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Chapter 8: Veggie Harvesting.

Ye Chen’s Mysterious Master

Immortal Daoist Codex.

That was the art that Gu Changge cultivates.

At the same time, it’s an art that only the true disciples of the Daoist Divine Palace have the right to use.

It’s a direct path to divinity, a foundation of immortal teachings.

There were countless immortal factions and mighty lineages who would salivate at the sight of it.

Currently, Gu Changge has cultivated it to the sixth level.

Among his peers of the same generation in the upper realm, he still counts as one of the very top.

However, even with his original self’s great talent, he had been stuck here for nearly half a year now, unable to break through to the next level.

“Since I can just directly pour Fate Points in, then I can just directly use it to increase the level of the cultivation art, which would naturally result in cultivation breakthroughs.”

Gu Changge’s idea was simple.

He has a whopping 550 Fate Points to spend.


Spend the points.”

With that thought, Gu Changge felt a pure energy flow through his entire body.

At the same time, there was a mysterious and mystical feeling in his mind.

It as a number of understandings relating to the Immortal Daoist Codex.

Then, he had completely grasped them.

His Fate points were quickly decreasing before his eyes.


Finally, he had broken through to the seventh level of the Immortal Daoist Codex.

In the palace, thunderous sounds exploded out from nothingness.

Majestic might descended, covering the area.

The area around the main hall was dead silent.

The guards on station showed their utter shock.

The two of them exchange a look before stuttering out.

“That aura just now.

How is it so terrifying…”

“It’s like the palace was hiding a world class great demon.”

“Watch your words.

Those words cannot be spoken.”

The two of them were completely covered in cold sweat.

They were close to collapsing to the ground.

Was that young lord really just cultivating in there”

This aura really was just too terrifying.

“So this is the power of the Lordly Realm huh As terrifying as expected.”

Within the palace, Gu Changge let out a light laugh and breathed out.

The space in front of him instantly let out a wave of terrifying booms.

An aura even stronger and more terrifying than before expanded out from his form.

His blood vessels, organs, and even skeleton was filled with a feeling of preciousness, as if they have undergone a round of refining.

A faint wisp of the Dao as well as terrifying demonic aura resided in his heart and bones.

Since his cultivation broke through, all of Gu Changge’s many talents also improved.

Even his physical form had become much stronger.

Demonic Heart, Daoist Bones

That was quite far from ordinary.

Of course, based on his original self’s memories, this will likely end up dragging him into the path of another Child of Fortune.

Oh, no.

That should be a Daughter of Fortune.

The Demonic Heart was his own.

But the Daoist Bones weren’t.

“It looks like this Immortal Daoist Codex is pretty high level.

I ended up spending so much Fate Points just for a single breakthrough.”

Soon, Gu Changge couldn’t smile anymore.

Cultivation breakthrough was a good thing.

This sensation of power and control over all really was quite nice.

But over 500 Fate Points had been completely spent just now.

All that proves is that the Immortal Daoist Codex really is a bit too high leveled.

A direct path to divinity.

Perhaps it’s not just boasting.

“Well, whatever.

I still have the veggie known as Ye Chen just waiting for me to harvest.

I’ll have plenty of Fate Points in the future.”

Soon through, Gu Changge stopped minding it.

After all, there are still plenty of things waiting for him.

Ye Chen, although you look quite discomposed while you’re working hard cultivating, you’re very nice looking indeed when it’s time for me to harvest.

At the same time.

The dark dungeons of the Taixuan Holy Land.

The atmosphere was damp.

The air moldy.

It was filed with a scent akin to that of rotting corpses.

Ye Chen sat there, dumbfounded.

His eyes were blank and his expression dumb.

His cultivation was sealed and he was cuffed.

He still hasn’t pulled himself from the enormous humiliation that he experienced today.

All this time, apart from that first time when his former fiancee had shamed him three years ago.

Had he ever experienced such a humiliation as today’s

No matter what kind of predicament he met with, he could always find a way out from the jaws of disaster and grasp safety from danger.

But today, things seem to be different

“Gu Changge…”

Ye Chen’s eyes turned red.

He practically roared out that name syllable by syllable.

The moment he thought of that enemy sitting high above looking down on everything with a cold expression.

His heart would go mad with aggravation.

He couldn’t take it at all.

“Little Chen…”

At that moment, a pleasing voice came from the ring on his finger.

Ye Chen stopped.

Then, he showed an expression of anger and unwillingness to accept reality.


Where did you go Why didn’t you answer me when I was calling for you…”

Ye Chen had released all the hatred in his head onto his master.

Speaking of, the reason he could have gotten to where he was today was undeniably linked to his master in his ring.

However, what had happened this day in the great hall made Ye Chen rather disappointed.

His normally incomparably reliable Master had disappeared at a crucial moment.

Was she scared of Gu Changge too

“Little Chen, listen to my explanation.

Things aren’t what you think.”

Within the ring, a very faint figure of a woman showed a bitter smile.

Although Ye Chen was blaming her like that, she didn’t take it to mind.

That’s because she did have something to do with it in the end.

“Back then, a very terrifying existence had covered the entire main hall with his will.

I suspected that it might be related to the enemy who caused my fall back then, so I didn’t dare show myself…”

The woman in the ring explained.

After all, right now, she’s just a wisp of a soul remnant.

There really was just far too few things that she could actually do.

If she got found my her enemy from a moment’s inattention, then all that remains for her is complete annihilation.

Thus, she has to be extremely careful.

After Ye Chen vented for a bit, he also calmed down.

When he heard, his eyes opened up wide and spoke with some shock, “No wonder the Taixuan Holy Master acted in such a way toward Gu Changge.

So he came from the upper realm”

According to his understanding, his own master was once a powerful existence in the upper realm.

However, she was met with an enemy’s attacks in secret and ended up as a soul remnant that fell to the lower realm.

In the end, she possessed a ring which he then later obtained.

But he had never imagined that Gu Changge’s origins would be so terrifying.

Ye Chen fell silent.

For a moment, he was at a lose with despair.

Does he really have to give up on Su Qingge and allow her to fall to hell

Ye Chen clenched his fists, unwilling to accept that.


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