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Ch15 - I’m Not a Child!

Fei Bai wanted to say that he was not hungry, but at this moment his stomach growled out very honestly, so he had to nod his head.

“Did you bring anything to eat” Luo Yusen asked again. 

Although Fei Bai put a box of biscuits in his schoolbag before leaving, he thought that yesterday the driver said that Luo Yusen hated others eating in his car and didn’t want to make a bad impression on him, so he said, “I didn’t bring any.

I’ll just buy something to eat nearby.”

After speaking, he looked at Luo Yusen with a look of “Look, am I very sensible”.



Luo Yusen glanced at him and said nothing.

He turned a corner at the next intersection and drove into the ordering lane of a KFC drive-thru restaurant.

He lowered the car window, and the waiter standing at the order window smiled and asked what they needed. 

Luo Yusen looked sideways at Fei Bai, raised his chin lightly, and motioned for him to speak.


Feibai swallowed and succumbed to his soul as a rice cooker after smelling the aroma of fried chicken.

A few minutes later, he was nibbling on the hamburger with the plastic bag in his arms, thinking that today he spent the money of the male fox to do something the male fox does not like.

Although it sounds cool, it must be done for the long term.

Say something sweet to fix it.

So he said vaguely while eating, “Senior brother, you are so nice.

Why are you so nice”


Before Luo Yusen could speak, Luo Feifei in the back row woke up.

She came over and pull Feibai’s sleeves.

Just as Fei Bai was about to hand the fries to Luo Feifei, he heard Luo Yusen say in an educational tone.

“Feifei, don’t grab food from other children.”


Fei Bai choked, quickly took two sips of Coke, and then retorted: “I’m not a child!” 

“You’re not a child” Luo Yusen didn’t look at him, “Do you know the consequences of adults eating in my car”

His tone didn’t sound like a joke, and Fei Bai suddenly lost his momentum: “Then, is there no consequence if a child eats in your car”

Luo Yusen said, “It depends on your performance.”

So Fei Bai quickly accepted the setting that he was a child, took out the willpower of the kindergarten brave little red flower, and ate the quietest meal ever, and after eating it, he was good enough to open the window and pass the wind for a while. 

I don’t know if it was his illusion, but Luo Yusen always had a faint smile in the corner of his eyes when he looked at the rearview mirror next to him.

The car quickly drove to the vicinity of the amusement park.

Fei Bai saw the undulating roller coaster track through the window.

The colorful cable car was hanging on the cable and sliding slowly.

The spire of the castle outlined a beautiful skyline.

When Luo Yusen was looking for a place to park, Feibai volunteered to buy a ticket.

Luo Yusen didn’t say anything, so Feibai thought he agreed.

After the car stopped, he started to unfasten his seat belt.

He turned around to sort it out.

At this time, Luo Yusen leaned in his direction, Fei Bai just turned his head, and the two were very close in an instant. 

Fei Bai swallowed.

From his angle, he could clearly see Luo Yusen’s seductive eyes from the side of his glasses.

He had a beautifully shaped eye, long eyelashes, and a deep, focused gaze.

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Perhaps Xu Geyang was moved by such an impeccable face.

Fei Bai smiled bitterly.


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“What are you looking for, brother”

Luo Yusen didn’t speak immediately, but Fei Bai saw the three tickets in the drawer first.

Turns out he was ready. 

Luo Yusen took out the ticket and handed it to Fei Bai, but he didn’t let go when Fei Bai took it.

“Senior brother” Fei Bai tilted his head to look at him, his eyes were innocent and harmless.

Luo Yusen’s eyes moved from his eyes to his lips, and then met a pair of amber pupils again.

He asked softly, “What were you thinking when you looked at me just now”

Thinking about Xu Geyang. 

Feibai’s heart beat fast for a beat calmly, he calmed down and said with a smile, “I was thinking that my brother looks good with glasses, but I don’t know what it would be like without glasses.”

Luo Yusen said nothing.

Feibai said, “Brother, can you take it off and show it to me”

Luo Yusen opened the car door: “Get out of the car.” 

It failed.

Feibai had to follow and get out of the car.

He remembered that Luo Feifei wanted to ride on the merry-go-round, and went straight to the line as soon as he entered the amusement park.

When he ran, he showed the thin and well-proportioned body line of a young man, with a straight back, a slender waist, and slender legs.

A gust of wind blew, and the boy’s hair was gently raised, and he could see Luo Yusen, who was following behind.

Some can’t take their eyes off of them.

He remembered what Luo Chengcheng said to him last time – “The kid who hit my car today is so innocent, I want to try it…” 

Luo Yusen suddenly felt that his cousin seemed to be so innocent.

Occasionally I can say a word or two.

The kid looks good.


But as for “trying”, there is no door.

When he walked over with Luo Feifei, Feibai was already in the queue.

