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Gao family.

Gao Yong smoked a cigar and sat silently in his office.

It was already very difficult to make Lin Fan pay the price with force.

“CEO Gao, this is Lin Fans specific information.

His strength doesnt seem weak.

He has Su Xiaoyus help.

The Huo family was destroyed by Su Xiaoyu previously.

If we continue to have a bad relationship with Lin Fan, Su Xiaoyu will probably attack the Gao family.

What should we do” the assistant looked at Gao Yong and asked.

“Oh Su Xiaoyu… Su Jianguos daughter, the daughter of the worlds richest man.

Shes not bad.

I heard that Su Xiaoyus ability is unfathomable.

Su Jianguo became the worlds richest man because of Su Xiaoyus help,” Gao Yong took a puff of his cigar and said.

“CEO Gao, then should we continue to target Lin Fan If a war breaks out, it wont be good for our Gao family.

You know Su Xiaoyus ability,” the assistant said.

Gao Yong was disdainful.

“In all these years, no one has ever dared to speak to me like this.

Lin Fan has Su Muqing by his side.

So what if he has Su Xiaoyu The Gao family isnt afraid of this business war!”

“Also, Su Xiaoyu has already left her company for a long time.

How much business knowledge does she know The market is improving rapidly every year.

Its just like letting the brilliant Zhuge Liang come to this era.

What use can he have” Gao Yong said with a smile.

“But Su Xiaoyus father is Su Jianguo after all,” the assistant said.

“The world only knows that the market value of our Gao family is 400 billion, but who knows how many businesses our Gao family has outside Who is our Gao familys backer”

“The Gao family has never been bullied by anyone.

This is a great opportunity for our Gao family.

We can directly annex the Su familys businesses.

This way, the Gao familys market value might increase tenfold or a hundredfold.

This is an opportunity, an opportunity to completely destroy the Su family!” Gao Yong said.

“Even if were not a match for the Su family, our Gao family can still protect ourselves.

Furthermore, as long as we kill Lin Fan, will Su Jianguo really start a large-scale financial trade war with us Once the war starts, our Gao family wont be afraid of the Su family!” Gao Yong smiled.

“The first step is to go to Su Muqings house and propose marriage.

Prepare a gift.

I want to marry Su Muqing,” Gao Yong said with a smile.

“They dont dare to refuse.

According to what I know, although Su Muqings family is the head of the four major families in Shanghai, the Huo family recently has Huo Xinyus help and has hopes of crushing the Su family again.

At this time, if the Su family can have our help, the Su family can sit firmly in this position.”

“Also, Su Muqing isnt too valued at home.

This is also a political marriage.

Do you think the Su family wont agree” Gao Yongs lips curled up.

“After marrying Su Muqing, she will naturally be mine.

Let Lin Fan cut off one of his arms first,” Gao Yong said.

After the assistant heard that, he asked, “What if Su Muqing doesnt agree”

The corners of Gao Yongs lips curled up even more obviously.

“This question is very good.

Su Muqings family will definitely agree.

If Su Muqing doesnt agree, she will definitely have a conflict with her family.

At this time, Lin Fan will definitely go to Su Muqings house.

On this road, it will be the best opportunity to get rid of Lin Fan!”

“Prepare yourselves and let Lin Fan leave this world completely.

I want to see how he can fight with us!” Gao Yong said indifferently.

The assistants eyes lit up.


CEO Gao, if Su Muqing agrees, not only will you get a beauty, but you can also make Lin Fan lose his backer.

That way, Lin Fan will be in so much pain.

Without Su Muqing, Im afraid he wont be anything, right”

“If Su Muqing doesnt agree, we can set up an inescapable net and kill Lin Fan on the way.” The assistant felt deep admiration.

Gao Yong continued, “If I remember correctly, the Huo family also wanted to kill Lin Fan last time, but they failed because of Su Xiaoyu.”

“This time, well attack Lin Fans Jiaxing Entertainment and the Emperor Entertainment Company at the same time.

Then, well have some trade conflicts with Su Xiaoyus father and some conflicts with the Xia family to disturb the public.

This way, everyones attention wont be focused on Lin Fan, and no one will protect him like last time.”

“This move is called misdirection.

Its a feint to attack various places.

The real goal is to kill Lin Fan directly.

Lin Fan, oh Lin Fan, you cant escape from me anymore.” The teacup in Gao Yongs hand fell to the ground and shattered.

After an hour, the Xia family was targeted by the Gao family.

Jiaxing Entertainment was also targeted by the Gao family.

