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Chapter 476: Jia Nan, Princess of the Supreme Court of Heavenly Extinction, Please send more warm things (Part 1)

“Absolute Heavenly Extinction Royal Family” Gu Changge asked slowly.

At the same time, his figure stepped forward as the terrifying aura fluctuated, covering the sky and the earth, pressing them to suffocate.

Even after guessing the identity of the other party, he didn’t care at all.

Gu Changge was more interested in whether there was a leader among this group of Heavenly Extinction beings.

Although the man in front of him had a strong cultivation base, he didn’t look like a leader.

“Outsider, what is your intention” The man in the purple-gold armor watched Gu Changge approaching with fear.

An aura of Heavenly Extinction appeared in his hand, condensed into a spear with the laws of the Quasi-Supreme level.

The Quasi-Supreme power was too terrifying.

But Gu Changge wasn’t afraid.

The rest of the Heavenly Extinction beings behind him were much weaker than him and had just entered the Sacred Realm.


However, Gu Changge didn’t care, and said lightly, “It’s just right, I want to see your leader.”

When he raised his hand, a bright light lit up in his hand.

Immediately afterward, a jet-black long knife appeared, condensed by various terrifying laws, descending with a peerless edge, which seemed to be able to split the Universe and Heavens.

The expressions of many people who got off the black boat suddenly changed.

But it was too late to respond.

This knife fell, and everyone immediately stopped at the waist, their bodies and spirits were destroyed, and they could not even bear a wisp of this slash.

Even the purple-gold armored man in the Quasi-Supreme Realm groaned, the spear in his hand broke as he vomited blood and flew out.

He was extremely astonished and in disbelief.

It was the first time he saw a human that was not bothered by the aura of Heavenly Extinction, and started attacking.

Moreover, facing their group of people, he was not afraid at all and even took the initiative to attack them.

This made the man extremely palpitated.

Who the hell did he offend He was just probing out his consciousness to investigate.

“At this time, are you still hiding not coming out” Gu Changge’s figure moved, the void became stagnated, and in the next moment, he appeared beside the man.

On the black longsword, there were supreme laws, and with an expression of detachment, Gu Changge did not need to waste time on comprehension.

Therefore, although his cultivation base was only in the Great Sacred Realm, he was far superior to those Quasi-Supreme in terms of law perception and control.

The person in front of him, even if he was a Quasi-Supreme Realm, still failed to notice the fluctuations in the void revealed by Gu Changge.


The black long knife fell, slashed across it, and was invincible.

It pierced through it instantly, and light gray bloodstained spattered.

However, its vitality was strong, and it did not die but was extremely frightened and painful.

It was filled with many chaotic laws in the black longsword, and the flesh body was difficult to heal.


He looked extremely frightened, looking at Gu Changge’s eyes as if he was looking at a demon, he was even more frightened than an ordinary cultivator who saw Heavenly Extinction creatures for the first time.

However, Gu Changge’s eyes did not fall on him, as if he didn’t care.

“Aren’t you coming out yet” He said again, with force in his hand, his aura surged, and the sword aura suddenly pierced through, almost tearing the man in front of him to pieces.

The rest of the Heavenly Extinction beings witnessed this scene with their eyes, and they were already horrified, from head to toe.

They were so terrified of Gu Changge that they didn’t dare to go forward at all.

“Emperor, save me…”

The man in the purple-gold armor was terrified to the extreme, in an obscure language, called for help from the boat behind him.

He was really afraid of Gu Changge.

This guy just didn’t make sense at all.

In any case, he was seriously injured as soon as he appeared, but his strength was unfathomable, and he was extremely strong.

“What a waste.”

Accompanied by an indifferent voice without any emotion, fluctuations emerged from the black boat again.

It was even more terrifying than before, as if a large piece of the sky fell down, overturning everything.

Gu Changge raised his eyebrows, “Are you finally willing to show up”

The black sword in his hand shattered and was discarded by him.

