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Chapter 19: Orpheus Slate

The deepest dungeon located in Palestine, 【Orpheus】――

In the white dungeon, Orpheus had a unique trait that no other dungeon has.

The Explorer who investigated the dungeon found a ruin with letters written on it in the middle layer.

The letters were written in ancient characters that resembled that of hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt, it was considered letters left behind for humanity.

Researchers around the world had been working non-stop to decipher the letters and managed to decipher most of them.

The content of the letters was mainly about magic or monsters.

There was also the situation of humankind who received the influence of the dungeon in ancient civilization and sneak a peek about the history of humankind in regard to the dungeon.

The most important part about the ruin was a three meters high, two meters wide giant slate.

There were six crystals lined up on the top part of the slate, right below that were twelve crystals, and below the twelve was twenty-four crystals.

Lines of hieroglyph-like characters were written below the crystals, the empty part.

The staff of IDRO(International Dungeon Research Organization) designated the slate as the most important part of the 『Dungeon Ruin』 and assigned many researchers to do their research on this floor.

The slate was protected by tempered glass and leaned on the wall.

Ethan Noble, the holder of the authority of dungeon research stood in front of the slate with a daring smile on his face.

「Just when I was wondering why in the world the other researchers are making a ruckus, it turned out to be this.」

Ethans assistant, Clark who stood beside his boss was looking at the slate with a puzzled look on his face.

「A duke-class monster has been subjugated eh This was already the third case.

I wonder who did it this time」

The two men were looking up at the slate before them, three from the twenty-four crystals lineup on the slate had already been shattered.

「And the shattered one this time was a ‶Black Crystal″ huh, interesting.」

Ethan muttered with an interesting look on his face.

Clark nodded and then added.

「It seems we need to tell the country all over the world.

The fact that an army or some clan out there has defeated a duke.」

「Fufu… That makes you curious about the identity of the weirdos who dived into the deepest level of the black dungeon which is famous for its lack of monetary value, right 」

「Speaking of research about the black dungeon, is it the university in England」

「If Im not mistaken, that place has published research about 『Magic Ore』 but, I dont think therell be an Explorer who can dive that far.」

「What about the other countries then」

「Well, speaking of countries with huge 『Black Dungeon』, it will be India, Russia, Australia, and Brazil.」

Ethan placed his hand on his chin, pondering for a while as he muttered 「A~h, come to think of it.」.

「If Im not mistaken, theres one in Japan too.

But, the possibility for that to happen in Japan is quite low since the investigation of 『Black Dungeon』 over there isnt that advanced.」

Amongst many researchers who raised arguments as they looked up at the slate, Ethan was the only one who turned around to leave with Clark following from behind.

Clark heaved a sigh upon seeing Ethan return to his own office while humming by himself.

As if the matter of duke-class monsters being subjugated wasnt that important to him.

After the two left, the giant slate just stood eerily in its place.

Orpheus slate――

That was the slate that recorded special monsters, including the strength of their rank.

The six on the very top was 『King』ranked, the twelve below it was 『Lord』, and the twenty-four was 『Duke』.

The researchers found during their research, the fact that those monsters were called unique monsters.

Two dukes and one lord had already been defeated.

Now that another duke had been defeated, that makes a total of three dukes and one lord.

There was a reason why each country or IDRO(International Dungeon Research Organization) had to keep watch on their subjugation.

The reason is the description written below the crystals.

『When all monsters recorded on this slate are defeated, a great change will happen to humankind.』

The problem was no one knew whether this change was good or not.

But, Ethan didnt care about such matters.

For him, the most important things were research.

That was his only reason.


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