At the same time, the Gao family even had some conflicts with Su Xiaoyus father.

Of course, it was not a large-scale trade war.

Directly getting into a conflict with Su Xiaoyus father was also telling Su Xiaoyu that the Gao family was not afraid of the richest man in the world.

The Gao family also had a deeper background!

At the same time, Gao Yong personally brought a large sum of money to Su Muqings family and prepared to propose marriage.

The Su family naturally agreed.

Su Yuqings sister was called Su Qiuyi.

She was in charge of the Su family.

Recently, she had been fighting with Huo Xingyu of the Huo family, so her familys status was a little unstable.

Huo Xinyu was really too awesome.

Other than not being Su Xiaoyus match, she was practically invincible in Shanghai.

After being attacked by Su Xiaoyu, the Huo family started to rise again.

Su Qiuyi made a call to Su Muqing.

“Muqing, put down everything youre doing and come home immediately.

I have something important to tell you at home,” Su Qiuyi said.

Her voice was a little cold.

Unlike Su Muqings silence, her words were very cold.

“Sister, but I cant leave…” Su Muqing knew that Lin Fan and Gao Yong were about to start a huge battle.

Furthermore, Lin Fans company and the Xia familys company had also been taken over by the company.

“Come home immediately.” After Su Qiuyi said that, she hung up the phone.

Lin Fan patted Su Muqings head.

“Lets go home.

The matters at home are more important.

We can put aside the work here for now.”

After Su Muqing returned home, she was told that her family wanted her to marry Gao Yong.

The wedding day was tomorrow.

“What Im getting married tomorrow With Gao Yong” Su Muqing raised her beautiful eyes and looked at Su Qiuyi.

“No, I dont agree.”

Su Qiuyi slammed the table angrily, her body filled with a cold aura.

“This matter is not up to you.

The family is in danger.

Its time for you to contribute to the family.

Furthermore, Gao Yong is the eldest son of the Gao family in Jiang City.

You wont suffer if you marry him.”

At the thought of marrying someone else, Su Muqing naturally couldnt be Lin Fans assistant anymore.

Gao Yong and Lin Fan were enemies.

Furthermore, she had no feelings for Gao Yong at all.

Su Muqing lowered her head and cried.

“But… I dont like him.”

Su Qiuyi said, “Muqing, Im sorry.

You have to do this.

Otherwise, our family might not be able to survive.

We have to get the Gao familys help to survive in Shanghai.

Our family is also facing an economic crisis recently.

Theres a lack of funds of at least 2.16 billion.

Only the Gao family can help us.

The Gao family is willing to pay so much money as a betrothal gift.”

“Unless… you can find someone who can solve our familys problem, you have to get married.

Take it that Im begging you.

For the family, for your parents, for your sister, for the company…”

Su Qiuyi sighed and knelt in front of Su Muqing.

She was as helpless now as she was arrogant before.

The Su familys market value was indeed more than 600 billion, but they would also encounter problems with capital flow, causing the family to almost be in danger.

Once they could not hold on, what awaited the family was bankruptcy.

Huo Xinyus methods were too terrifying, and the Su family needed someone to rely on.

Otherwise, in the competition of business, if one did not have a background and was not capable enough, they could only die.

Su Muqing raised her beautiful eyes and grabbed Su Qiuyis hand.

“Sister, I know someone who can save our family.

Lin Fan, Im his assistant.

I know hes very powerful.

He must have the ability to save our family.

Please dont let me marry Gao Yong, dont…”

Su Qiuyi handed the phone to Su Muqing.

“Alright, this is also your last chance.

If Lin Fan can really save our family, I wont say anything.

If he cant… I can only let you suffer.”

A call went to Lin Fans phone.

Lin Fan was silent for a few seconds and immediately decided to help Su Muqing.

Dog **.

Gao Yong, this dog, was bullying his assistant.

Lin Fan had thought that he was prepared to welcome the Gao familys war.

Who would have thought that the Gao familys target would be Su Muqing

This was the first time Su Muqing cried in front of Lin Fan.

Although it was only on the other end of the phone, Lin Fan could feel Su Muqings grievance and helplessness.

No matter what, Lin Fan felt that Su Muqings assistant was not bad.

Even if Lin Fan didnt have any other thoughts about Su Muqing, her work ability was top-notch and her loyalty was 100 points.

At least Su Muqing, this beauty, was pleasing to the eye.

Every time Lin Fan needed her, she would stand up for him.

Now that she was in trouble, Lin Fan naturally wouldnt stand by and do nothing.


Su Muqing was his woman!


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