……]

[Unnn, here, ahhhhn.]

[…..It's got lots of flavor. It's really good.]

[Told you so!]

Feeding the grinning Kuro a bite of my minced beef bento as well, we continued chatting over lunch together.

[Speaking of which, Kuro…… You're really good with chopsticks, aren't you]

[Ahh~~ We've always had traditional Japanese breakfast back home after all. So I got used to it.]

[Ahh, I see…… Neun-san's influence huh.]

[Unnn, but I've never had this salmon picked in shackles. I'm going to learn how to make this and teach it to Neun after we go back home.]

Just as I was thinking she can be as playful as a child, she can also be a mother who cares for her family. I think that is Kuro's greatest charm.

When I'm with Kuro, it feels really enjoyable…… and at the same time, I feel very relieved.

Perhaps, no…… I don't have any doubt…… that this trip will be boisterous and fun.

Q : Why Okayama

A : It's Author-san's hometown. Putting aside if Author-san needs to or not, it's easy for Author-san to collect data from the site itself if they want to.

Q : I mean, the title is Amusement Park……

A : That title is not fake. If you go to Okayama, you can find the amusement park there. Got that

Q : In the first place, is there even an amusement park in a rural area like Okayama

A : Don't underestimate Washuzan Highland!

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