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Chapter 11: Im the Only One at Home

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“Of-of course you can, I just didnt think of it.”

Jiangdong smiled awkwardly.

“Theres a lot of things you didnt think of, but youll learn of them later.”

Lin Yi ignored Jiangdong and smiled at the lobby manager.

“Im really sorry, Ill go downstairs and move the car now.”

“Okay, okay, Ill have to trouble you.”

Lin Yi and the lobby manager went downstairs as the others looked at each other. Then, they got up quickly, wanting to go downstairs and see what was going on.

They went downstairs and found a lot of people gathered in front of the car to take photos.

Lin Yi walked over, and the crowd automatically dispersed. Their eyes were full of envy and jealousy.

“My God, hes so handsome and so rich. This is too unreasonable!”

“He must have given God a present when he was reincarnated.”

Lin Yi didnt care about the comments from the people around him. He moved the car and stuck his head out of the window.

“You guys can continue eating. I have something to do.”

“Since the main character has left, I wont be eating either.” Wang Ying said. “Im leaving too.”

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“Then Ill send you home. I have nothing to do.”

“Thank you, Yi.”

The two had been very close when they were at the company.

Now that Lin Yi was driving a supercar, she naturally wanted to see what it felt like.

They got into Lin Yis car and left under everyones watchful eyes.

“Yi, I didnt know you were the second generation of a rich family. Its so hard to live an incognito life.”

Wang Ying took photos as she spoke.

It was her first time riding a supercar, so she had to take a few photos as a memento.

“Money is just a worldly possession. Experiencing life is the most important thing.”

“I remember now. Arent you an orphan Where did you get so much money”

“Uh, inheritance.”

“I see.” Wang Ying nodded.

“But you just said that you drive for Didi now. Is that true” Wang Ying couldnt believe it.

“Of course its true.”

Lin Yi took out his phone. “My registration information is all there. Sister Ying, do you want to place an order to support me”

With their relationship, Lin Yi would never accept Wang Yings money.

However, the systems mission was for him to pick up two beauties with 85 points or more.

Although Wang Ying was a little old, her charm didnt decrease. Otherwise, she wouldnt have been named the number one beauty of Chaoyang Group.

If Wang Ying placed the order, it would not be difficult for him to complete the mission.

“Since youve already said that, so if I dont place the order, Ill be taking advantage of you.” Wang Ying said as she held her phone.

“Dont worry, Sis is placing the order now. Watch out, lest someone else takes it away.”

“No problem, Im watching.”

Soon, a notification appeared on the phone. Wang Ying placed the order successfully, and Lin Yi accepted the order immediately.

However, there was no notification at all.

What was going on

Could it be that Wang Ying wasnt a beauty with an 85 or higher score

She was only 29, so it was better for her to get married earlier!

[Scan completed. The passengers overall score is 84, not meeting the requirements of the mission!]

Lin Yi was speechless!

Was the system not being a little too strict Could it not give him an extra point

Where was he going to meet so many high-scoring beauties!

“Yi, why are you still in a daze” Wang Ying asked.

“Ying Jie, I want to ask you something.” Lin Yi asked as he drove.

“What is it”

“What do you think you can do to increase a womans charm”

The system had already said that Wang Yings overall score was only 84 points. It must have considered many aspects before giving her the score.

That was why it was possible to increase ones charm through other means.

However, Lin Yi didnt know if this little hack would succeed, so he could only give it a try.

“Increase a womans charm” Wang Ying was a little puzzled. What kind of strange question was that

“Im just asking. If Sister Ying doesnt know, then forget it.”

“The so-called increase in charm is to make yourself more attractive. This is a compulsory course for every woman,” Wang Ying said.

“How do you improve it”

Lin Yi was curious to see how confident Wang Ying was.

“Dont worry,” Wang Ying said with a smile. She opened her bag and took out two pairs of unopened silk stockings.

One pair was flesh-colored, and the other pair was black.

“Tell me, which one do you think is good-looking”

“Ahem, ahem, Sister Ying, I dont think its appropriate to ask me such a question.”

“Whats there to be afraid of Theres only the two of us in the car.” Wang Ying smiled and said, “Choose one.”

“Uh... The black ones are better.”

“Okay, wait.”

As she said that, Wang Ying opened the black silk stockings and slowly put them on her legs.

What made people unable to control themselves the most was that during the process of putting them on, Wang Ying unintentionally lifted her skirt, revealing her black leggings. This really made peoples thoughts wander.

“How is it Doesnt it feel different”

“It really does feel different.”

After putting on the black silk stockings, it almost appeared like her legs had grown quite a bit, and she became even more attractive.

“System, scan again and see what Wang Yings overall score is.”

A second later, the systems real voice sounded.

[scan completed. The passengers overall score is 85, meeting the requirements of the mission!]

[Ding, mission completed. Reward: 100,000 experience points, job completion rate: 15%. Reward: one villa in Jiuzhou Pavilion. (Get it from the sales manager!)]


The name Jiuzhou Pavilion was well-known in Zhong Hai City.

Ever since it was being built, it was considered to be a top-tier mansion. When it was completed, it became the number one mansion in Zhong Hai City just as expected!

Even the richest people on the list would be intimidated by Jiuzhou Pavilion.

It wasnt that they couldnt afford it, but in their eyes, it wasnt worth it to spend hundreds of millions on such an expensive house.

To put it bluntly, they were not rich enough.

Lin Yi could not help but feel excited.

He wanted to buy a house, but the systems reward came right after.

He had to finish this order quickly and check it out later.

Wang Yings heart skipped a beat when she heard Lin Yi swear.

Did he have such a big reaction when he saw her wearing black silk

This thing really had a fatal attraction!

“Little Yi, focus on driving. Well talk when we get home,” Wang Ying reminded shyly.

“No problem.” Lin Yi smiled. “Thank you for your support, Sister Ying. Remember to give a five-star review.”

“That depends on your service.” Wang Ying said with a smile. She was a beautiful young woman.

At first, Wang Ying had bad thoughts about Lin Yi, but now, her bad thoughts were even stronger.

Soon, Lin Yi sent Wang Ying home according to the address on his phone and completed his third order.

“Do you want to go up and sit for a while”

“No thanks, Im sorry to bother you,” Lin Yi said politely.

“What do you mean bother My husband is on a business trip and Im the only one at home,” Wang Ying pretended to be calm.


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