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Of course, I didn’t intend to visit the training ground again even if Liel didn’t say anything.


“Did you mean that even if I didn’t say anything”


As I spoke with a bitter grumble, Liel hurriedly opened his mouth with a perplexed face.


“Lucy, don’t get me wrong.

I didn’t mean it with bad intentions.”


Liel’s fingertips, pressing his clothes, trembled slightly.

I pressed his hand harder, meaning for him not to move.


“All right, don’t move.”


Without realizing it, my words came out bluntly.

This makes me seem too narrow-minded.


“It’s really… I just…….”


Liel grabbed me by the wrist with his right hand.

It was a desperate struggle.


As I stared at the hand holding my wrist, I suddenly thought it was not the right time.


First of all, isn’t it more urgent to go to a doctor and show his injury


“Liel, first of all, to the doctor—”


“I was afraid you’d hear something unpleasant again.”


Liel hurriedly cut off my words and began to make excuses.


“Something unpleasant”


“Yes, I heard a senior kicked you out.

He wouldn’t have said anything nice at the time, even though you didn’t mean to.….”




Indeed, as Liel feared, the attitude of the senior who talked to me was arrogant.

Seeing Liel say that, it seems that the senior has already been well-known for his bad personality.


By the way, that’s why he came to me first, not to a doctor To see if I’m all right


I don’t know if I should call him nice or foolish…….


It was fortunate that Liel did not consider me an obstruction, but I also thought it would have been better if he had stopped by the clinic first.


“Wait a minute.

I’ll put on a coat and let’s go see a doctor first.”


Liel twisted his wrist and clenched his blood-stained clothes.


Liel, who was staring at what I was doing, called me urgently.




“Let’s go now.”


As I left the room with Liel, I saw drops of blood on the floor of the hallway.


He’s driving me crazy.


When I couldn’t hide my anger and glared at Liel, he smiled awkwardly as if he knew why I was angry.


We went straight to see a doctor.


As Liel said earlier, the doctor said he was bleeding a lot but not seriously injured.


Doesn’t a lot of bleeding mean a serious injury


The doctor, who spoke lightly of Liel’s wounds, made me dissatisfied, but I decided to be relieved that he had bandaged and stopped the bleeding.


After treating his hands, we settled down on a nearby bench.


As soon as Liel sat down, he grabbed my hand with his uninjured right hand.

I decided to let him be because I didn’t want to say anything to an injured child.


I could feel Liel sneaking a peek at me next to me.


“Liel, you don’t have to be so self-conscious.

You were just worried about me, that’s why you asked me not to come.”


Rather, I feel sorry for being upset like a child.


When I pat Liel on the back, his eyes widened and he looked at me.

I met his eyes and continued talking.


“As you said, I won’t go to the training grounds unless I have to.”


Only for really special cases.


Liel also tilted his head slightly to the side, as if he thought that my answer was ambiguous.


“But if you get hurt like now, I’ll probably run to you right away without thinking.”


If he’s at the training grounds then, I’ll be breaking our promise.


Liel’s lips parted as I shrugged with an exaggerated gesture.


Liel, who moistened his lips with his tongue, said in a gentle tone.


“Then I’ll run to Lucy as soon as anything happens.”


He’s so proud of himself!


Liel is a person who gives back more than he receives.

So every time I gave Liel affection, it was rewarding.


“Of course you should! Promise”


I reached out my little finger and shook it playfully in front of Liel.


Then Liel also smiled brightly and grabbed my finger and waved it up and down.


His smiling face looked very happy.


Yeah, if you’re happy, that’s fine.



I finally entered the academy.


Each student has their own room in the dormitory.

The room is very small, but it’s a single room anyway.


It would be convenient to use the dormitory room alone, but wouldn’t it make it difficult to make friends…


This is not the only problem.


Academy classes require moving classrooms for each subject they take.


Then, isn’t it difficult to get close to someone who doesn’t have classes that overlap often


‘I wanted to make a friend of the same age and gender.….’


Liel was a boy and a year older than me, and Dioletta unnie was more of an older sister than a friend.


