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“Yes, I see.

Oh, come to think of it, noonim is coming back tomorrow.”


It was a news about Dioleta after a long time.


“Dioleta unnie”



“Yes, she’s graduating now.”


One of the reasons I waited for Dioleta to enter the academy was because of this.


In the year unnie graduated from the academy, Liel entered the school.

In other words, even if I don’t do anything, there is a gap of more than six years between Liel and Dioleta.


“You said you’re going to take the entrance exam the day after tomorrow, right”




“I’m telling you just in case, but don’t think about taking the test then coming back.”


“Oh… Why……”




As expected, I guess he was going to take the test and come back.

I sighed unconsciously when I saw my friend who was going to have a hard time and suffer.


“Why It’s because you’ll be tired.”


“I’ll be just going back and forth, it’s not that hard and I won’t be tired at all.”


Liel shook his head and said.


“What’s the point of that Just stay at the academy.”


“But we won’t see each other for a while.”


“It’s just a year anyway.”


As I tilted my head and said, Liel chewed on his lower lip with a sour look.


It was a face full of complaints.


“I’m going to see you again when I enter the academy anyway, so it’s not like I can’t see you forever.”


I said it for Liel, but he didn’t seem to like my recommendation.


“You should go and learn the academy grounds and the surrounding area of the academy for me.”


“……I understand.”


Liel was forced to accept my offer in a sullen voice.


‘He likes me so much.’


Looking at Liel, who was upset, I thought he still thought of me as a close friend.


Now that Liel is gone, I will study hard for the rest of the year.

I can’t let Grandma and Liel down if I fail the exam.


Patting Liel on the shoulder, I constantly vowed to myself.


I have to pass.




On the day of Liel’s departure


Unnie and I stood in front of the carriage early in the morning to see Liel off.


“But I’m glad you learned swordsmanship.

If anyone tries to bully you, beat them with fists or swords!”


I’m sure those who have twisted personalities will try to pick on Liel’s origin.


Just imagining Liel being bullied while I was away, irritation soared inside me.


“Yes, I understand.”


“Don’t skip meals just because the food doesn’t suit your taste.

I’m more worried about you than unnie.”


“Yes, I’ll make sure to eat.”


“You said you were going to take swordsmanship, right Be careful not to get hurt while training.

Whenever you get injured, it lasts quite a long time.”


“Yes, I understand.”


“Lucy, I think that’s enough.”


As I was nagging constantly, Dioleta unnie stopped me with a laugh-filled voice.


“Ah! I didn’t know that…….”


Only then did I realize that I had kept Liel for quite some time.


“I will pass next year for sure.

At that time, you tell me the inside of the academy and what the surrounding area looks like.”


“All right.”


The corners of Liel’s eyes curved in an arc.


He gave me a steady answer, as if he would listen to me no matter what I say.




Now I waved at Liel to really let him go.


I was disappointed, but strangely, I didn’t feel like crying like I did when Dioleta unnie left.


“See you later.”


Liel, who nodded, said, as he clasped my hands swaying from side to side.




Soon after, our tangled hands slowly fell off.


I lowered my hand after confirming that Liel got into the carriage.


At last the carriage set out.




I felt very empty when my friend who had been with me every day disappeared overnight.


Since we spent time together almost like one family, I expected that there would be aftereffects, but I didn’t know it would be this much.


“Lucy, Lucy!”




“I’ve been calling you since a while ago, where is your mind off to”


I haven’t had any energy lately.

I lost concentration, and I spent most of my time blankly staring somewhere except for when I’m studying.


I didn’t even know my grandmother was calling me because I was just spacing out.


“You’re bored without Liel, aren’t you”


As if she knew it, my grandmother asked with a smile.


“It’s not that I’m bored…….”


I wasn’t bored, to be honest.

Rather than being bored…….


“Well, I think I feel a little empty.”


I didn’t know I’d feel so empty.


I am already like this, so how lonely Liel must be.

I was more worried because I was already lonely.



You’ve been together almost every day, so you must feel empty.”


My grandmother’s hand touched my head.

She patted my hair with a caring touch.


Before I knew it, I was way over my grandmother’s height.


In the past, I used to look up to her whenever my grandmother patted me on the head.


Now I had to lower my head a little.


“I didn’t know I would be like this.

I thought Liel was the only one who relied on me, but I guess I was relying on Liel too.”


I decided to admit it without hesitating.


When I spoke in a low voice, my grandmother paused as if she was thinking about something.


“That’s right.

For example, you don’t notice that your hair is messy because of the wind and you go around all day…….”


“What My hair is messy right now”


No wonder my grandmother kept patting my hair.


Turns out she wasn’t patting my head, she was tidying it up.


With a flustered face, I put my hand on my grandmother’s hand and asked.


“Then, has it been a mess for almost all the time since Liel left”


“Then why did no one tell me…….”


Grandma told me, but why didn’t others tell me


I blamed others for not telling me my hair was messy in embarrassment.


Especially Sarah.


“How can they tell you when you don’t stay still in one place Give them a chance to say something first and then they’ll tell you.”


“That’s also… … you’re right.”


Now I can’t blame others because her words hit the nail on the head.


While my grandmother was getting my hair done, I was in agony with my arms folded.


Come to think of it, I think she was right that Liel took care of me.


It didn’t cross my mind, but I couldn’t deny it when I heard my grandmother.


As I was continuing my worries, I felt my grandmother’s eyes in front of me.


Does she still have something to talk about


When I loosened my arms and straightened my posture in wonder, my grandmother was staring at me with a face I had never seen before.


Why is she laughing like that


“Lucy, you know what I have a lot of friends at the academy.”


“Of course, I know you know a lot of people.”


It is a school where children of noble families, or commoners who are recognized for their abilities, receive scholarships, so it is natural that there are a lot of people there.


“I have a lot of friends of both genders.”


I nodded silently and waited for my grandmother to say her next words.


“And Liel is very handsome, isn’t he”


“That goes without even saying it.

I’ve never seen anyone more handsome than him in my life.”


When my grandmother complimented Liel, I felt more proud for no reason.

I nodded with pride.


In a way, I was a very lucky person.

I’ve seen Liel since I was a kid, so I could get used to his face.


If I had seen the present Liel for the first time, I might have fallen in love at first sight.

It’s funny to me, but Liel is that handsome.


“Lucy, you’re able to say that even if you haven’t met other people who’s Liel’s age.”


Did she just say that I don’t have any friends other than Liel I was about to be sadder because it wasn’t wrong.


“Oh, it’s obvious even if you don’t look at him! You think so, too.”


“Of course he is.

Maybe it’s not just us who feel that way, but everyone feels the same way”


“Of course it is, isn’t it”


There may be differences in taste with other people, but in the first place, Liel has a face that everyone likes regardless of taste.


I was confident that even a man could fall in love with Liel.


“Then Liel’s popularity in the academy will soar, right”




“Yes, he may be being confessed to by many people by now.”


I’ve never thought about it.

I can’t believe Liel is being confessed to by someone else.


I stood still for a while, mesmerized.


On that day, my grandmother’s smile deepened.


“Wouldn’t Liel go out with another young lady at this rate”


My grandmother put her hand on her cheek and murmured.

She was a little loud for someone who’s muttering to herself.


I could hear everything.


“Grandmother is right.”


The voice that soon came out of me was so subdued that I couldn’t believe it was mine.


That’s how confused I was now.


“Well, Lucy, before that—”


“That might be better.”




Why didn’t I think of this until now


Like my grandmother said, if Liel likes someone other than Dioleta, everything will be solved, right


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