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Chapter 17: Super Rookie


An Explorer approached the salamander and confirmed its wound.

The 『Dagger of Watervein』 loaned by the government had pierced the vital spot of the monster.

It was a display of brilliant skill that could even gain the approval of a veteran explorer too.

The body of the monster started crumbling down and turned into grey ashes.

The only thing remaining from its corpse was a shiny gem.


「This is――」


The veteran Explorer who picked it up was looking at the high school student who undergoes a vital check.

The youth look like any high school student that you could find anywhere else.

The veteran Explorer then walked up to the youth with the drop gem in his hand.




「Are you really okay The vital check showed that youre fine but still…」

「Yes, thanks for your worries but, Im alright.」


Amasawa Rui stood up to show he was okay while thanking the Explorer who was looking at him in worry.

At this moment, Rui finally realized that the salamander had already vanished, and another Explorer was walking in their direction.

When that Explorer arrived before Rui, the latter found that the Explorer that stood in front of him was around 180 cm tall, with a muscular build and carrying various weapons in the huge backpack on his back such as a huge electric baton, hammers, or maybe knives.

Appearance-wise, he looked like a trained soldier.


「Youre Amasawa Rui-kun, arent you Im the person in charge of todays event, and the leader of the five Explorers who are protecting this event, Ishikawa.

Allow me to express my gratitude for saving that girl in our place.」

「Dont worry, I just do something that I should do.」

「Nevertheless, thats a splendid show of skill.

Your dagger accurately pierced the salamanders artery, its vital spot.

Are you deliberately aiming for that spot」

「Yes… Since Ive been studying dungeons for a long time, Ive memorized the vital spot of the variously known monster.」

「I see…」


Ishikawa then presented the small gem in his hand to Rui.

The red shiny gem was a magic gem, 【Ruby】.


「This is the drop from the salamander.

You have the right to obtain it.」

「Eh!! Are you sure」


Though Rui was truly surprised, the other Explorers-aside from Ishikawa himself- were equally surprised.


「A-Are you sure about this, Ishikawa-san! Thats a ruby, its 0.7 carats you know!」


Ishikawa grunted upon hearing his comrades remark.


「Its clearly written that the “Magic Gem” of the defeated monster in this event belongs to the one who defeated it.

So dont hesitate, this is yours.

Take it.」

「Y-Yes! Thank you very much.」


After Rui received the magic gem from Ishikawa, he kept observing it.

The mana index of 【Ruby】 of 0.7 carats was 700.

Its selling price was more than 14 million yen.




「A~h, so sleepy.」


Upon approaching autumn, the temperature in the morning cooled down.

When Yuuma went to school like usual while yawning widely, he saw a big commotion in front of the school gate.


「Whats happening」


He saw numerous wagon cars lining up in front of the school gate carrying people with various electronic equipment inside.


「Morning, Yuuma!」

「Oooh, its Kaede huh.」


The one who called out to Yuuma from behind was his childhood friend, Kaede.


「Do you know why they make a such huge ruckus in the morning」

「Aah… It might be related to THAT!」


Kaede pointed at the gate of the school while muttering.

The place she pointed at was where there was a crowd.

The people holding a microphone or camera were surrounding someone.

Upon a closer look, Yuuma knew that the people surrounded a youth with flowing light brown hair who was answering the questions with a refreshing smile on his face.


「Is that―― RUI!」

「He contacted me yesterday, saying that he found a rare magic gem in the dungeon.

Theres even hot news about him doing so while saving a girl.」



Though he was really surprised upon finding that Rui received that much attention, Yuuma had a slightly complex feeling upon hearing that Rui had contacted Kaede.

The two of them then went closer to see the situation.


「I heard that you saved a girl from a monster attack.

Arent you scared」


Rui was scratching his cheek awkwardly upon hearing a female reporter ask that question.


「N-No, actually Im quite a at loss myself during that time… But, Im glad that the girl was uninjured.」

「Its a powerful monster, right Elcid companys Explorer themselves are quite surprised when they realized that a mere high school student has actually single-handedly killed a powerful monster.」

「W-Well, a salamander who resides on the ten floors is a powerful monster but, the reason I can defeat it is mainly that the quality of the weapon lends by Elcid company to us.」

「Indeed but then, the monster you defeated turned out to be dropped “Magic Gem”.

You can sell it for 14 million yen! The question is, are you going to sell it」


“――14 millions yen!” Yuuma was completely at a loss for words.

Rui had actually acquired such treasure.


「No, since Im going to become “Seeker” in the future, I decided to use it for myself.」


“Youre not selling it Its 14 million yen, you know” Was Yuuma thought upon receiving another shock after hearing such a declaration

When the headmaster who stood beside Rui heard that declaration, he couldnt hold back his grin.


「Well, Amasawa-kun, you can actually choose to enter college too with your good grades.

but, since the person himself wants to contribute to the world――」

「It seems the headmaster has a good impression of him too!」

「Yeah, naturally! He actually wants to find employment in that famous Elcid company after all!」


Yuuma frowned the moment he heard the headmasters remark.


「What is this Elcid company theyre talking about」


Kaede made a dumbfounded look on her face the moment she heard Yuumas question.


「You dont know about them Theyre the biggest dungeon-affiliated company in Japan, you know! Its the first company that Rui wanted to enter but, he is actually being scouted to join them now!」

「Oh, I see.」


Seeing Rui speak with an enthusiastic smile on his face, Yuuma felt a pang of pain in his chest.

His childhood friend was sparing no effort to chase after his dream at full speed.

And yet, he was still…


Yuuma left Kaede behind and entered the school on his own with an awkward gait.


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