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Act 1 – Smallest Dungeon in The World

Chapter 1: Your every days Dungeon

――How did it come to this

The creature before him had a metal body that was jiggling non-stop, an ultra-rare ‶Metal Slime″.

And standing before this so called ultra rare ‶Metal Slime″ was just your regular youth in his sophomore year of high school, Mitaka Yuuma.

In his hands carrying a normal torch and hammer that you can buy from  any Walmart in the city center.

Yuuma was currently right inside the hole that he found in the corner of the garden of his familys house.

The hole was only one meter deep, the space inside probably wasnt even enough to cover one tatami mat.

He was currently in a predicament that betrayed his normal, everyday life, stooping forward as he glared at the metal slime.

The slime just kept bouncing around, as if it was ready to pounce at him at any given moment.

Yuuma who thought of that in his heart… clasped strongly at the hammer in his hand with a rather bewildered look on his face.

Lets rewind the time to few minutes ago――

『The government has dispatched an investigation team to the cave-in passage that appeared near Harumi wharf.

Theres a chance that it might be a small dungeon but…』

『Yeah, that might be true.

Up to this point, theres already five dungeon found all over Japan but, two years after the exploration of these dungeons, the number might increase to six this time.』

『That should be a good news right』

『Well, I cant deny that theres a scary impression about dungeon not too long ago.

but now no one cant not admit that it is truly an important place to gather resources.』

『Is there any possibilities of them increasing in number』

『It most likely going to happen.

Seeing that the number of “Explorers” from the civilian side has increased by days, lets assume that as the sign of the advancement of the captured floor.

I guess we can only get used to this situation as soon as possible.』

『Youre right, thank you very much.

And thats the explanation from dungeons specialist, Professor Hashida.

Now continue to our next segment, the weather prediction.


It was the daily news on the TV.

The topic around dungeons that aroused my curiosity amongst the people some time ago had now become a normalcy.

One of these days during the summer vacation, Mitaka Yuuma was lazying around in the living room that was equipped with an air conditioner.

He was lying down on the sofa, operating his phone in one hand, seemingly having no intention to watch the TV.

He wasnt doing anything special, just slacking around.

Yuuma who had too much free time in his hand was currently watching you*sube from his phone.

And the trending topic on the search function was video related to dungeons.

『Yo Guys! Please take a look, this is the ‶White Dungeon″ in Sapporo.

Its currently explored up to the 18th floor.

And the majority of the monster inside is Fairy-type monster.』

The man with dreadlock hair was currently taking the video while standing on top of a cliff.

Even though it was supposed to be inside a cave, the area was as bright as outside during the day.

Since the very beginning, the dungeon had its own light source, the scenery found inside wasnt that much different from the world outside.

The camera then moved on toward a flock of something that was flying in the air.

At a glance, it seems like a flock of birds but in reality, it was not.

It was a flock of clione-like creatures with a semi-transparent body.

They passed by the mans side and rose up to the sky.

They drew an arc in the air and dived down again.

『Fyoooh, in spite of their adorable appearance, they were quite a belligerent creature! But, aint gonna be scared from something like that.


The man pointed his five fingers toward the clione-like creatures.

Pale lightning sparks gathered from the tips of his fingers and blasted off toward the creatures.

The clione-like creatures that got hit by the lightning fell down one after another.

『Hahaha, see, my ‶Thunder Magic″ is awesome, right At least its strong enough to take care of these monsters!』

The man fired his ‶Magic″ again, taking down another batch of clione-like creatures.

And then――

『Aah! Everyone, Look! Look! The monsters had dropped a magic gem.

Its the ‶Moonstone″ that can be sold for 1,4 million.

Woohoo, lucky me!』

The mans video ended with such a happy scene.

The number of viewers of his video had crossed 1,2 million.

「Humph, worthless!」

Yuuma closed the video site with an annoyed look on his face.

He cast his smartphone aside and looked up to the ceiling.

Seven years had passed since the first appearance of the dungeon.

At first, the appearance of underground dungeons caused fear and anxiety to many people but now it was somehow generally accepted by society as part of a massive industry.

Even if Yuuma hadnt been interested in it, he was still bound to hear one or two news stories about it.

The unknown creature that live in the dungeon produced 『Magic Gem』, and one could use magic because of the 『Magic Gem』.

People who got rich in the dungeon just like the man in the video appeared one after another but…

「Uu~~~, woofwoof! Woofwoofwoof!!!」

Suddenly, a dogs bark came from the garden.

「Now what…」

Yuuma got up lazily from the sofa and looked at the garden.

His dog, Mamezo, who had always been quiet, suddenly barked at something.

I wonder what he found over there was what Yuuma thought as he put on his sandal on the veranda and went down to the garden.

Although the house was rather small, it was built on a 150 m2 plot of land, so the garden was really big.

Mamezo, who was left to play in the garden, was glaring and barking toward the place where the shrubs gathered.

「Is something the matter」

Yuuma kept walking till he arrived near the shrub while feeling rather perplexed.

Under the blazing sun that was flooding down incessantly, Yuuma was feeling really bored.

Even if something as unrealistic as a dungeon suddenly appeared in front of him, he knew that only a small percentage of people enjoyed its benefit.

These people were called “Seeker” and were usually raised by a big companies.

The government acknowledged these people with high physical ability.

In the first place, not everyone who had a high physical ability would be sponsored by a company.

Its still the popular one who would get one.

He knew that only those people above gained the profit from the dungeon.

Society was as unfair as ever.

A normal person like him wouldnt get a chance at all.

Thus, Yuuma spent his daily life lazily while cursing at reality.

Until he found a mysterious hole behind the shrub in the garden of his familys house.


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