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I Beg You AllPlease Shut Up Chapter 20: Tracking Down Granddaddy 50M

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Chapter 20: Tracking Down Granddaddy 50M

Chu Tian originally thought he had encountered a powerful hacker. Never would he imagine for thisCome Catch Granddaddy to also be a criminal wanted by the country.

After reading the messages from Wang Xiaofeng, Chu Tian pondered for a bit before typing: “Let me guess, that guy still isnt captured yet, right”

Wang Xiaofeng: “I dont think so. The 50 million reward had managed to stir up our circle for some time. But, the excitement soon died out. We discovered that guy is simply too sly and were unable to find any of his trails online.”

Unable to find his trails

An evil smile appeared on Chu Tians face.

Thats 50 million!

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Thats a huge sum of money! If theyre all in cash, they will most definitely pile up to over a meter tall. How could one possibly not be able to find the traces of thatCome Catch Granddaddy

Wang Xiaofeng: “Hey, Shadow bro, since you dont know about him, why are you asking about him Could it be…”

Chu Tian: “Halt your thoughts. Dont make wild guesses. I have no relationship with thatCome Catch Granddaddy. As for me being him, thats even more impossible.”

Chu Tian: “Earlier, I encountered a virus. Its quite a difficult virus to handle. Even 361 Antivirus was no match for it. I ended up doing a targeted removal of that virus. During my removal, I discovered a signature within the virus. That signature isCome Catch Granddaddy. Thats why I decided to ask you about it.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Yep, thats it. Thats the way that guy does things. He will always leave his signature in his trojans and viruses. That guy is awfully arrogant.”

Chu Tian: “Mn. Lets skip the bull**. Administrator, do you still have connection with the cyber police”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Ive kept their number. But, Ive never contracted them before. Why”

Chu Tian: “Help me out. Ask them if the 50 million reward is still valid. If it is, I will track thatCome Catch Granddaddy. If the reward is no longer valid, I wouldnt bother wasting my time and effort.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Ssss… as a citizen of this country, is this how you should speak As your administrator, I must criticize you. Your way of thought if wrong. Tracking thatCome Catch Granddaddy is an act of contribution toward our country. How could you only value money Are you really planning to not help if the government doesnt pay you”

Chu Tian: “Enough with the bull**. Are you going to contact them or not”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Haha. Im calling them right now. Still waiting for my call to be picked up.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Oh, it connected. Ill get back to you.”

Five minutes later!

Wang Xiaofeng sent forth another message.

Wang Xiaofeng: “Shadow bro, you still on”

Chu Tian: “Yep, still here. Howd it go”

Wang Xiaofeng: “The rewards still there. Furthermore, it had increased. Its no longer 50 million, its now 55 million. They said that if you can track thatCome Catch Granddaddy, they will pay you the 55 million, not a cent less.”

Chu Tian: “Damn. I must say, the government truly pays attention to details. They actually increased the reward with inflation.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Hahaha. You can say that. So, are you really planning to give it a try”

Chu Tian: “Thats 55 million were talking about here. Of course Im giving it a try.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “True that.”

Chu Tian: “Oh, thats right. I dont really want to deal with the government. You can act as my intermediary. If I manage to track him, I will give the information to you. You can pass it to the government for me. Also, when theyre paying the money, you can have them transfer the money to your account. You can transfer the money to me after. I dont wish for others to know my identity.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Thats no problem. Rest assured, I will definitely transfer the money to you should the government transfer it to me.”

Chu Tian: “All good then. Ill try tracking him now. Oh, when are you going to sleep”

Wang Xiaofeng: “I dont have a scheduled sleeping time. Generally, Id stay awake until 2AM or so.”

Chu Tian: “Okay. Ill go and start tracking then.”

After he finished the conversation with Wang Xiaofeng, Chu Tian opened up a web browser and typed in an URL.

The URL sent him to a webpage with a game.

It was the same browser game that inflicted Yang Rong, Bai Xiaochun and others computers with viruses.

Chu Tian entered a series of key combinations and a black code window appeared. Then, he began to pound away at his keyboard.


Time passed in a flash. Finally, at 1:30AM, Chu Tian stopped typing.

He finally managed to find him!

He must admit this Granddaddy 50M was quite skillful. If it wasnt for Chu Tians hackers ability being a level in defiance of common sense, it would be impossible for him to track down this Granddaddy 50M. This guys tracks removal ability and camouflage ability are extremely strong. On many occasions, Chu Tian was nearly tricked by him.

‘Come Catch Granddaddy. Real name Zhang Zhenhao. Male. 41 years old. Single. Living in a high-end villa neighborhood in Beijing.

The countrys cyber polices headquarters was located in the capital Beijing. Thus, it could be said that this Granddaddy 50M was acting right under their nose.

Not only that, Chu Tian also discovered this Zhang Zhenhao was frequently in touch with people outside the country. If his guess is correct, this Zhang Zhenhao is either a spy or a traitor.

Seeing that it was already 1:30AM, Chu Tian compiled all the results from his 3 and half hour long tracking and sent it over to Wang Xiaofeng.

Chu Tian: “Hey, administrator with the exceptionally noble way of thought, Ive sent you all the information about that Granddaddy 50M. Remember, do not open it and do not leak it to anyone. This is a matter that concerns our countrys classified information. You should immediately hand it to them. Im going to go to bed now. Oh, apart from that, remember to urge the country to pay. I didnt do this for free. My fingers are cramping.”



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