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Chapter 6: Two Souls in One Body, The Taixuan Holy Master’s Difficulties

Damaged the Child of fortune’s Fortune Value by 100 points, and in return, he got 500 Fate Points.

It looks like it’s exchanged at a one to five ratio.

That was what Gu Changge thought as he listened to the system message in his mind.

He decided.

When he has some time, he’ll be using those Fate Points of his to boost his stat board.

Within the main hall, the unconscious Ye Chen had been taken away by the Judgment Hall disciples.

This particular scenario had finally concluded.

The various guests were buzzing among themselves.

“This young maser not only has unfathomable power, his background is likely also beyond imagining.”

“After all, the Taixuan Holy Master was going as far as having his own daughter personally keep him company…”

The vast majority of people looked on with appraising eyes and started guessing at Gu Changge’s identity.

They’ve all decided.

Later, they’ll need to properly report everything that had happened to their sects.

If there’s a chance, make sure to have some more contact with this young master.

It would definitely be to their advantage.

Of course, it was also predictable that the Eastern Wilds will be undergoing some major turmoil not long from now.

Soon, the inauguration ceremony ended.

At the banquet, the Taixuan Holy Child Chu Xuan was quite full of himself, looking down on the others of his generation within the sect.

Then, he respectfully served a cup of wine to Gu Changge at the head of the table, “Many thanks to the young master for your aid.

If you have any need of me in the future, I will follow along no matter the hardship.”

Anyone with intelligence could see that it was basically a declaration of servitude.

Since he could use a minion anyways.

This Chu Xuan is the Taixuan Holy Child at that.

He’ll do.

Gu Changge accepted the wine with a smile and drank it in one gulp, “It is but a minor matter.

There’s no need for Brother Chu Xuan to mind it.

“Many thanks.”

Chu Xuan was overjoyed.

“This old man also present a toast to the young master…”

“For the young master to descend to our lower realm, it truly is our Eastern Wild’s honor…”

None of the elders or disciples here were idiots.

They obviously understood the logic behind it, so they also started joining in and raising toasts.

At the same time, they were cursing at Chu Xuan for his cunning.

He normally didn’t show it at all.

But they never imagined that his abilities at flattery were so good.

With just a moment’s work, he got to become this young master’s minion.

For many disciples, they admired and envied him.


The Taixuan Holy Master noticed that his daughter seemed somewhat pale and lost.

He frowned.

Just a moment ago, the young lord Gu seemed to rather favor his daughter.

Yet, why is it that he’s now completely ignoring her


Su Qingge shook her head.

Her face turned pale.

She didn’t explain.

How could Gu Changge possibly be interested in her.

That show earlier was done purely for Ye Chen to see.

She didn’t know what kind of grudge existed between Ye Chen and Gu Changge, for him to purposefully shame Ye Chen like that.

However, she does know that at this moment, it’s best not to make Gu Changge upset.

With his status, how could he possibly lack talented beauties around him

Su Qingge is very smart, so she clearly understood her own worth.


The Taixuan Holy Master wasn’t stupid either.

He could guess at some things from his daughter’s expressions.

He showed his worry on his face.

Hearing her father sigh like that, Su Qingge didn’t feel very good either.

She knows what her father is like.

She knew that he probably had some difficulties of his own, for him to do such things.

She gave Gu Changge a glance and hesitated a moment.

Finally, she grit her teeth and decided.

When he banquet is over, she’ll put aside her pride and go apologize.

After all, she was technically the reason for that matter earlier today.

However, Gu Changge never so much as looked at her.

He had already left while chatting with Chu Xuan and headed to his own room.

His earlier words about a beautiful moon and watching it together was like a mere joke.

Of course, Gu Changge was obviously only joking about.

He didn’t have the free time to accompany Su Qingge to a moon viewing or anything.

Although a melon, forcibly taken, does quench one’s thirst.

But if he ends up eating fortune backlash, he could very well end up getting attacked by some divine beast from some unknown dimension.

That risk was just plain not worth it.

A mere Su Qingge might be quite beautiful.

Her fluttery white dress made her look quite moving and not of this world.

But she’s still not worth it.

As she saw Gu Changge had already walked a distance away, Su Qingge was rooted in place, dumbfounded.

She didn’t even have a chance to say the words she wanted to.

Her personality tended toward the cool and quiet side.

Although she normally doesn’t talk much, but it was the first time that she had met someone so contemptuous towards her.

In contrast, whenever Ye Chen spoke even a sentence to her, he’d end up in a great mood for the rest of the day.

Su Qingge sighed again in her mind and prepared to try to salvage things.

“Gu Changge is truly hard to get a grasp on, as a person…”

“He’s much more interesting than that Ye Chen or whatever.”

At that moment, in her mind, a female voice rang out with a teasing tone.

Although the voice sounded heavenly, there was a terrifying evilness to it.

However, Su Qingge had been long familiar with it.

She didn’t outwardly react at all.

That voice had been with her ever since the moment she was born.

It was a secret that even her father didn’t know.

Two souls in one body.

Late at night.

At Gu Changge’s room.

An old man with unclear features appeared out of nothingness.

“How goes the information gathering”

Gu Changge was sitting on his bed in a lotus position.

He retracted his will from the system screen, opened his eyes, and asked.

“My lord, things were just as you had thought.”

“The Taixuan Holy Master called Su Qingge over and told her of his reasons and difficulties.”

“What difficulties”

Gu Changge raised an eyebrow.

The old man in black answered respectfully, “The strongest High Elder of the Taixuan Holy land had in fact died 300 years ago.

It’s just that the news weren’t leaked out to the outside world.

The Taixuan Holy Land desperately needs to find someone new to rely on.”

“Besides that, the Taixuan Holy Master’s wife was a noblewoman of the upper realm.

Years ago, she was taken back to the upper world by some faction.

The Taixuan Holy Master hoped to use Su Qingge to craft a relationship with you, and use that connection to find a trace of his wife.”

“Oh, I didn’t expect to have guessed right.”

Gu Changge grinned.

He thought it over a little while ago.

Since Su Qingge is the heroine, she must have something uncommon about her.

Thus, he had the old man in black gather some information.

The old man in black is called Old Ming.

He was basically Gu Changge’s personal guard in his trip to the lower realm.

He was very strong.

Never mind the Taixuan Holy Land, even within the entirety of the Eastern Wilds, there aren’t many places that Old Ming can’t get into.


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