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After successfully completing the planned transaction, Akane and Frau were returning the way they had come to the carriage of their traveling trading company.


[Come to think of it, they mentioned they wanted some souvenirs. It cant be helped, lets buy something to eat before we return.]

[I suppose. There are a lot of stalls here after all…… Now that I think of it, isnt that rumored otherworlder living here in the royal capital]

[Ahh~~ That really famous fellow huh. Ive heard a few rumors about him myself.]

[I didnt participate in the last Festival of Heroes, but was he perhaps an incredibly amazing Hero]

[No, from what Ive heard, an accident happened in the previous Hero Summoning, and otherworlders other than the person who plays the role of Hero was summoned, and that famous guy was apparently one of those who got caught up otherworlders.]


Akane was also interested in the topic that Frau had brought up, replying to her with a somewhat excited tone. Even then, the information they had acquired was only limited to gossip at best.

The existence of Kaito in the Symphonia Kingdom is well know, especially among the upper echelons of the countries such as the nobility, and rumors of his achievements in the Sacred Tree Festival have spread to a certain extent to the general public as well…… but only rumors about him were circulating.

In fact, many of the commoners probably dont even know that an accident occurred in the Hero Summoning. Being the Head of her trading company though, Akane had some information network of her own, but even with that, she doesnt have much detailed information about him because her trading company doesnt do much business with the nobility.


[Is that so Thats the first time Ive heard that an accident happened in the Hero Summoning.]

[Of course, they wont go around saying things that would cause them embarrassment. Even I only heard about this from the people I know.]

[Fumu, but if he wasnt someone playing the role of Hero, he certainly would have the time to spare…… and the rumors about him would be credible huh]

[No, I think there are a lot of embellishments in the rumors about him. Close friends with not only the Six Kings and the Supreme Beings, but even the God of Creation herself, Kuromu-samas lover, Death King-samas lover…… And not only that, hes apparently specially loved by the God of Creation, won the Sacred Tree Festival and possesses a fortune that ordinary nobles cant match All of that in just one year Theres a limit to how much exaggerated his story they can make.]

[The rumors about him werent very clear either. He had apparently subdued Phantasmal King-sama, received God of Fate-samas Blessing, rumors about him were all over the place.]

[If all those things were true, what kind of monster would he be Theres no way someone whos a human like me could do something like that.]

[Thats true.]


Even though the rumors the two of them heard about him were all true…… but all the rumors about him were too much, and they both thought that all of them were exaggerated.


[……However, I guess not all of the rumors were false. It is said that where theres smoke, there would be fire, and even though there are parts of the rumors that are exaggerated because someone found it amusing, Im sure theres also some truth mixed in.]

[Fumu, in that case, Chairman, which part of the rumors do you think were true]

[Hmmm, I think that him being lovers with Kuromu-sama is the truth. When I greeted her at the Six Kings Festival, Kuromu-sama seemed to be in a good mood, and she mentioned how she was looking forward to going around the festival with a boy named Kaito-kun on the 6th day. I think this Kaito-kun guy is that rumored otherwolder.]

[I mean, in the first place, didnt you see that otherworlder at the Six Kings Festival, Chairman]

[I didnt see him. I was a Bronze, and I didnt see him among the audience nor at the stage in the opening ceremony. I also wasnt able to participate in the party on the last day.]


Akane was somewhat acquainted with Kuromueina, and she also had some business dealings with some of the World Kings subordinates, so she had received an invitation from both Kuromueina and Lillywood.

However, other than them, shes never talked to any of the other members of the Six Kings properly, and of course, having been unable to attend the party on the last day, sheve never seen Kaito.


[……Thats why I think that him being lovers with Kuromu-sama is real. With his connection with Kuromu-sama, it wouldnt be surprising if he met the other members of the Six Kings. Well, even though their closeness is exaggerated, I guess they do know each other. I also think him being lovers with Death King-sama is one big embellishment. Heck, in the first place, isnt talking to Death King-sama impossible]

[Well, indeed.. Its safe to say that its impossible……]

[I dont know anything about the God Realm, but being Kuromu-samas lover in itself is quite a big news, so wouldnt it be possible that the rumors got exaggerated when one person talked about it to another]

[I see, but something about it feels mysterious though. If hes Underworld King-samas lover, I think it wouldnt be surprising if this story had spread more widely…… but for this information to just circulate as rumors]

[Right. If I hadnt talked to Kuromu-sama directly, I would have just ignored it as bad gossip.]


In fact, putting aside the information circulating among the nobles, the information about Kaito around the general public were only on the level of rumors. Of course, this is the result of Alices handiwork, who can be said to be in control of the worlds information, but the two of them have no way of knowing that.

As a result, their perception of Kaito is that he is an otherworlder whos amazing only in rumors.


[Since were here, should we try looking for him]

[We dont know his face or full name, so how can we look for him Stop saying stupid stuff. Lets just buy those souvenirs and return already.]




As Akane and Frau walked along, a man who passed by them suddenly turned around, and looking at their backs, he muttered to himself.


[……Those leopard-print clothes are so conspicuous. Rather, was that Kansai dialect I heard earlier Me hearing Kansai dialect after the Auto-translation, what does this mean Hmmm, is it like an expression of accents]


He tilted his head in wonder, but he decided not to worry about it anymore…… Thereupon, “Miyama Kaito” walked in the opposite direction of where they had gone.




Serious-senpai : [Putting aside Kaito and Akane, wouldnt Frau be able to tell that Kaito is an otherworlder with his magic power]

: [She can see it if she wanted to, but the only people who can sense magic power at any given time are those as powerful as Peerage-holders, so its not surprising that she didnt notice it.]

Serious-senpai : [I see.]


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