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 1052 - Near Miss ②

After she finished writing on her ledger to some extent, Akane stood up and lightly stretched her body, before she called out to the other merchants in her company.


[Well then, Im off to stock up. Im sure it will be busy for everyone for a while, but Ill leave things here to all of you. Make sure you keep rotations in mind and take breaks before you realize how tired you are, okay]

[Yeeeeees. Take care, Chairman.]

[Frau-san too, please do your best to assist the Chairman.]

[Im looking forward to the souvenirs~~]


After calling out to the other members of her company, Akane, accompanied by her assistant/maid Frau, left the large carriage and started walking down the street.


[So, what are we going to procure today Should we go to the Central Area]

[Central area huh~~ They do have interesting stuff to look at. However, its too risky for our trading company, which is known for its mobility and cheap prices, to deal with such high-end products. This time, were still going to have the staples, but the focus should be vegetables. I heard that a new kind of vegetable has started to appear in the market, and although there arent many, we were told that a business partner we had connections with could give us some.]


Hearing the question Frau asked as they walked, Akane laughed loudly before answering. Since the Mikumo Trading Company, which she lead, isnt a very large trading company, it wasnt unusual for Akane, the Chairman of her own company, to go out and purchase goods herself.

Well, there was also the fact that she had a dynamic personality but……


[Fumu, vegetables huh…… And once we procure those, where are we heading next]

[Hmmm, I suppose it would have to be Hydra huh. People over there like new things, and Im sure there hasnt been enough stock of this vegetable for it to reach Hydra yet. On the other hand, folks over there in Archlesia are rather conservative, so staples will probably sell better than new products.]

[I see. Well, since we can reduce transportation costs, were good at bringing new variety of items to places where there would be a demand for them.]

[Im glad I have a talent for Teleportation Magic.]

[Not so good at everything else though.]

[Thats right.]


Having the same special characteristics as other otherworlders, Akane also had a special aptitude for a particular kind of magic, and that magic was Teleportation Magic. Kuromueina had once talked to Kaito about “an otherworlder who isnt very good at other magic, but could use Teleportation Magic comparable to that of Peerage-holders”, and she was talking about Akane.

She had used that Teleportation Magic to set up a mobile trading company that does business while teleporting from one place to another.


As they were walking along chatting like that, Frau seemed to have suddenly noticed something as her gaze moved it.

[Unnn Whats the matter]

[Ahh, no, its just, the man who just walked into that store there…… He was wearing very high-class clothes for someone walking around in this area…… At first glance, his clothes looked like casual clothing, but they were actually made of very good quality materials. From what I saw, his clothing would be sold by silvers…… no, by gold coins.]

[Oh my~~ That sounds like hed be a good prospect for business. Well, maybe hes the son of a noble There are a lot of stores around here that arent in the Central Area after all.]

[He went into a fishing gear shop…… Should we also check that place out We might be able to save on purchasing costs there.]

[Ahaha, that sounds great. If you catch lots of them fishes, we can make lots of money selling them…… Well, if it really works that well, fishermen will have no trouble with their work. Besides, Im not very good at fishing, you know]


In the first place, with Akanes personality, she wasnt good at anything that required sitting still, which made her fatally unsuited for fishing. Being aware of this herself, Akane just walked on without looking at the fishing gear shop.

If the two of them had stopped by the fishing gear shop while they were chatting happily like that…… There might have been a chance encounter between the two otherworlders……


[Speaking of which, Chairman, isnt the business partner youre going to today someone you havent seen in a while]

[Not really, why]

[No, I mean, “Chairmans appearance has changed”, hasnt it I thought they would be surprised if you suddenly became younger…… Look, they might be used to you growing bigger as times pass, but now, youve suddenly shrunk.]

[Seriously…… From the way you say it, one wouldnt be able to tell if Im growing bigger vertically or horizontally———– No, no! I didnt get fat, okay! In the first place, I was only rejuvenated to my youthful appearance thanks to the Provisional Blessing of God of Life-sama, so my body shape hasnt changed……]


Akane was also invited to the Six Kings Festival, where she was rejuvenated by Lifes Blessing. She was already 58 years old, but she now looked as youthful as a teenager.


[Is that so In that case, did you drop your breasts somewhere]

[Yes…… It all happened on a day when it was raining hard——— wait, you b*stard! You asking for a beating!!!]

[Haahhh…… Good grief…… You do know theres no way Chairman could beat a Maid like me.]

[Thats true, but that smug look on your face really pisses me off. Maybe I should lower your salary……]

[Please dont worry. Even though your breasts shrunk, Chairmans face is very well shaped and more than attractive enough. In fact, if your breasts stayed the same size as before you got that blessing, I would have been jealous of you as a woman.]

[……Seriously, you sure are in great shape today.]


Looking at Frau, who easily flipped her attitude, Akane let out a sigh of exasperation.









Serious-senpai : [This seriously is a strange world in which maid = powerful people.]

: [Well, its mostly, or almost entirely, that persons fault.]


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