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Chapter 32: The First Step


「Is something the matter, Yuuma」


His mother, who was sitting in the living room, asked with a worried look on her face upon seeing Yuuma coming down from his room.

Yuuma’s parents who were sitting in front of him made a dumbfounded face upon hearing that Yuuma had a request.

Yuuma then started talking.


「Is something the matter」


His father asked with a worried look on his face.

Yuuma’s father had a gentle personality, never once was he angry toward Yuuma.

But, he was a respectable man with long years experience working in the post office.

So Yuuma expected his father to scold him for being so selfish and naive.

Nevertheless, Yuuma resolutely told his parents.


「It’s about me entering the college but…」

「Is something the matter with the college」


Yuuma’s mother asked with a nervous voice.

Feeling the depressing mood, Yuuma gulped, and nodded to his mother.


「I, want to find a job instead of going to the college.」


His parents look even more surprised upon hearing Yuuma’s opinion.


「Job… Do you have a company you want to work for」


His mother asked with a serious look on her face.


「Rather than company… It’s more like an occupation that I wanted to do.」

「What kind of occupation is that」


It was a natural question but Yuuma was still at a loss for words.

He was wondering what kind of face his parents were gonna show him once he told them that he wanted to become an Explorer who subjugates monsters in the dungeon.

The problem here isn’t the occupation.

But, are they going to allow me to do such a dangerous job

Yuuma opened his mouth timidly.


「I-I want to find employment in a dungeon related company.

I’ve been starting my study for that too.」

「Dungeon company… Can you wait to do that after you graduate from college」


His father who watched quietly finally opened his mouth.


「To be honest, I chose to continue my study in a college not because I want to, but because I don’t know what to do after graduating from high school.

And now, since I decided that I don’t want to go to college, I might as well as not waste my time and money by going there.」

「I see…」


His father didn’t say anything after he said so to Yuuma.

Instead, His mother looked like she wanted to say something but she decided to wait first.

Finally, his father continued.


「Until now… You never express what you really feel.

This request took your father by surprise.

I was worried that you might be an apathetic person.」


It was inevitable for his father to feel that way.

Yuuma himself was aware of that fact.


「That’s why your father is really delighted to see you expressing your own thoughts.

If there’s something that you want to do, don’t hold yourself back.」

「Eh, are you sure」

「Yes, submit a report of temporary absence to your college first.

Tell us once you managed to find employment so we can submit the report of you dropping out of the college.」


Yuuma’s mother who heard their conversation also nodded in agreement.

Even though doing that would mean that the examination fees, and part of tuition fees were bound to be lost.

Thus Yuuma decided to do as his father said while feeling nothing but gratitude toward his kind parents.


「Thank you! I’ll do my best in job hunting.」


Thus, Yuuma went back to his room on the second floor, Took his smartphone and sat in the bed.

He started job hunting for real.

Now it is still October.

Though it was a little bit too late for a high school student to start job hunting, a dungeon affiliated company opened their recruitment all year around.

That includes employing the “Explorer”.

Aside from Explorer, the dungeon-related company also accepted engineers, sales, or general business staff.

They also recruited researchers, nurses or doctors in the medical field.

According to his investigation, only Explorer and researcher that was recruited all year long.

Could it be that the reason is because of the dangerous nature of their job, which limited the number of candidates despite the high salary If that’s the case, I’ll have plenty of chances.

Thus, Yuuma sent applications indiscriminately to all major companies.


「All that left is waiting for them to call me…」


Two weeks later――




Yuuma was at his wit’s end.

He received a notice of rejection from eighty percent of the company to which he sent his application to.


「Oioioi,  they are seriously going to spam me with this best wishes mail! Are Explorers actually a popular job! I mean, getting a job is really tough…」


Yuuma started to regret his naivety.

Nevertheless, he never complained about this failure.

He decided to entrust his fate to the interview with the company which somehow passed his application.

Most of them were middle level companies but, at this point, he couldn’t care less about that.

Thus, Yuuma prepares himself to face the interview.


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