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As if she would not let it go if it was a trivial story, Duchess Marsen’s eyes contained life.


Liel watched her figure calmly, blinking slowly.


He never had any ill will towards the Duchess before and now.

Because he understood her anger toward him.


Rather, it was safe to say that the person who understood the Duchess the best was Liel, whom she hates to the point of shuddering.


However, Liel did not outwardly express himself, knowing that she would be even more disgusted if she knew his thoughts.


For now, it was only his goal to obtain the Duchess’s permission.


“Please allow me to attend the academy.”


The problem is that what Liel wanted to say to Duchess Marsen itself crossed the line for her.


Sure enough, as soon as the word Academy came out of Liel’s mouth, the Duchess of Marsen’s face was severely wrinkled.


“Listening to a dog’s barking is more beneficial than what you said.”


You want me to send you to the academy


Did he come all the way here because he thought she would allow it


The Duchess of Marsen had no intention of expanding Liel’s world.

Even more so if it helps his life.


“You wasted my time for no reason.”


It would have been better to take a nap at this time.


It was when the Duchess of Marsen closed the shawl over her shoulder and tried to enter as it was.


“If you allow me to go to the academy, I’ll give up my right to succession.”


Soon after, Liel’s words followed.


The truth is, Dioleta was the most suitable successor to the Duke of Marsen.


By age or blood, Liel could never beat Dioleta.


Nevertheless, the Duchess of Marsen was always anxious that Liel would overtake Dioleta and take the seat of the Duke.


“……You think you can beat Dioleta to become the Duke.”


The Duchess of Marsen responded in a ferocious voice.

But her fingertips were trembling slightly.


It was a situation in which she believed that Liel was a child born illegitimately by Duke Marsen.


Naturally, in her eyes, Liel was also seen as having the rightful right to succession as a legitimate duke.


The Duchess had no choice but to react sensitively to the fact that Liel would give up his right to succeed on his own.



I don’t think that way, but I know you think I could.”


“Me Ha! What’s wrong with your head”


Duchess Marsen clenched her teeth at the thought of being caught.


The fact that Liel had so far pretended not to know anything was horrifying to the Duchess of Marsen.


“I don’t want anything else.

All you have to do is allow me to enter the Academy.”


Liel did not want to offend Duchess Marsen.


Just for the sake of a smooth transaction, she just wanted to be cool on this issue.


“Why don’t you say you’ll give up your last name at all”


But the Duchess of Marsen was not easy.

She hoped for more than Liel’s offer.


“I need Father’s permission to give up my last name.”


To her surprise, Liel acted as if he could give more than what he initially offered.


It was as Liel said.

It was possible to give up the right of succession only with one’s own will, but it was impossible to get out of the family register without the consent of the head of the family.


Duchess Marsen’s reason quickly returned thanks to his attitude, which seemed to have no lingering feelings for the Duke’s position.


“…are you willing to give up what you’ve been given to attend the academy”


It was a decision that was completely incomprehensible to Delphina, a Duchess who had lived only by looking at power and status.


But Liel nodded with a calm face.




His sincere but simple words bolstered Liel’s words.


It was this easy


To the point where she finds herself dumbfounded by restraining Liel so far.


Delphina swept her face with her hands.


No, there’s nothing to feel down about.

That child is just too young to realize what he has.


This was an opportunity for Delphina.


Even if she could not kick him out of the castle, she has to take away everything else from him just in case.


Even if he goes to the academy and builds connections and knowledge, it will not pose any threat to Dioleta as long as he gives up his right to succeed.


That’s what Delphina wanted most.


“All right.”


The Duchess of Marsen, who had completed her calculations, finally accepted Liel’s deal.


At the same time, Liel’s face, which has a dead expression, became lively.


“I’ll prepare the documents for the waiver of the succession by tomorrow and I’ll bring them to your room, so don’t hesitate then.”




Liel agreed loudly.

Joyfully, a red glow spread at the end of Liel’s eyes.


“Considering your age, you’ll have to enter the academy right away next year, so also fill out the application form.”


“Yes, ma’am, thank you.”


Liel knelt down.


“I’ll be going now.

Thank you for your time.”


Liel, who thanked her again, turned as if he would return to his room immediately.


Suddenly, the voice of the Duchess of Marsen caught him.


“Why do you want to go to the academy so much”


She wasn’t curious until just now.


If it weren’t for Liel’s bright face, Duchess Marsen wouldn’t have been curious about his intentions until the end.


“…… Lucy, I heard she’s going to the academy.”


As if he hadn’t expected her to ask him a question, Liel replied hesitantly.

Liel, who achieved his purpose, had become a gentle sheep.


“Are you talking about Young Lady Seywint You want to go to the academy with her, so you’re willing to go this far


She couldn’t understand more after hearing his reason.


Lucy won’t be in the academy forever, so why…….



If I don’t go to the academy, I will be apart from Lucy.”


Even if Liel is a year older than Lucy and will be inevitably forced to be apart from her for a year or so.


It was better compared to being apart for three years, or more than four years.


Moreover, his ankle throbs when he thinks of Lucy, who would be surrounded by people whom he didn’t even know.


To the point where he thinks it’s better to have no one around her if that’s the case.


At the end of his thought, Liel rushed again.


The Duchess of Marsen looked at the retreating back of Liel.


When asked impulsively, a completely unconvincing answer came back.


However, one fact has become very clear due to this incident.


That Liel is hanging on to Lucy more than she can imagine.


In the past, she didn’t like the way Young Lady Seywint was closer to Liel than Dioleta, but if he gives up his right to succession, the story will be different.


‘If I let him go, it’s not so bad to send him as the Marquis’ son-in-law with the last name of the Duke of Marsen.’


Of course, that’s when Lucy accepted him.


Anyway, thanks to the unexpected opportunity, the Duchess of Marsen finally felt relieved.




The Duke of Marsen is back in the mansion.


From some point on, whenever he returned to the mansion, he would always practice the sword with Liel.


Today was no different than usual.


“You’re going to go to the academy”


Unlike Liel, who sat on the floor breathing heavily, the Duke of Marsen’s breathing was very regular.


He stood looking down at Liel without a drop of sweat.


Liel replied, shaking off his sweaty hair.




“Do you think I’ll let you”


The Duke of Marsen’s voice quickly became murky.


The application form for the entrance examination only needs to include the signature of one of the parents.


The Duke of Marsen expected, of course, that Liel would ask him to sign, not the Duchess of Marsen.


And the duke had no intention of allowing him to go to the academy.

But he suddenly notified him that he would go to the academy.


“I’ve already got permission.”


Liel, who rose from his seat, said.


He got permission


A hypothesis that could not have been in the Duke of Marsen’s mind passed by.


“Did you get permission from Delphina”




“……what did you do”


The Duke of Marsen’s eyes changed sharply.

Liel faced the eyes of the Duke of Marsen.


It was a look that contained no affection for each other.


“……I said I would relinquish my right to succession.”


“You’ve used your brain.”


said the Duke of Marsen, turning his back.

From the beginning, he had no intention of handing over the duke’s title to Liel.


However, contrary to the Duke of Marsen’s intentions, the Duchess of Marsen was always anxious.


In other words, Liel offered his right to inherit the Duke’s title, which was not even a possibility, and relieved the Duchess of Marsen’s mind.


“Will you oppose it”


Liel, who rose from his seat, asked.


“If it’s what you want.”


An unexpected answer came from the duke.

Even Liel, who asked the question, widened his eyes as if he was surprised by the Duke of Marsen’s answer.


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