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Chapter 474: I won’t bully you today, The role of the Purple Crown of Luck (Part 1)


The ripples spread one after another, and the void became blurred as if there was endless divine light permeating.

It was more like a door was opening.

Gu Changge appeared in white fluttering clothes, immortal and divine, aloof, walking from the void.

There was a vast and terrifying aura spreading out from around his steps, looking strong and unpredictable.

At this time, no one could see the terrifying injury he had in front of everyone at all, and his face couldn’t be better.

In any case, the origin and bloodline of Prince Sheng were from the Emperor of an ancient royal family and contained many innate laws and rune bones.

After swallowing, it was more or less beneficial.

Even if the Heavenly Phoenix Maiden, the Six Crown King, and others were here, they would definitely be shocked and horrified to the point of tingling their scalps.

They all believed that Gu Changge would not be able to use any ability for at least half a month, and could only hide in the palace to recover from his injuries.


Gu Changge reached out with his palm, and there was a multicolored glow, turning into a terrifying black grinding disc.

It was as if the sea of ​​​​stars fell into the human world, the many souls in the front collapsed and exploded in an instant, becoming a cloud of blood, and their bodies and spirits were destroyed.

“When did I say I was seeking death You think too much.”

“And if you can be counted as a wounded person, I am afraid that there is no perfect person in this world.

As for your reluctance, that has nothing to do with me.”

After reacting, Jiang Chuchu looked at Gu Changge and said in a cold voice.

It was very mocking like divine ice was smashing a jade plate, extremely crisp and cold.

But having said that, seeing that Gu Changge cared about her, she was actually very happy.

After all, Gu Changge’s character was like this, and she didn’t expect to hear anything good from his mouth.

“You are so lively, it seems that you are not in danger yet.

Then it seems that I shouldn’t have come here being a bit self-indulgent.” Gu Changge said casually, his figure flashed and appeared beside her.

Jiang Chuchu snorted softly and said, “Even if there is danger, I can handle it myself.

Let me tell you it’s because I can’t solve the calamity in the depths of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction.”

“You can’t solve it.

Of course, if you beg me, it’s another matter.” Gu Changge glanced at her and said calmly.

Then he looked up at the crack in the sky and narrowed his eyes.

At first, he was just trying it out, wanting to see if the blind cat could meet the dead mouse, he never thought that Jiang Chuchu would be able to help him find the source of Heavenly Extinction.

But he didn’t expect that she even had her own treasure hunt attribute.

Of course, this was a treasure for Gu Changge, and he could improve his own strength, and it could also increase the devouring power of his Great Dao treasure bottle.

The source of Absolute Heavenly Extinction, for the rest of the cultivators and living beings, was purely a terrifying scourge that could not be avoided.

Their expressions would change, like avoiding snakes and scorpions, and they didn’t dare to be contaminated.

Of course, it was impossible for Gu Changge to tell Jiang Chuchu this kind of remark.

He also expected her to continue to be his tool person in the future, to find the origin of Heavenly Extinction, and he would enjoy it anyway.

It was a big deal when it was like now, he didn’t have to work harder, and would only rush over after getting the news.

“I won’t beg you.

Besides, Gu Changge, you came over by yourself, I just reminded you, don’t make a mistake…”

Jiang Chuchu’s voice was cold, and she couldn’t say what she wanted to ask Gu Changge, this despicable, shameless, and annoying guy.

However, Gu Changge smiled and interrupted her with a wave of his hand, “If you don’t beg me, then I’ll leave.

As for the remaining calamity, you can take care of it yourself.

Anyway, I’m too lazy to take care of it.

It has nothing to do with me.

However, don’t you feel ashamed that the descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall have mixed up your stupid appearance”

“Gu Changge, you are scolding me again… You… are too much!”

Jiang Chuchu was stagnant for a while, and some indignation appeared on her face.

She didn’t expect that after Gu Changge came, he would not solve the scourge of heavenly extinction first.

Instead, he used this matter to threaten and bully her and called her stupid.

