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I Beg You AllPlease Shut Up Chapter 26: Expert Among The Common Folks

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Chapter 26: Expert Among The Common Folks

Inside the villa. Wang Xiaofeng was still in a state of astonishment from what he had just discovered.

At the same time, inside the hotel room, the two agents from the Ministry of State Security also managed to make new progress.

“Hey! Big sis! Come. Have a look at this.”

Hearing the man calling out for her, the woman immediately walked over, “Did you manage to get the chat records”

“Yes, I got it,” said the man excitedly, “Damn! This Shadow is truly too much. Big sis, look at this.”

As he spoke, the man revealed the conversation Chu Tian had withBlack Bastard Go To Hell.

The man said, “From their chat records, that woman seemed to have her extramarital affair session secretly recorded. Furthermore, it was uploaded onto those adult video sites. She spent 30 million to have Shadow eliminate her video from the internet.”

“The issue is that Shadow actually managed to accomplish that task. Over a hundred websites and several hundreds downloads, he had to hack into every single one of them. Big sis, look at the time marks. It took him less than four hours to accomplish all that. Good gracious! That man is simply a freak!”

Seeing how emotional the man became, the woman pondered for a bit before asking, “What he did is very amazing”

“Of course,” said the man, “Big sis, do you know what sort of concept it is to hack into over a hundred websites The backend protections of those websites are inconsistent. For some, its easy to hack into them. But, there are also those that are hard to hack into. If one is to encounter one that is difficult to hack into, one could spend days on end without being able to hack into the website. If…”

Suddenly, before the man could finish, the woman interrupted him, “Stop, stop, stop. You know I cant understand what youre talking about. Just tell me this, is that Shadow much more skilled than that Four-eyes”

“Four-eyes Hes trash!” said the man with contempt, “Big sis, while I admit that Four-eyes is more skilled than me, I am not exaggerating to say that hes nothing more than trash before that Shadow. After all… Sigh, Big sis, theres no way for me to explain things to you properly. In short, this Shadows hacking abilities are exceptionally skilled, too skilled.”

Seeing the passion in the mans eyes, the woman slowly nodded her head, “It would appear that hes an expert among the common folks. In any case, did you manage to find any useful information”

“I did,” The man immediately scrolled down, “Big sis, have a look at this. ThisBlack Bastard Go To Hell gave Shadow an account number and password for a China Construction Bank account. The 30 million reward is in that account. Now look here, this Shadow had transferred away all the money from that account!”

Transferred away the money

The woman suddenly smiled, “Isnt this exactly what we were planning for him to do”

Even though the woman handed the money to Wang Xiaofeng, that did not affect their plan. One of their plans was to use the banks transfer record to determine Chu Tians identity.

Since Wang Xiaofeng was going to pass on the money to Chu Tian, there would most definitely be a transfer record between their banks. At that time, once they check the banks backend for the information on the transfer records, they would be able to determine Chu Tians identity.

If they could determine his identity, finding him would not be an issue at all.

“Thats right!” said the man, “As long as we go check the bank, as long as we check that China Construction Bank accounts transfer record, we will be able to find that Shadow.”

“Interesting, he actually saved us some time,” The woman smiled and nodded, “We wouldnt have to wait for Wang Xiaofeng then. Lets go to the China Construction Bank and ask them to check the transfer record for that account. Theres a China Construction Bank branch nearby. Lets go!”

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As the woman spoke, she left the hotel room with the man. They proceeded to the China Construction Bank branch.

Ten minutes later!

Inside the China Construction Bank branch. Thinking that they would be able to easily track down Chu Tians identity, the man and woman were left speechless.

Theres no transfer record!

From the accounts record, they confirmed that the account does possess 30 million at one point. But, that 30 million disappeared. It was like it had evaporated into thin air. The banks backend showed no record of where the money went at all.

No one knew where the 30 million had disappeared to!

Not even the China Construction Bank knew!

“Mouse!” The woman spoke with a frown, “What is this situation Wheres the bank transfer record”

The man also frowned, “Big sis, I feel that we might be mistaken about one thing.”


“This Shadow is even more skilled than we thought.”

“What do you mean by that”

“There could only be one possible explanation for this,” said the man, “He had hacked into the China Construction Banks backend and eliminated the bank transfer record.”


Hacked into the China Construction Banks backend

The woman was stunned.

Even though she was no expert with computers, she was not a computer idiot. As one of the countrys four major banks, the China Construction Bank possesses extreme cyber security. Its security far surpasses that of those adult video sites.

In a materialistic comparison, the adult video sites servers would be akin to bicycles whereas the China Construction Banks server would be akin to a tank.

It was understandable to be able to hack into bicycles. But, to hack into a tank…

“That shouldnt be possible, no” said the woman with a drown, “Thats the China Construction Bank were talking about. If hes able to hack into even that, wouldnt it mean that his hacking ability is simply incomprehensible and beyond belief”

“I dont want to believe it either,” said the man, “But, theres no transfer record. Thats the only possible explanation for it.”

Thats the only possible explanation


Hearing what the man said, the woman couldnt help but suck in a mouthful of cold air.

Good gracious!

If this was true, their Ministry of State Security would have to completely reassess that Shadow.

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