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Chapter 469: It turns out that Gu Changge will also be injured and prince Sheng is probably dead


All the geniuses who arrived couldn’t help but open their eyes wide and looked at the scene in front of them in shock.

In fact, just now, if it wasn’t for the terrifying aura that suddenly penetrated the sky, reflected in all directions, and dispelled a large area of Heavenly Extinction aura.

They won’t be able to notice the movements here and come soon.

On one hand, the distance was too far, and many geniuses did not have the terrifying perception ability of Candidate Disciples such as Gu Changge.

On the other hand was the influence of Absolute Heavenly Extinction.

Geniuses who rushed here not only had to be careful to watch out for the inheritor of demonic art.

They had to kill the Heavenly Extinction beings that attacked them, so they had no time to care.

Now, a young figure was standing in the sky.

His black hair was like ink, his eyes were deep, and his whole body was glowing like an immortal god, surrounded by five colors of divine light.

Between the gestures, the rhythm of Dao was hanging down, and the laws were intertwined as if he was the center of heaven and earth.

The scene was unparalleled.

But in contrast, there was a shocking and terrifying injury on this young figure and his robe had almost been dyed red with blood.

Such a scene shocked many geniuses in place, their scalps tingling, and they couldn’t believe that it was Gu Changge.

That otherworldly, almost perfect man who didn’t have any flaws, how could he look like this now What kind of terrifying war was going on here

“Gu Changge…”

Gu Xian’er also froze in place and muttered, she couldn’t believe it.

In all her memories, Gu Changge had always been so strong and confident, without any omissions, and calm.

As if he would easily withstand it even if the sky fell.

She still remembered that the last time Gu Changge was injured was a long time ago.

In the Ancient Immortal Continent, in order to rescue Yin Mei, he was hit hard by the inheritor of demonic art and hurt his origin.

But today, he was injured again, and it was also because of the inheritor of demonic art.

And compared to the last time, the injuries he suffered this time were even more terrifying.

Even from a long distance, she could feel the paleness of Gu Changge’s face and the rapid dissipation of his aura of life.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t see it, but now Gu Changge’s state was very weak, his blood was extremely drained, and he was completely supported by the forbidden technique.

This made Gu Xian’er feel very sad as if her heart was tightened.

The jade hand couldn’t help clenching tightly, giving birth to the cold killing intent towards the inheritor of demonic art.

It turned out that Gu Changge would also be injured.

It was not as she imagined, almost omnipotent.


The sky was trembling, and countless laws and orders were interwoven there as if it had become a boiling ocean.

Following Gu Changge’s celestial cover, the aura entwined with colorful rays of light spewed out.

Then it turned into a long dragon and gathered into the Golden Decree.

It suddenly came to life with a buzzing sound.

Hundreds of millions of divine lights erupted, dazzling, splendid, and impossible to look directly at.

In the eyes of the many geniuses who came here, this was like a round sun reflecting in the heavens and the entire world.

Even the most terrifying Heavenly Extinction aura at this time became like melting ice that was quickly dissipating and disappearing.

Many people didn’t even dare to look directly, their eyes were extremely painful.

Even if they closed their eyes, it was very painful, and they couldn’t help shedding tears.


The Golden Decree lifted into the sky, and many of the sword lights were like a galaxy, rumbled and turned there, majestic and vast, and then suddenly slashed into the void.

The rune of Dao collapsed, accompanied by a few muffled hums.

After that, the void broke open, and a terrifying and astonishing crack appeared, which spread out for thousands of miles in an instant.

However, even if such a terrifying divine might burst out, even the sky was submerged and covered by such fluctuations, the inheritor of demonic art still escaped, and with his four Great Sacred Realm cultivators, he disappeared soon.

Everyone watched in shock.

Jin Chan, who was recovering from his injuries in the distance, returned to his peaceful and unwavering image in front of people.

He was chanting the Buddha’s name without saying much.

In his opinion, at a critical time, Gu Changge showed such strength, in addition to deterring the inheritors of demonic art.

His purpose was for reputation.

“Fame and reputation…” He couldn’t help shaking his head slightly, not understanding why Gu Changge used such a method at that time.

Burning the origin and source of life, if one was not good, it was likely to fall into the root of the cultivation, and it would be difficult to make a breakthrough.

At this moment, the black fog was surging, and there were only the remaining fluctuations between the heavens and the earth, telling everyone what happened here.

In this kind of world-shattering battle, even the Great Sacred Realm cultivator would have a hard time surviving in it, and every inch of the void was filled with that kind of aura that made the soul tremble and almost crack.

The kind that could penetrate into the soul.

“It’s a pity, I didn’t have time to make a move in the end.

If I got here earlier, I might have done something…”

Many people regretted that they did not expect to see the inheritor of demonic art fleeing as soon as they arrived here, and were not able to make a move against them.

However, it was also evident that in this case, even the old monsters who were most proficient in the laws of space could not intercept the inheritors of demonic arts.

Since the inheritors of demonic arts dared to plot against the geniuses of the entire heavens, they had arranged everything in advance.

Among them, it naturally included such things as space portals.

Of course, many geniuses breathed a sigh of relief and felt a little fortunate.

The power of the inheritor of demonic art had long been deeply appreciated, and it was already a blessing to be able to survive.

They didn’t expect the inheritor of demonic art to be wiped out so easily.

But soon, someone noticed the anomaly.

Although this battle was very terrifying, and the remaining aura was so heart-pounding, one person was missing.

Prince Sheng!

“Why can I only see Young Master Changge and Jin Chan Where is Prince Sheng”

A young supreme of the ancient royal family was a little puzzled, his eyes swept all over the place, but he didn’t see any trace of prince Sheng.

“Yeah, I remember that Jin Chan and Prince Sheng came first, and then Young Master Changge came later.

Could it be…”

The expression of this genius changed, his face turned pale, his voice stopped abruptly, and he didn’t dare to say anything more.

The followers of Prince Sheng, including Ying Yu, also panicked and felt very uneasy, and began to look around for traces.

“Prince Sheng’s aura has disappeared.

If I guessed correctly, Prince Sheng already had a lot of bad Luck.” Heavenly Phoenix Maiden took the initiative to speak, her expression was very heavy.

Strands of immortal phoenix-like runes flashed in his eyes as if small immortal phoenixes dancing with her.

Her words made the expressions of the followers of Prince Sheng change greatly, and they lost all their blood with a swipe.

They couldn’t believe that it was real, it was like a thunderbolt, their feet were weak, and they were about to kneel down.

The geniuses who were paying attention to all this nearby were also horrified and shuddered.

“Prince Sheng’s aura has indeed disappeared.

I am afraid he is dead.

I really didn’t expect that it would end like this in the end.”

“I wonder what the Emperor Mountain behind Prince Sheng would do if they knew that Prince Sheng died at the hands of Prince Ying”

The Six Crown King nodded.

While saying this, his voice became intriguing, but his expression didn’t fluctuate much.


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