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Chapter 23: Red Magic Ore

「Fuuh, what a troublesome opponent.」

When Yuuma illuminated the hole with his flashlight, he found a red shining ore left behind by the red slime.

「So it really is a 100% drop rate in the 『Black Dungeon』.」

He picked up the red magic ore and examined it for a while.

Its shape and weight were about the same as your average black magic ore, the only difference was its vivid red colour.

Though it wasn’t a gem, the colour was indeed beautiful.

After he tidied up the empty trash can, Yuuma went back to his own room.

「Well then, now let’s see the effect of this fella…」

Yuuma folded his arms as he observed the “Red Magic Stone” on his desk.

Though he already decided to use it himself since he knew that he couldn’t sell it, the problem was what kind of ability he would get from it.

When he moved his line of sight toward the window in his room, he realized that the sun had already inclined to the west.

Yuuma heaved a sigh, it turned out he spent a whole day trying to defeat the slime.

「The problem is still the ability that I’ll get from consuming this though.」

He might get special abilities like the one he got from golden magic ore.

He felt that the ability wouldn’t do any harm to him either but…

The golden magic ore gave him a 100% drop rate in 『Black Dungeon』.

So he thought that the red magic ore might give him a 100% drop rate in 『Red Dungeon』.

If that were the case, he would be grateful since red magic gems could be sold for a higher price.

But, Yuuma didn’t forget just how many times his expectation had been betrayed before.

He then recalled that something dropped by a monster was usually related to the monster’s ability to some extent.

If that was truly the case――

Yuuma wiped the “Red Magic Ore” with wet tissue, swallowed it, and chased it down with tap water.

Upon feeling the usual heat running through his body.

He confirmed that he had already gained the ability from red magic ore.

When he was checking his body, he found no abnormalities.

「So it really is THAT.」

Yuuma took the gas burner.

After rolling up the sleeve of his left arm, he held out his right hand while holding the gas burner.

He lit the flame and brought it close to his left arm.


He received a shock when he felt the heat of the flame.

「Eh Was I mistaken」

Since the red slime had fire resistance, he thought that he would get the fire resistance too, and yet…

「Could it be…」

This time, Yuuma invoked his metallization.

And brought the fire closer to his metallic left arm again――


Forget about warmth, he didn’t even feel the heat when he used the jet flame from the gas burner.

And it was just as he expected, the red metal slime had 『Fire Resistance』.

「Since “Fire” is the weakness of metal.

It can be said that I’ve conquered my weakness.」

The ability wouldn’t manifest unless he activated metallization, though it was a rather questionable ability, Yuuma was still happy knowing that he had another ability nonetheless.

But, he still had no idea.

He had no idea whether his new ability was “Resistance” or “Invalid” type.

「I guess I don’t have to examine that part.」

After he was done with that, Yuuma decided to take a bath.

The matter of him entering the dungeon and fighting against red slime for a day wasn’t a big deal for him.

It was just the usual uneventful day for him and he slept just like usual.


The next day, in contrast to yesterday, Yuuma headed toward the hole in the garden like usual.

He patted Mamezo’s head like usual, after he placed the spray can beside the hole in the garden, he illuminated the hole with his flashlight.

In there, another metal slime had been waiting for him but Yuuma ended up frowning.

「This fella…」

It was a blue slime.

Its surface that reflected the light from his flashlight was “Metallic Blue”.

It kept twisting its body, ready to fight.

「Are you kidding me Another variation in just one day!」

“What kind of ability does it have” was what he thought as he tried to use cold spray on it from afar.

But, even after he emptied the spray can, the “Blue Slime ” seems just fine.

「No way, could it be this guy has… 『Cold Resistance』!」


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