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Chapter 18: Where did the sense of superiority come from

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Xia Xinyu felt a little awkward.

She had long heard that these luxury goods clerks all had a kind of arrogance and did not take ordinary folks seriously.

Now that she looked at it, the rumors were indeed true.

Even so, you can look down on yourself, but you could not look down on Brother Yi!

Subconsciously, Xia Xinyu looked at the situation in the live broadcast room.

She noticed that the trolls in her chat were getting sour again.

“You must be being ridiculed. They didnt show it to you because they saw that you couldnt afford it.”

“That middle-aged couple is obviously rich. They would naturally introduce themselves to these folks.”

“Lets go quickly. Thats Vacheron Constantin. Its not an ordinary brand. Dont embarrass yourself.”

Lin Yi looked at the female store manager. “What do you mean We are all customers. We should be treated equally, right”

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“Im sorry, we provide services according to the customer level. I hope you can understand,” the female manager said.

“Customer level”

“I have my own evaluation principles. Ill assign different levels and then provide different levels of services.”


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“To put it bluntly, its like looking at a person and thinking of him as lowly.”

Seeing that Lin Yi was angry, Xia Xinyu quickly pulled him back.

“Yi Bro, calm down. These people from luxury stores are always like that. Theres no need to be angry.”

“Sir, please watch your words and attitude. Otherwise, well have to call security.” The female store manager rolled her eyes and said.

They were just two grandstanding streamers. It was already an act of mercy for her to let them look around inside the store.

If it was the luxury store upstairs, they wouldnt even give you the chance to enter the shop.

“Youre just a dog with a few Vacheron Constantins. How can you be so pretentious Where does your sense of superiority come from” Lin Yi cursed.

“But this might be a brand you cant afford for the rest of your life.” The female store manager mocked.

“Yi Bro, lets go.”

Xia Xinyu knew that rich people like Lin Yi had bad tempers.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Xia Xinyu pulled Lin Yis arm and dragged him out of the Vacheron Constantin store.

There were other brands of expensive watches anyway, so they did not have to buy them here.

Seeing Lin Yi and Xia Xinyu leave, the middle-aged couple who were shopping for watches shook their heads with a smile.

“Young people nowadays are too hot-tempered. They dont have the ability to spend money, yet theyre still so arrogant.”

“These young people are too impetuous. Theyre so arrogant just because they have a few fans online. A high-end brand like Vacheron Constantin isnt a place for them.”

“Youre right. Times have changed. Grandstanding has become a trend,” the female store manager said with a smile.

“Exactly,” the middle-aged customer replied with a smile.

“But these two are quite interesting. They actually went to Patek Philippe. Even if they are young, they cant be ignorant.”

Patek Philippe Store.

Seeing Lin Yi and Xia Xinyu come in, the female store manager was very polite and didnt show any annoyance.

“Sir, Madam, do you want to see a mens watch or a womens watch I can show them to you,” the uniformed salesgirl said.

Lin Yi looked at Xia Xinyu, “Any good suggestions”

“This… this is a bit high-end. I dont really know much about it, I only know how it looks,” Xia Xinyu said guiltily.

“Ask the people in your live broadcast.”

Lin Yi liked to spend his time watching live broadcasts when he had nothing to do. He knew that there were people in the industry who understood the lifestyle of being a young master better than he did.

Xia Xinyu checked on the situation in the streaming room and found that someone had indeed given a reasonable suggestion.

“The 7140G-001 timepiece series is not bad. It fits the temperament of a god-level tycoon.”

“The 7140G-001 seems to be worth more than two million. The price is suitable. Its indeed not bad.”

“Hehe, a watch worth more than two million is also referred to as a watch Just by wearing a watch worth more than two million, do you think you are worthy to be called a godly tycoon If so, godly tycoons in this world are too worthless.”

“Ive let tou act all high and mighty, yet you actually look down on a watch worth more than two million Come, come, come. You can recommend it. Let us see what kind of watch is considered a good watch.”

LemonKings words instantly caused the people in the live broadcast room to surround and attack him.

However, LemonKing had been on the battlefield for so many years. Naturally, he would not be intimidated by such a display.

“When they entered the shop just now, there was a Patek Philippe 175th anniversary commemorative piece in the window. It was sold for 17.5 million. If you really think you are a god-level tycoon, you should buy this watch.”

“Are you f*cking retarded Even the Emperor of Shanghai said that he would not buy this watch. You want God-level Tycoon Lin to buy this watch You must be out of your mind.”

“Haha, if you cant afford it, then say you cant afford it. Why are you criticizing me”

At that moment, Lin Yi moved closer to Xia Xinyu and looked at the screen. “Did the netizens in the room give their opinions”

“Dont listen to him. This person is a sour spirit. It makes him uncomfortable seeing how rich you are,” Xia Xinyu said:

“There was a netizen who recommended you buy a 7140G-001. He said that this watch is pretty good.”

Lin Yi looked at the situation in the broadcast room. “He actually recommended that I buy a 175th anniversary commemorative piece”

The female Patek Philippe employees shook their heads at those words. These keyboard warriors were really daring.

The 175th anniversary commemorative piece was limited to six pieces worldwide and sold for 17.5 million dollars each.

Its actual significance wasnt just in its exquisite workmanship and value.

More importantly, it represented the value of the hundred-year-old Patek Philippe brands workmanship.

The person who recommended this watch did not know anything at all. All he knew was the price. It was too low.

“Brother Yi, dont listen to them. That 7140G-001 is not bad.” Xia Xinyu said.

“As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. For the 175th anniversary watch to be sold at such a high price, there must be a reason for it.”

“Thats true, but this watch costs 17.5 million.”

“The price is indeed a bit too high.”

Seeing that Lin Yi had admitted defeat, the trolls in the live streaming room stood up and attacked him:

“Youre a coward now, arent you If you dont have money, dont pretend to be a tycoon. Its too easy to slap you in the face.”

“You bought an iPhone and a computer for hundreds of thousands of dollars and you think you can show off your superiority Youre too naive.”

“Youll get struck by lightning if you act so cool. You should keep a low profile when you go out. Dont think that the whole world is yours just because you drive a Pagani Zonda. There are still things in this world that you cant afford.”

“Yi Bro, dont be angry. Ill kick these people out of the live broadcast room right now.”

“Theres nothing to be angry about.” Lin Yi said with a smile. “Although the price is a little expensive, I can still afford it.”

Lin Yi walked to the window and looked at it with confidence. It looked pretty good, and he should be able to bring it around with him.

“Can you help me pack up the 175th Anniversary Watch”

Everyone was shocked when they heard that.

Their eyes and mouths were wide open, and they couldnt believe their ears.

“Sir, what did you say You want to buy the 175th Anniversary Watch”

Lin Yi nodded. “Cant I”


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