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Chapter 9: Resurrected Nightmare

The next morning, he heard Mamezos shrill bark again.

It had already become part of his daily life but, Yuuma couldnt help but wake up with a frown on his face.

「… Strange.

I shouldve filled up the hole yesterday.」

After reluctantly rising up from his bed and wearing his down coat, Yuuma went down to the garden.

And just as he expected, Mamezo was barking in the direction of the hole.

「Whats the matter, Mamezo Did you find somet――」

That moment, the scene that appeared before him caused Yuuma to feel dumbfounded.

The reason was the hole that he filled up yesterday, had appeared again like the original.


Yuuma hurriedly peered into the hole and just as he expected, THAT guy was here.

The jiggling Metal Slime.

「 Does that mean the filled-up hole going to reset every day! Seriously.

All my effort to fill it up is just futile…」

Yuuma orzed right where he stood upon realizing the bitter fact.

Since the dungeon couldnt be filled up, it meant that it would stay like that forever.

Yuuma picked up Mamezo who kept barking non-stop as he ran back into the house.

But, even that didnt stop Mamezo from barking.

Even when he brought Mamezo to the living room or his bedroom, Mamezo kept barking non-stop.

The same goes even when he brought Mamezo to the backyard, Mamezo kept barking as if his life depended on it.

Does that mean that slime released some sort of aura that can only be felt by Mamezo And a really dangerous one on top of that

「WHAT ARE YOU DOING! MAMEZOS BARKING IS DISTURBING OUR NEIGHBOR!」 Was what his mother said while making breakfast, thus, Yuuma decided to resume the slime hunt.



Yuuma felt really frustrated as he lay prone on his desk, he couldnt come up with any other method to stop Mamezo from barking.

He suddenly opened the drawer of his desk while feeling such frustration.

He took out the drop item he got from metal slime, ‶Magic Ore″, and raised it right in front of his eyes to observe it.

Its diameter was around 2 cm, and upon a closer look, it was actually an ellipse rather than a sphere.

「If Im not mistaken, its effect should be something along with physical strengthening… Since I cant sell it, I might as well use it.」

But then, since he had no idea how to utilize the magic ore, he searched for it on his smartphone like usual.

「… Since the article says 『can be swallowed after some cleaning』, does that mean I literally need to swallow it」

It seems the magic ore or magic gem would decompose in the body, and enable the one who swallowed it to use magic.

But, another paragraph written below caught Yuumas attention.

※Reminder, the human who swallowed the magic gem mustve a higher 『Mana』 than the magic gems mana value.

When ones『Mana』  lower than that of the magic gems mana value, the magic gem wouldnt decompose inside the body, it would be excreted instead.

「‟Mana”… Ive heard about that term a few times but, could hardly understand what it means.」

Yuuma typed 『Dungeon and Mana』 into the search engine again while scratching his head.

「 Lets see, “Regarding The Discovery of Mana and Structure of Dungeon”.」

There was a literal text wall in the article regarding the research about dungeons.

Yuuma skimmed through most of it since it contained jargon that he couldnt even understand.

And then, after he summarized the contents of the article――

Dungeons suddenly appeared all over the world around seven years ago, thus the army of each country was dispatched to explore the dungeon.

In that place, they saw various creatures that never existed outside the dungeon and were extremely belligerent on top of that.

The first exploration team often clashed with them.

The one thing that could be understood after one year of the investigation was the fact that the defeated body of the unknown creatures broke down into something akin to sand and vanished without traces.

And then, they would leave behind a ‶Gem″ on very rare occasions.

The unknown creatures were also unable to leave the dungeon.

The lower they go down into the dungeon, the stronger the unknown monster would be waiting for them.

The phenomenon that gained special attention was the fact that the body of the member of the army who had spent a long time in the dungeon.

Though the amount was minuscule, their bodies emitted something akin to electromagnetic waves.

Since the same electromagnetic wave existed in the dungeon too, it was safe to assume that the body of the soldier who stayed for a long time in the dungeon had been affected by it.

But then, after further investigation, it was confirmed that the electromagnetic wave had nothing to do with the amount of time spent inside the dungeon.

It was actually related to the amount of unknown creatures defeated by each individual.

The soldiers who defeated a lot of unknown creatures or the ones who defeated stronger unknown creatures had been confirmed to have a high density of electromagnetic waves released from their bodies.

When this news was announced, it literally broke the internet with many claiming it as 『Gaining EXP in the game.』.

But then, it was also discovered that the electromagnetic wave had no effect-whether it was good or bad- on the body regardless of the density.

Though many people were disappointed by that discovery, a certain incident changed everything.

It happened three years after the appearance of the dungeon.


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