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Chapter 11: Mana Index Measuring Tool

After leaving the electronic store, Yuuma opened the box containing a mana measuring tool as soon as he arrived in his own room.

He installed two 3AAA batteries into the tool and turned it on.

Lets start with this “Magic Ore”.

He pointed the dryer-shaped tool toward the ore, and pressed the switch.

It was more similar to using a speed gun rather than a dryer.

The tool had a display that would display a certain value.

According to the explanation, the display would show measured 『Mana Index』.

In the case of a weak monster, it would display one digit, a slightly stronger monster would range between ten to hundreds, amongst the magic gems dropped so far, the highest record was two thousand.

Though Yuuma had been wondering just how big the mana index for 『Magic Ore』 dropped by rare metal slime, the display didnt show any numerical value no matter how much he has been waiting for it.

It only displayed the number zero that kept blinking repeatedly.


「Eh Thats strange.」


He tried to measure the mana index again, alas the result was still the same.

”Why” That was what he thought as he tried to measure his own mana index.

And yet, just like before, the result didnt come out.

He reread the explanation and tried again, but the result was the same as before.


「―― The heck! This tool is broken!!」


The enraged Yuuma took the receipt with him, stuffed the mana measuring tool into his bag and left his house.

He rode his bicycle toward the electronic store again.




「Eh Broken」


The eyes of the plump shopkeeper who dealt with him before opened wide.


「Yes! It doesnt work no matter how many times I tried it.」

「That, thats definitely a great inconvenience to you.

Our deepest apologies.

I shall check the tool immediately.」


After the shopkeeper said so, he went to the back of the store along with the measuring tool.

――Good grief, it might be a second-hand item but how dare they sell broken items!

Despite his indignation, the shopkeeper returned in just a few minutes.


「Thank you for the waiting, dear guest.」


He was smiling gently despite sweating from his forehead.


「Ive tested it but, it doesnt seem to be broken.」



“It isnt broken” in front of a dumbfounded Yuuma, the shopkeeper took out several gems.

Green, yellow, and blue.


「This is a real magic gem.

This one is aquamarine 1 carat, this is topaz 2 carat, and this one is peridot 3 carat.

The mana index is as follows, 1, 2, and 3.」


The shopkeeper took out Yuumas 『Mana Measuring Tool』 and pointed it toward the aquamarine.

After pressing and holding the switch for two seconds, it let out a soft “Pi” sound.

And sure enough, when the shopkeeper showed the display, it displayed the number 『1』.

Moreover, both topaz and peridot were also showing their result.

The result was 『2』 and 『3』 respectively.

It was just as the shopkeeper said.


「As you can see, the measuring tool is working.

My apologies for asking this but, may I ask what are you trying to measure, dear guest」

「Eh Ah, I am actually trying to measure magic ore.

Its as big as this.」


When Yuuma showed the size of the ore with his finger, the shopkeeper nodded in understanding.


「I see now… Though I only know a little bit about magic ore, I heard that their mana index is quite low.」

「Eh! Then why this tool cant measure their index」

「This measuring tool can only measure the index above 1, it wont display anything below 1」

「W-Wait a minute! I tried to measure my mana index too but, the result is zero too.

Is that mean my mana index is below 1 too」

「My apologies before but, have you defeated a dungeon monster before, dear guest」

「W-Well, more than a hundred of them in fact.」


Yuuma replied with a slightly proud look on his face.


「How amazing! What kind of monster did you defeat」


Slightly stronger slime.」


But, the shopkeeper smiled lightly the moment he heard that the monster was slime.


「Ah, I see now.

Well, we might have a bit of misunderstanding.」

「What kind of misunderstanding」

「Though its true that defeating many monsters can raise mana index, that isnt always the case.」

「Eh Why though」

「Yes, you can only take a portion of mana from the opponent that you defeated.

In short, it feels like defeating a monster with a mana index of 100 will only allow you to raise your mana index by 1.」



Thats why many has also recognised that your mana index wont increase no matter how many slimes youve been defeated…」


And I defeated all those metal slimes every day without knowing about that.


「So, does that mean both my mana index and the ore are…」

「Yes, unfortunately… Since this tool isnt broken, we cant reimburse you.

My deepest apology for the inconvenience.」


Though the shopkeeper was bowing politely to Yuuma, his face clearly telling the latter “Since theres no problem with the tool, get the hell out of here”.

Yuuma wanted to say his objection but, he really couldnt find a decent argument.

“I understand.

Sorry for the trouble” Was the only thing that he could say as he left the store.


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