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Chapter 20 - Salmon Latte ♡

☆*: .。.


A year has already passed while I was studying and worrying alternately.

As soon as I left the building, I looked up at the sky with a blank face.

“I, I’ve written all the answers…….”

I won’t fall, will I

I looked at the faces of other people leaving the examination hall with anxiety.

Some were crying, some were angry.

Most of them seemed confident they would pass and walked proudly out without an expression of doubt.

At this moment, I was so envious of that confidence.

“Phew, first of all, I’ll go to the temporary dormitory until the test results come out…….”

I decided to visit the dormitory because I thought there was no point in regretting it when it was already over.

I straightened out the map distributed by the school and looked around me.

Finding which building is on the map was a challenge.

While looking around for a long time, a familiar voice came from behind.


It was a familiar low-pitched voice.

But it felt like it was lower than the last time I heard it.

The main character of the voice was clearly a person who would constantly worry about me even while studying for the test.

Without hesitation, I turned my head in the direction where I could hear the voice.

Not far away, Liel in a navy academy uniform was approaching me.


Pleasure relieved me of my depressed feelings because of the test.

It’s been just a year since I’ve last seen Liel.

As he said in the letter, Liel didn’t even come home during the vacation because of training.

He stuck to his word that he would not return to the duke’s

“I didn’t know the day would come when I would be happy to see you.”

Because we’ve been together every day.

I approached Liel faster than he did and said.

Then Liel replied with a sad face.

“Are you saying that it’s a good thing”

“Of course.”

How can I not be glad to see my friend after a year

Out of habit, I opened my arms to embrace Liel.

Liel was also opening his arms as if he had the same idea as me.

Suddenly, I remembered the commitment I had made for a year.

Now that we’re all grown up, I’m determined to refrain from physical contact.


At the same time as I thought of my pledge, I lowered my arms and took an attention posture.

It was an awkward move, I think.

Liel looked at me as if he didn’t know what was going on.

He still had his arms open.

“Right, Liel.

I heard there is a temporary dormitory designated by the academy, but I don’t know even if I look at the map.

Help me find my way!”

Following an unnatural move, I changed my words unnaturally.

Liel finally lowered his arm when I pushed the map in his hands and said.

Fortunately, he seemed to let it slide.

“Back then, the academy assigned a temporary dormitory.

But last year, there was no notification for me, so Grandmother Anis booked me a room.”

“Really My grandmother loved you a lot.

If you say, “Grandma, give me some pocket money,” she’ll give it to you right away”

“I’m not going to…….”

Liel, who received the map, blushed at my words.

It was kind of cute seeing him shy because it felt like seeing my childhood.

But there were also some changes.

It was Liel’s body.

‘How hard did you train, for your body to become so built….’

Not only was he tall, but I could clearly see muscles all over his body under his clothes.

Just the right muscles combined with his beautiful face were too stimulating.

‘People might think he’s the male lead…….’

It was just that level of specification.

Maybe because I’ve never seen the original male lead, I was wondering if Liel was actually the male lead.

“Lucy, you’ll be in big trouble if you get lost while not paying attention.”

He warned me as my eyes seemed to have stopped unknowingly while observing Liel.

Fortunately, he didn’t seem to know that I was observing his body.

“I’m following you just fine, don’t worry.”

Come to think of it, I’ve never thought it was difficult to match Liel’s walk.

Even though Liel has much longer legs than I do.

I think Liel has been considerate of me without even realizing it.

The thought touched my heart.

“We’re here.

Wait here for a minute.”

When I arrived at the dormitory, Liel went to the innkeeper to receive the key instead of me.

I stood at a distance and waited for Liel to return.

Before long, Liel returned with a silver key and asked.

“Lucy, what about Jim”

“The coachman who dropped me off earlier said he would leave my luggage in the accommodation for me.”


Then we can go up right away.

Saying so with his eyes, Liel handed me the room key.

And before I could ask about the lake, he started walking first.

When we were young, I always led Liel, but looking at him like this, I felt that a lot of time had passed.

Drenched in emotion, this time I followed behind him.


Liel took me to my room, and it was not until nightfall that he returned to his dormitory.

Even before going back, Liel was worried about leaving me alone in the accommodation.

It’s not that I don’t understand, but I couldn’t sleep with him in one room.

Moreover, since the academy designated the accommodation for students who took the entrance exam, there was no way that there would be any empty rooms left.

Eventually, Liel returned to the dormitory.

It wasn’t until I sent Liel off that I could go to bed.

The next day, I woke up late in the morning and washed my face and planned what to do for the rest of the week.

First, Liel needs to come and show me the way so I can decide what to do.

While waiting, I thought I would come by evening at the latest, so I laid myself back on the bed.

Even though it was not long since I woke up, I fell asleep as soon as my back touched the soft bed.

It was when I was slowly closing and opening my eyes because I couldn’t control myself from sleep,

“Lucy, are you awake”

Before I knew it, I heard Liel’s voice from beyond the door.

What is it I thought I didn’t fall asleep, but apparently I did, so I looked out the window in a hurry.

Fortunately, it was blindingly bright outside.

It seems that Liel came earlier than scheduled.

But doesn’t he have sword training today

Surprised by Liel, who came earlier than I thought, I raised my body for a moment and opened the door immediately.

“Liel, why are you so early”

Are you sure you can come at this time

Looking up at Liel with a suspicious face, he replied in a calm tone.

“I told you I’d take a break before.

I can only take you out for a day, so I’ll come around the same time as yesterday starting tomorrow.”

Even during the admission period when everyone is taking a break, swordsmanship students must come to the academy to train.

Perhaps because this is a world infested with magical beasts, training was especially strict for those who had the ability to defeat magical beasts.

It must be hard to train, but I was grateful that Liel kept coming to see me.

At the same time as being grateful, I couldn’t erase the feeling that I was taking away Liel’s time.

In the past, Liel was depressed because he didn’t want me to make new friends, but he couldn’t see me like that now.

Seeing his bright face, it was clear that he had made many friends in a year.

It made me think that I should emulate Liel and make many good friends.

So that Liel can enjoy his school life comfortably without paying attention to me as he does now.

“Let’s change and go eat breakfast.”

I think it’s lunch now.

In the meantime, I was proud of Liel, who was thoughtful of me.

“I’ll be out waiting.”

When Liel went outside again, I began to get ready to go out.

I took out a white blouse and a black skirt that came down to my knees from my luggage bag and wore it.

After finishing the preparation, when I opened the door and came out, I saw Liel leaning against the wall.

“Are you ready”

Facing a friendly smile, the corners of my mouth naturally went up.

“You can take your time.”

Liel combed my hair with his hands and said, “Maybe my hair got messy again while I was getting dressed.”

This is how he fixed my hair every day.

At the same time as I realized, I secretly pulled my body back and avoided Liel’s touch.

“I’ll do it.”

Immediately, I slipped my finger through my hair and brushed it down.

I was a little sorry to see Liel’s hands stuck in mid air, but if I didn’t do this, I didn’t think it would be any different from before.

“Did I accidentally pull your hair”

Otherwise, he seemed to not understand why I was avoiding his hands.

In the meantime, I felt guilty because he thought it was his fault.

“No! That….

I am able to brush my hair while you are away……!”

I said something ridiculous without realizing it.

“Well, from now on, if my hair is messy, just tell me.

I’ll fix it myself.”

Liel’s expression changed even more strangely.

The fever was about to rise to the top of my head because I was ashamed of myself for making ridiculous excuses.


Riere blurred out the end of his words as if he didn’t like it.

I also knew that Liel was wondering about my unnatural behavior, but I tried to pretend not to know until the end.


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