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“The Peninsula Hotel is yours as well”

“I bought it a long time ago, so you wont get the chance to treat me to a meal today.”

Shed never been defeated like this in all these years.

“Since this is the case, Ill be your guest today.”

“My pleasure.”

Lin Yi led Liang Ruoxu, Shen Tianzhuo, and the others into the Peninsula Hotel.

The foreigners from the other countries looked around curiously.

To them, this legendary land was unfamiliar.

They had to behave themselves.

After all, everyone here knew kung fu.

At the same time, Wang Tianlong went up to them.

“President Lin, the banquet hall and guest room are ready.”


Lin Yi led the group to the banquet hall.

Lu Ying, Sun Fuyu, and Wang Ran had been waiting for a long time.

Everyone stood up solemnly when they saw Lin Yi bringing Shen Tianzhuo in.

“Professor Shen.”

Everyone present, apart from Wang Ran, was a scientist.

The name Shen Tianzhuo was like a star shining in the sky to them.

It was bright and out of reach.

They were both excited and nervous to see him in person today.

“Alright, dont stand on ceremony.

Well be colleagues from now on,” Shen Tianzhuo said politely.

“As the saying goes, science knows no boundaries.

I believe that with our joint efforts, President Lins support and Mayor Liangs guidance, a new generation of photolithography technology will soon be introduced to the world.

When that time comes, everyones name will be recorded in the annals of history!”

Applause rang out.

Shen Tianzhuo was even more excited than Lin Yi had expected.

Then, Shen Tianzhuo made some explanations on the lithography project.

Seeing such a scene, Lin Yis confidence increased inexplicably.

It seemed like success was not far away.

“Do you want to say a few words” Lin Yi whispered as he stood beside Liang Ruoxu.

“I dont think so.

This isnt the right occasion either,” Liang Ruoxu said.

“Theres no such thing as the right occasion.

With your status, we are more than appreciative of your guidance.” Lin Yi said.

“You dont have to flatter me.

Dont worry, as long as its within my capabilities, Ill give you the green light regarding policies.” Liang Ruoxu said.

“Look at what youre saying.

Youre making it sound like Im getting something out of it,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“But since youre not good with words, Ill let it go.


Liang Ruoruo sighed in her heart.

What a smooth talker.

After a simple introduction, the welcoming banquet officially began.

However, soon, the topic of the banquet turned to the photolithograph project.

This wasnt in line with what Lin Yi had imagined.

In his imagination, these people should be holding a beer and bragging one after another.

However, the brains of these academics were different from those of normal people.

They were chattering non-stop about a theorem, arguing until their faces turned red.

Lin Yi and Liang Ruoxu could pick up on a thing or two, but from Wang Rans perspective, this was all gibberish.

The welcoming party was very short, only lasting an hour.

It wasnt that these people werent good at talking, but Lin Yis two bottles of Maotai were enough to make them lose their minds.

He ended the dinner early so that they wouldnt waste any time on business.

Lin Yi then brought Liang Ruoxu, Shen Tianzhuo, and the others to the new lab.

He briefly introduced the functions of the lab and signed a confidentiality agreement before ending the welcoming ceremony.

“Where are you going Ill take you back.”

Lin Yi asked politely as they walked out of the institute.

“If you send me in a Rolls-Royce, you wont need to come by tomorrow to pick up any documents.

You can come over and get the documents tonight itself.” Liang Ruoxu said with a smile.

“Ill criticize you for having an inappropriate relationship with a mystery handsome man.”

“I wont argue with you if thats what you think.” Liang Ruoxu chuckled as he covered his mouth.

“Well talk again when we have time.


Liang Ruoxu reached out his hand and hailed a taxi before leaving.

Lin Yis figure gradually blurred in the rearview mirror, and Liang Ruoxu averted her gaze.

However, she didnt go to the office.

Instead, she went back to her own home.

Liang Ruoxus home wasnt very big.

It was only about 70 square meters, and the decorations were simple and near.

Its entire aura reaked pure and efficient.

When she got home, Liang Ruoxu went to the bathroom to take a shower, but halfway through the shower, she heard her phone ring.

After taking a look, she found that it was her grandfather calling, so she was not in a hurry and did not come out until she was done showering.

“Grandpa, you were looking for me.” After returning the call, Liang Ruoxu said.

“How is it Are you used to it in Zhonghai”

“Its pretty good, but the air is a little humid.

Its not as good as in Yanjing.”

“Hehe… coastal cities are like that.

Its not really a negative point,” Liang Ruoxus grandfather said.

“Im relieved that you can adapt to life in Zhonghai.

Just now, your grandmother told me to transfer you back.”

“Aiya, tell Grandma that Im fine here.

Dont worry about me.” Liang Ruoxu smiled and said, “Im already an adult.

I can take care of myself.”

“Thats what I said, but your grandma still gave me a lecture.

I was badly wronged.”

“Dont worry, Ill call Grandma later and talk to her.”

“Theres no hurry to make the call,” Liang Ruoxus grandfather said.

“Didnt you go to pick up Shen Tianzhuo What do you think of his character Can you keep him in Zhonghai”

Although the news of Shen Tianzhuos return was very secret and the media did not publicize it, there were still a small number of people who knew about it.

Liang Ruoxus grandfather was one of them.

This was also the reason why Liang Ruoxu was able to rush to the airport to pick up Shen Tianzhuo at the right time.

“His character is not bad.

Hes also staying in Zhonghai.”

“Oh, after hearing my precious granddaughters tone, why do I feel that something is not right”

“Grandpa, actually, we were all wrong,” Liang Ruoxu said regretfully.

“Shen Tianzhuos return this time is not due to the progress in Huaxias scientific research.

He was invited back by a person and has already started working at Zhonghai.”

“Really In this country, I know almost everyone who has the qualifications to speak to Shen Tianzhuo, but they were unable to tempt Shen Tianzhuo to come back.

Who in Zhonghai has this ability”

Liang Ruoxu propped her head on one hand, and a faint smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

“How should I put it This persons identity is really a little complicated.”

“Yo, for my precious granddaughter to give such an evaluation, this person must not be someone simple, right”

“He is definitely not simple,” Liang Ruoxu said.

“His identity on the surface is that of an unrestrained rich second generation, being around 25 or 26 years old.

But in reality, he is the director of a certain research institute in Zhonghai.”


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