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My grandmother said that.


If the other person gets mad at me, look back on yourself before you respond.


So I looked back.


I looked back, but I didn’t do anything wrong.


My grandmother told me to step out proudly in this case.


She also said that the person with the louder voice wins, but I thought I should refute it because it was too much for me.


“Excuse me.

I’m not even inside the training ground yet.”


The man with brown hair snorted when I retorted in a stiff tone.

He purposely exhaled in his nose, which again touched my nerves.


Soon after, he said sarcastically.


“If I left, you would have gone in.”


“I was just going to call Liel during his break and leave.”


When am I gonna sit there


My eyes automatically opened up as I looked up at the man taller than me.


“Do you think there were just one or two people who said the same thing as you”


“Isn’t it normal to act like me”


Isn’t it the most careful way to meet the person inside without disturbing the training


Is there a rule that you can’t enter the training ground unless you’re a student taking swordsmanship in the first place


If there was such a rule, it would have been written in advance in the guidebook or someone would’ve informed me of the precautions today.


“It’s normal in general.

But there were a lot of kids who pretended to be normal and interfered with the training to see him.”




This is a situation that would come out of some kind of romance novel.


Oh, this is a novel.



Since you’re at the academy, you should think about studying hard.”


The man snorted and clicked his tongue.


“Senior, I think you have a misunderstanding.

I’m friends with Liel.



“What should I do That lie was already used by a kid in the same grade as Liel.”


“No, we’ve been friends since I was young…….”


“It was used by a senior three months ago.”


How many people went here


My concerns were right, too.

Liel really needed to be moderately handsome.


But why hasn’t Liel ever told me this Was he embarrassed because it would make him seem like he’s bragging about himself


“Even if you do this, he won’t pay you any attention, so stop wasting your time and just go back, okay”


He didn’t even seem to want to listen to me.

What kind of an iron fortress!


At this point, I began to get confused whether the problem was this man’s stubbornness or the person who lied and came to see Liel.


No, it’s both of them.


Whatever it was, it was both a problem for me.


“Then I’ll go.

You’ll thank me later for helping you before you get dumped.”


The man who talked three times more than I did went into the training ground without listening to my answer.


It was so absurd that I was speechless.

My clenched fist trembled.


‘B, because you’re my senior…… You’re older than me, so I have to endure it…….

I lost because you went in……!’


I didn’t want to admit that I lost my first argument, so I kept making lame excuses inside.


At the same time I was in serious trouble.


“But why did I suddenly become a person who almost got dumped by Liel”’


More than anything else, this was the most unfair.


‘Ha… Should I just go back’


As the person who showed his/her stomach by flipping his/her clothes at the first meeting said, if Liel is popular and the people who admired him have caused trouble here, I thought it would be right to just go back.


After the training, Liel will come for me anyway.


I was trying to share my joy with Liel for nothing, but I was cursed at by someone.




[Liel’s POV]


“Ten minutes break!”


The instructor’s loud voice resounded throughout the training ground.


When a honey-like break was given, the students, who were wielding swords, lay down one by one as if they were falling down.


Among them, Liel stood at a distance and was catching his breath.


“You guys! What did I tell you to do first during the break!”


The instructor yelled at the students lying down.

Then the students hurriedly stood up and sat down.


Immediately, they took out a dry cloth and began to wipe their blades carefully.


Liel, who was watching what they were doing, soon sat still and wiped his sword.


“Honestly, can’t we wipe the sword after the training is over”


“I know.”


“He’s particularly strict, isn’t he”



I can hear you.”


“I, I’m sorry!”


In Liel’s ear, the sound of conversations between the instructor and the students was heard.

Liel’s classmates were especially afraid of the instructor, Hemil.


At the same time, they always complained that the class was difficult in front of the teacher, and that it was too much to not let them rest even during the break.


Then, as usual, the situation would end with a slight rebuke to his classmates.


Although there were many complaints, it was a friendly atmosphere overall.


“Hey, Liel.

Tell him to let us rest during our break later.”


“Yes, that’s right.

Instructor Hamill loves you so much.”


“I said I could hear you.”


“I’m sorry!”


At this point, he doubted that they weren’t sorry at all.


Liel, who was listening to his classmates, raised the corners of his mouth and laughed.


“I don’t really want to.”


Unlike his smiling face and soft tone, Liel’s words were of rejection.


“Hey, you’re…… your words are really….”


As if they were familiar with Liel’s way of speaking, his classmates pouted their lips and grumbled.


“Please speak kindly.”


Liel giggled at their words.


He has already heard it several times since he entered the academy.

Nevertheless, Liel did not change his tone and attitude.


Rather than repulsion, it was just that he didn’t feel the need to fix it.


Soon, Liel’s eyes shifted from his classmate who was talking to the sword he was cleaning.


As Liel’s head tilted downward, his eyelashes cast shade under his eyes.


His classmates would click their tongues inside whenever they saw Liel’s appearance that made both men and women enchanted.


Why is he using his face like that


Everyone who knew Liel thought they had a boring life compared to what he had.


That’s understandable, but Liel’s personality wasn’t that bad either.


Except that his distinction between likes and dislikes is clear, and when it comes to his dislikes, he spouts vicious words with a smile.


In short, Liel is a perfect human being who is flawless on the outside and inside.

Except for the flaw of being an illegitimate child.


At first, some people looked down on him, but their attitude changed completely after Liel began to take swordsmanship.


It was because of Liel’s ability to prove that he was the son of the most famous knight in the empire.


Also, Liel was lucky, because his classmates were more docile than other grades.


Because of this, Liel was able to blend into the Academy relatively naturally.


Anyway, he’s the kind of person who doesn’t even spare a glance to other girls because he only went back and forth between the academy and the dormitory every day without looking at the girls who liked him.


“Hey, if you’re going to use your face like that, give it to me.”


Among his classmates, Rhode, who is Liel’s best friend, said jokingly as he tapped his arm with his elbow.


“…… Then do I have to live with your face”


Liel asked, as his hand stopped cleaning his sword.


“Why You don’t like it”




Liel smiled brightly and nodded.

Rhode pretended to grab his chest as if he was hurt.


“…… she told me I was handsome.”


Rhode, who did not hear the beginning of his words properly while doing something else for a while, asked.


“Who Emily, who confessed to you a while ago then you walked by without seeing her face”


“Who is that”


“No, forget it.”


Rhode, who raised his crouching body, waved his hand and said.


“Aren’t there many people who say you’re handsome anyway”




He didn’t know.


Liel replied in a sour voice.


By the time the conversation between Liel and Rhode was cut off, they heard a senior’s voice from behind.


“Oh! Come to think of it, a freshman came to visit.”


He had just overheard the conversation between Liel and Rhode, recalling Lucy’s forgotten existence.


“Freshman Because of Liel again”


Until then, Liel was not paying much attention to the conversations of his seniors who sat a little apart.



I purposely talked to her first because her looks were my type, but she’s looking for Liel again She said she’s a friend of Liel.”


“Again Maybe it;s because she’s a freshman, so she can lie easily.”


Friend, freshman.


Two words penetrated Liel’s ear.

Only then did Liel rise up with a stagger.


“I know.


Her eyes were big and cute, so it was really my type…….”


The chestnut-haired man turned his back on Liel and said regretfully.


“Oh, that’s right.

Liel! I sent back the kid who came to see you.”


The moment the man looked back at Liel with pride, a cool shadow fell over his head.


“Was her hair purple”


As soon as he heard Liel’s subdued tone, Bion felt his heart drop.


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