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Chapter 24: 『Colorful』 Slime


Yuuma was really dumbfounded.

If the red slime from yesterday had 『Fire Resistance』, he pretty much figured out that the slime before him had 『Cold Resistance』.

But, if the cold spray didn’t work on it, it means that it wouldn’t stop moving even after being exposed to cold air.

It was even more troublesome than resistance to fire from before.


「Uhm, what should I do now」


Seeing that he had no solution for this, Yuuma invoked his “Metallization” and jumped into the hole to see the situation.

Just like yesterday, the slime leapt toward him the moment his feet landed on the ground.

And collided with Yuuma’s metallic body, causing a clear metallic sound to resound inside the hole.

Thus, Yuuma thought that the 『Coloured』 ones are more aggressive.

When he tried to hit it with a gas burner, it moved so quickly all over the place.


「Yup, it hates fire.」


After such confirmation, Yuuma jumped out of the hole.

He couldn’t do anything since the cold spray and gas burner couldn’t hit it.

But, he knew that he needed the power of “Flame” to defeat the slime.


「The fire will be a little bigger but, I’ve had no choice.」


After five minutes, Yuuma’s “Metallization” expired and his skin colour returned to normal, he ran toward his house and returned with a bucket.

He poured water on the ground around the hole to prevent the fire from burning the weeds around the hole.

And then, he brought kerosene for the heater during the winter season from the storage room.


「Please~ make it wo~rk, I’ve no other way left if this method isn’t working after all.」


After making sure that Mamezo was in a safe place, Yuuma poured the kerosene into the hole.

The blue slime seems to be bewildered the moment unknown liquid poured into the hole.

Yuuma used a lot of kerosene and dumped newspaper to make sure the inside of the hole was burning properly.

Lastly, he ignited paper with a lighter, and dumped the ignited paper into the hole.

The paper fell slowly and finally landed on the ground of the hole.

The fire spread inside the room at once.

The hole was instantly engulfed in a blazing flame, giving rise to a fire pillar.

Since there was a lot of smoke coming with it too, Yuuma was actually pretty nervous, praying desperately for his parents to miss such a scene.

No matter how much the blue slime moved around, it couldn’t come out to the ground.

And just like that, it was baked alive.


Ten minutes later――


When the flame had settled, Yuuma tried to peek into the hole and saw the slime scorched till black in the corner of the room.

It lost its shape, its surfaces were shivering like normal slime.

Yuuma jumped into the hole, stooping forward and bringing down his reliable hammer.

The slime was crushed to pieces and turned into sand.


「Fuuh, I managed to defeat it somehow.」


Upon a closer look, he discovered a blue ore left where the slime died.

Yuuma picked it carefully but the ore was unexpectedly cool.

When he used the sleeve of his shirt to wipe the ore, its bright metallic blue colour became quite imminent.

Yuuma went to the kitchen immediately, washed the “Blue Magic Ore” with water, and swallowed it.


「I guess the effect is just as I imagined.」


He brought Mamezo back to the garden, tidying his monster-slaying “Weapon”, returned to his room and then invoked his metallization.

When his skin turned metallic black, he tried to use cold spray on his arm.


「As expected, it doesn’t feel cold at all!」


His metalized arm didn’t feel the cold.

Thus, he confirmed that he gained cold resistance too.

Heat and cold were the number one enemy of metal, doesn’t that mean I, who conquered those two factors, was invincible in a metallic state

Yuuma prepared to go to school while thinking about such things.

Since it took a lot of time to defeat the blue slime, he might be late if he didn’t run toward the school.

“Since it’s happened twice in a row, another 『Color』 might appear again tomorrow” Was what Yuuma thought as he left his house.

And he knew that he was right the next morning.


「Oooo! Is this, golden slime」


No doubt about it since he had seen metallic gold slime before.

And just when he felt slightly disappointed, he noticed that something was off.


「Wait a minute, is this… Yellow」


After careful observation of his flashlight, he noticed that the colour was slightly different from gold.

“So it was actually metallic yellow eh.” was what he thought as Yuuma invoked “Metallization” and jumped into the hole, trying to defeat the yellow slime with the usual combination of cold spray and gas burner while enduring the attack from the slime.

There was no problem so far.

But, after repeating the seventh and eighth cycle the surface of the slime’s body had yet to show a crack.


「Is that mean this yellow slime is as strong as the red and blue one」


But, it didn’t persist for too long as cracks started to appear after he repeated the process even further.

And Yuuma didn’t waste his time swinging his hammer, killing the tattered slime.

And just like before, it left behind a magic ore.

He picked up the magic ore and confirmed that its colour was different from “Golden Magic Ore”.

At this stage, Yuuma didn’t care about such matters and swallowed the magic ore after he washed it with water.

Yuuma tried to confirm his ability but failed.


In the end, Yuuma had no idea what kind of ability he got from the yellow slime.


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