Why was this guy so annoying as always

As a descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall, just with her detached status and prestige among the younger generation, it was hard to underestimate him.

Did she need to say more about her talent Jiang Chuchu still had this confidence and pride.

“If you don’t ask me, it will save me some effort anyway.” Gu Changge said calmly, she didn’t have the slightest self-consciousness to bully her and pinched her weakness to the bone.

Of course, even if Jiang Chuchu didn’t ask him, he would definitely rush to it in the end.

After all, there was no reason to put the source of Absolute Heavenly Extinction on hold.

It was just that he won’t say these words to Jiang Chuchu.

Jiang Chuchu was also very angry when she saw that Gu Changge was planning to go home and leave at any time.

But what could she do now After all, it was she who delivered the message and notified Gu Changge, and her purpose was to hope that he could solve the calamity here.

After all, Gu Changge came here to help her.

“I see, you just want to take advantage of the fire and make me soft.

Gu Changge, you bastard, can’t you just let me go” Jiang Chuchu said coldly.

Gu Changge smiled, “It seems that you are not very stupid, and you have not damaged your head because of your cultivation.”

“You…” Jiang Chuchu’s eyes were like ice blades that had been quenched with cold air.

They were cold and wanted to poke Gu Changge into a bloody hole.

If eyes could kill, Gu Changge would have been killed countless times by her long ago.

“Are you begging me” Gu Changge still smiled lightly.

“Don’t even think about it.” At this time, Jiang Chuchu didn’t know where the courage came from, and it was rare to get tough.

The cold and beautiful eyes stared at him so coldly.

She felt that it might be because she had always been weak in front of Gu Changge.

This led to Gu Changge taking pleasure in bullying her.

Therefore, at this time, it was impossible for her to be soft, even if it was for a while, it might cause Gu Changge to clean up.

However, what surprised and stunned Jiang Chuchu was that after hearing what she said, Gu Changge was not angry, but smiled and said,

“Forget it, seeing how pitiful you are, I won’t bully you today… Just wait for me here in peace.”

After that, he didn’t wait for Jiang Chuchu’s answer, his figure flashed, and he took a step forward, already floating away.

In the next instant, Gu Changge appeared above the sky, and with a wave of his hand, the surging and terrifying pressure, like the star sea bursting the embankment, rumbled down.

Many Heavenly Extinction beings, who could not even get close to him, were crushed into a blood mist and exploded in the void.

“Umm… then you have to be careful.” After reacting, Jiang Chuchu, who was still a little stunned, couldn’t help but reply in a low voice, and then realized that something was wrong, how could she care about Gu Changge

However, this surprise came a little too suddenly.

How could Gu Changge suddenly be so nice to her today, and he wasn’t angry when he said that

Could it be because the last time she asked Gu Changge to be nicer to her Gu Changge actually agreed, but this guy was very hateful, so he just said no.

Jiang Chuchu’s personality was cold and calm, and she didn’t like to talk too much.

After thinking about this, Gu Changge was also very angry at this time.

But soon she thought about it, the change in Gu Changge’s attitude, on the other hand, meant that Gu Changge would actually consider her feelings with scruples.

Thinking of this, Jiang Chuchu suddenly felt a lot brighter and happier.


Deep in the midst of the cracks.

Gu Changge’s figure appeared here, but as soon as he took a step, he felt a tyrannical spirit sweeping over from behind him.

At the same time, a terrifying fluctuation emerged like a volcanic eruption, and it was unparalleled in strength.

Great Sacred Realm!

He didn’t think much about it and just swung his fist towards the back.

The light of the fist filled the air, and the power was unpredictable, directly overturning the gray fog, and everything around it turned to ashes.

Although the Heavenly Extinction creatures in the Great Sacred Realm were born with sanity, it was easily smashed to ashes by a punch and shattered directly.

With his current strength, Gu Changge could easily compete with the Quasi-Supreme even if he did not use his demonic art.

If many means were used, even if it was the Supreme being, or even above the Supreme being, it could be called the existence of the Emperor, and he was sure to contend.


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