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Chapter 36: A Leaflet

Yuuma closed the book in his hands with a snap.

As someone without “Mana”, he had to be really prepared when trying to find employment in a dungeon-related company.

He knew that the other job-hunters not only had academic background but also experience.

Thus, he who had no advantage at all had no choice but to increase his knowledge.

Yuuma then reached out to the rest of the two books.


「Anyhow, let’s increase my arsenal when I have some free time now… The worst thing that can happen is failing all of the interview.」


That day, he stayed up until late at night.




Yuuma’s battle truly starts from the next day.

From all the job applications that he sent, only four of them managed to reach the interview stage.

If he somehow failed again…


【1st Company】


「Ma~n, we did say that we opened our door to any applicant but… When it comes to someone without any academic background, qualification, or even experience… It’ll be too much even for us you see~」


【2nd Company】


「Most applicants with a high school background should have some amount of “Mana Index” but, mana index zero is a bit… Legally speaking, there’s no requirement for mana index but, realistically speaking, it’s really difficult if you don’t have one too.」


【3rd Company】


「Nowadays, even an Explorer needs an academic background and qualifications.

It used to be different in the past but now, the company has been getting more and more responsibilities along with the increased amount of laws and regulations in regard to dungeons.

Basically, all companies need someone who’s ready for combat.

That’s why our deepest apology.」


【4th Company】


「HAHAHA! Come again after you graduate from college.」


The result was total annihilation.

Yuuma sat on the bench in the park with a blank look on his face, as if his soul was about to leave his mouth.


「Aah… What should I do…」


He realized that he was too naive, he never expected to suffer from this kind of setback.

He even started to consider the option of bowing to his parents’ choice which made him go to college again.

But then, that was the last of the last options.

The reason being he only applied to companies within the metropolitan area of Tokyo that give generous salaries.

Now he intends to increase his range of options.

Yuuma stood up from the bench and walked toward Hello Work with staggering steps.




「U~hn, Explorer’s recruitment, is it」


On the 2nd floor of the job centre, Yuuma was in the middle of a consultation with the young male staff of Hello Work before him.

When he told the staff that he wanted to become an Explorer, the staff frowned.


「As I thought, it really is difficult right」

「Well, it’s not actually impossible.

The majority of the company who offer the jobs are micro, small to medium companies, and the thing is that it’s whether you can satisfy their requirement or not…」

「Uhm, since I know that I don’t have that many requirements, can you help me introduce a company that will give me an interview」


He really had no way out.

Thus, he thought that he really shouldn’t raise his bar too high.


「I see… Since you’re still young, there’re many companies that are willing to accept you.

And if we increase the scope of the occupation――」

「No, please keep it to the company that offers a job as an Explorer!」

「Well… I understand.」


The staff then operate his PC, looking for a company that fulfill Yuuma’s requirements.

He seems to be reluctant to introduce Yuuma to such a high-risk job.

The staff printed out who knows how many jobs offer were available for Yuuma.

After looking at the employment condition, the form of employment, or place of employment, he stood up from his seat and thanked the staff.


When he was about to leave the room, the rack lining by the corner of the room caught his attention.


「Excuse me, what are those」

「Uhm Ah, that’s help wanted advertisement brought by the company who needs more manpower.

It’s a kind of job advertisement.

Some of them are located in Tokyo.」

「I see… May I take those」

「Yeah, sure.」


Yuuma took a few sheets and left the room.


Yuuma sat at his desk after he returned to his room.

He looked at the leaflet and the list of job offers he got from Hello Work.


「The working conditions aren’t that bad.

Only for the job chosen by the staff.

The one from leaflet is honestly quite tough.」


He brought five leaflets.

Every single one has their own illustration of offering a job for an Explorer.

Then he took one of them.

It was a leaflet with graffiti like characters which read 『LET’S WORK TOGETHER!』

Since it was really standing out, it piqued Yuuma’s interest, so he confirm the name of the company.


「D-Minor Ltd…」


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