After seeing them, he raised his hand and shook it greatly: “Senior brother, Feifei, here!” 

Attracted by the roller coaster not far away, he excitedly gestured toward Fei Bai and Luo Yusen.

Feibai didn’t know if Luo Feifei’s physical condition could try this kind of stimulation program, he looked at Luo Yusen with help: “Senior brother…”

Luo Yusen squatted down, held Luo Feifei’s shoulder, and asked, ” Do you want to ride the roller coaster”

Luo Feifei nodded. 

“Aren’t you afraid If you want to dive down from a high altitude, you may feel like you are thrown out.” Luo Yusen continued.

Luo Feifei’s eyes lit up and nodded more forcefully.

Fei Bai was surprised, “You are so brave, Feifei.”

“That’s fine,” Luo Yusen stood up and said to Fei Bai, “What she said can be done.” 

Fei Bai asked curiously, “What did she say”

“Don’t wear a skirt, never eat onions, and if you see Tom and Jerry on TV again, you will break the TV.” Luo Yusen said.

Feibai was at a loss for words and didn’t know how to comment on this.

It took a long time to say to Luo Feifei.

“Little girl, you are very powerful.” 

The very powerful little girl lost interest in the first minute of sitting on the merry-go-round.

He let go of the handle and wanted to jump down, but Fei Bai coaxed her and said that as long as she sat there for a while, she would take her to buy something delicious.

She reluctantly stayed until the end of the ride and pulled Fei Bai as soon as the carousel stopped.

The corners of his clothes ran to the stalls selling snacks and toys.

Luo Yusen followed behind and saw that Luo Feifei skipped a pile of snacks and picked up a pink and white cat ear headband, but did not put it on his head, but gave it to Fei Bai’s hands.

Fei Bai immediately took a step back, and his body was covered with rejections from the hair to the heels.

“No, no, no, this is more suitable for you.” 

Luo Feifei’s mouth began to move at a speed visible to the naked eye.


Fei Bai immediately softened his heart, gritted his teeth, and said, “I wear it, can’t I wear it”


He fiddled with the headband in his hand.

After struggling for a long time, he still couldn’t do it.

Luo Feifei waited impatiently.

Just at this moment, Luo Yusen came over, and she took his hand and raised her head to speak to him.

Fei Bai felt that Luo Yusen’s language skills were really strong.

Luo Feifei’s speech was even more difficult to understand than Xiao Huangren, but he could understand it. 

“What did Feifei say Would you like to wear it” Fei Bai asked hopefully.

Luo Yusen’s eyebrows were raised: “No, she thinks you are grumpy, let me wear it for you.”

The little girl is really powerful, even Luo Yusen can make a move.

Fei Bai Nan said: “Then help me.” 

Luo Yusen took the cat ear headband from his hand and put it on him unskillfully.

Fei Bai asked in a low voice, “Do I look very silly now”

“I don’t know.” Luo Yusen said.

“You don’t know” Fei Bai didn’t understand what he meant and repeated it. 

Luo Yusen said slowly: “You keep your head down, I can’t see it.”

Fei Bai didn’t want to expose his stupidity to the public.

He muttered when he saw Luo Feifei had moved to his side.

“It’s okay, it’s fine if you can’t see it.

Forget it, Feifej can see it…”


Before he finished speaking, Luo Yusen lifted his chin.

“I see now,” Luo Yusen looked at him for a moment, “it’s not bad,  not particularly stupid.”


Fei Bai heard himself swallowing nervously. 

Luo Yusen quickly let go of him.

He was about to take off the headband when he heard Luo Yusen say, “Wear it.”

Fei Bai was stunned and saw Luo Yusen pay the stall owner.


What a joke.

Luo Feifei’s attention always shifted very quickly.

When the two of them were still standing in front of the stall, she couldn’t wait to run in the direction of the roller coaster. 

Fei Bai took Luo Yusen to chase her.

During the chase, he fiddled with the cat ears on his head, then turned to Luo Yusen and said, “Brother, I didn’t expect you to like this.”

Luo Yusen looked down.

Glancing at the corner of his clothes that was being held by the child, he deliberately asked, “Which one”

“Just…” Feibai felt that it was difficult to express something that could only be understood and inexpressible.

Once expressed, it would become a bit… unhealthy.

He thought about it for a long time, and in the end, he didn’t know if his brain was broken.

He said “meow” to Luo Yusen, and then said, “That’s it.” 

Luo Yusen’s eyes became meaningful for a moment when he saw him.

It took him a long time to say, “Why Your ex-boyfriend doesn’t like this”

As soon as the words “ex-boyfriend” came out, the expression on Feibai’s face froze.

He let go of the hand holding Luo Yusen’s clothes, and his steps slowed down.

After walking for a while, he controlled his emotions and said as calmly as possible: “It doesn’t matter what he likes.

What you like is what matters.”


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