Turning to roll up his sleeves, he pushed across with a palm, covering the sky and the sun, and the rumbling sound exploded in this space.

Every inch of the void was filled with a terrifying aura and laws.

Under this palm, there were many terrifying visions emerging, mountains and rivers, heaven, and even the evolution of the world.


The black boat shook violently, and some of the runes were erased.

Even if it was in the absolute Heavenly Extinction, it was still unstoppable.


With a cold snort, a knife light suddenly lit up, very long and bright, like opening the world.

A figure wearing a long black dress with bells tied around her fair ankles appeared.

She was incomparably tall, her black hair was like waterfalls with a slender waist, her face as white and delicate as jade, but her eyes were indifferent and noble like a god.

She looked very slender and thin, but her attacks were fierce and invincible.

Facing Gu Changge, she directly took out a black divine sword and held it forward.

She looked incomparably gorgeous and terrifying, with the majesty of the Supreme that shakes the heavens and the earth, and almost collapsed this space.

This blow collided, and Gu Changge’s attack was easily wiped out, and the remaining power did not diminish, and still rushed forward.

“Greetings, princess!”

The moment the woman in the black dress appeared, the surrounding Heavenly Extinction beings immediately fell to their knees with respectful expressions.

Even in the face of the terrifying situation of war, they did not care at all and immensely respected her.

“What a bunch of rubbish!”

The woman in the black dress said indifferently and spoke very little.

The man in the purple and gold armor was very afraid of her and did not dare to say much.

“The real Supreme, and it is not the ordinary Supreme.

The creatures who appeared in the Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court this time are not weak in cultivation.”

Gu Changge raised his eyebrows slightly, and the weapon condensed by the laws broke instantly, making it difficult to compete with the opponent.

However, he was not worried and with a flicker of the figure, he had already evaded backward, but the other party quickly chased after him.

Fortunately, the space in the crack was extremely vast.

The woman in the black dress was at least at the fifth or sixth level of the Supreme Realm.

Her eyes were indifferent and high, that was the feeling of the gods overlooking everything.


She snorted coldly, displaying the Supreme means, sealing the sky and locking the earth, the space was bound, and she wanted to suppress Gu Changge, but suddenly a crisp crack sounded.

A magic halberd with a monstrous aura slashed from in front of her at some point, and many blockades were instantly broken, causing the black-dressed woman’s pupils to shrink.

Soon, her divine sword competed, but it made a terrible cracking sound, and was unable to bear it.

It was not that she was not strong.

But the opponent’s weapon was extremely terrifying, and at the moment of the collision, there was monstrous killing intent.

This caused the woman in the black dress to slightly change her complexion and stop her offensive move.

The young man in front of her clearly didn’t have a strong cultivation base, but it made her feel fear and danger.

Seeing this, Gu Changge also stopped the attack, and said calmly, “Who are you Why are you here”

The woman in the black dress snorted and replied in common language, “I am the Eldest daughter of the Heavenly Extinction Emperor, who are you”

“The Eldest daughter of the Heavenly Extinction Emperor That is, the Eldest princess” Gu Changge was stunned but did not answer her question.

Although the woman in the black dress in front of her was indeed in the Supreme Realm, and she was still very powerful, she had cultivated for an unknown number of years, which was unfathomable.

But it was still not enough to make him pay attention.

What he wanted to know more was the reason why the other party left the Heavenly Extinction Imperial Court to the outside world.

Was it a coincidence Or was it the role of the Purple Crown of Luck

“Who are you You just used the divine power of reincarnation” Seeing that Gu Changge was silent, the woman in the black dress frowned and asked indifferently.

“It doesn’t matter who I am.

I want to know what you’re here for.”

Gu Changge also guessed the other party’s purpose, which was obviously related to what he had learned from Yue Mingkong before.

The timeline was indeed advanced.


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