So, if I go to the academy, I want to make friends of the same age first.


I looked in the next room.

The fact that we are on the same floor and in the same dormitory means that the person next door is also a first-year girl like me.


‘The person who’s disappointed approaches first!’


I sneaked up to the front of the next room as if I was aiming for my prey.




Knock knock.


I warmed up my voice once and knocked on the door.




In spite of my determination, no answer was heard.


Are they not in yet


It was when I tried to put my hand in front of the door because I wanted to knock one last time.




Suddenly the door burst open.

I was surprised for a moment, then I thought that I was somehow familiar with the appearance of the girl sticking out from the inside.


The red hair that falls over her shoulders and her beautifully raised eyes.


And the way she looks at me as if I’m annoying.




“Oh, hello”


She is the one who stayed in the room next to mine when I lived in the temporary dorm.

In addition, she was the one who looked at me like a strange person when Liel and I were arguing in the hallway.


I would have been less embarrassed if I hadn’t remembered.


It was such a strong impression that I remembered it right away.




The girl next door glared at me with hostile eyes and asked.


What if she remembers me, too


That would be so embarrassing.


“Well, I’m Lucy Seywint, and I’m using the next room from today…….

Since we’re neighbors, I wanted to say hello to you for us to be close from now on.”


“Lucy Seywint”


The red-haired girl looked me up and down and asked.

Her eyes were still full of hostility.


“Huh Uh…”


“……I am a commoner.”




“I’m a commoner.”


What’s wrong with being a commoner




The door closed before I could ask.

My bangs even fluttered in the wind with how hard the door was closed.


I muttered, staring blankly at the closed door.


“No, a commoner.



Did she just make an excuse because she didn’t want to be friends with me.…




To my surprise, Melissa, the girl next door, was the head of our school year.

On the first day of admission, I found out when she went up to the podium and gave a speech as a representative of new students


She was also the only commoner in our school year.

This is a fact that Melissa revealed first with her own mouth, but was already widely known to her classmates around her.


It wasn’t a big deal for me, of course.


And after three days, I realized that Melissa and I had many overlapping classes.


This must be my cue to be friends with Melissa.




At the end of the lecture, I saw Melissa in the front seat packing her things.


I thought I might miss her, so I quickly packed.


But Melissa, who packed faster than I did, was leaving the classroom before I knew it.


I roughly hugged my book and pen in my arms and quickly followed Melissa.


“Go away.”


Melissa said without looking at me.


How can she be so arrogant


Perhaps it’s because of her neat bobbed hair and sharp eyes, that’s why she’s very appealing in my eyes.


So I was more clingy to Melissa.


“I’m next to your room anyway, so it’s convenient to walk together.”


After about three days, I became somewhat used to Melissa’s cold words.


If Melissa was really bothered by me in the first place, she would have walked away.


Melissa spoke like that, but when she felt like I was going to fall behind, she waited for me, pretending to walk slowly or check her clothes.


Is this what a person who doesn’t want to be chased is like


We should be friends.


“I’m a commoner.

Being close to me won’t help you in your future.”


“Huh It’s okay.

Maybe I won’t be much of a help in your future either.”


It would be nice to have a beneficial relationship, but aren’t they at an age when they should be happy rather than worry about something like that


When I smiled brightly and responded to Melissa’s words, she glared at me with irritable eyes.


So I smiled brighter.




Then Melissa clicked her tongue.


“Clicking your tongue is too much…”


Melissa wriggled her nose when I spoke as if I was upset.


Look at that.


When she pushes me away then I act like I’m upset, she’ll pay attention.


“……I’m sorry.”


She apologizes meekly.


I was a little embarrassed because I didn’t expect an apology, but I decided not to miss this opportunity.


“If you’re sorry, should we eat together and go into the dorm”




Melissa shut her mouth tight.

Considering Melissa’s character, that is a tacit affirmation.


She just can’t answer because of her pride.


I think I’m very lucky as I see my friend who happened to be in the room next to mine is so nice.


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