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Chapter 467: Both of them can really bear it, The injury is even more shocking and spectacular (Part 1)

At the same time, in the outside world with surging mist among the mountain peaks, and divine lights emerging one after another.

They were all geniuses and cultivators.

After hearing the news of this place, they arrived quickly.

For a while, it became very lively here.

The geniuses of several ancient kingdoms had gathered here.

The mysterious Six Crown King was dressed in gray, had a medium build, and his face was covered in mist.

He was riding a white crane and was looking down.

In his eyes, there were divine lights passing by as the runes evolved, and many terrifying scenes emerged, deducing what happened.

At this time, even he felt a sense of unease in his heart, and there was a faint feeling of trepidation.

“There is a great danger hidden in it.

This time, the inheritor of demonic art sure planned a lot to attract many talents to come here, otherwise, it would not be possible.

This is just a premeditated calculation.

Ying Shuang, I underestimated you…”

The Six Crown King couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing, then he glanced at the Supreme weapon that was still facing off in the distance, and frowned.

“Gu Changge’s Supreme weapon was left here.

I wonder if he expected it or not.

It seems that he and Prince Sheng are both miserable.

With such a big risk, the inheritor of demonic art must be confident in his abilities.”

Another Candidate Disciple appeared beside the Six Crown King, with a beautiful face and a tall stature.

There was a divine phoenix pattern between the eyebrows, and a pair of radiant phoenix wings spread out from her back, like divine flames, it was the Phoenix Maiden.

She too had rushed here but like the Six Crown King, she was afraid of the method by the inheritor of the demonic art and did not choose to enter.

“Ying Shuang did this because he was definitely thinking of killing those who were chasing him.”

The Six Crown King nodded.

He admitted that he had read it wrong at the time.

He didn’t expect Ying Shuang to hide it so well, that he could even hide it from his eyes.

Such ruthless calculations and methods, as well as this kind of courage, made him have to pay attention.

However, this was in line with the inheritor of demonic art he knew before.

“I hope that Young Master Changge, Jin Chan, and Prince Sheng will be alright.

Otherwise, I am afraid that no one will be able to compete with the inheritor of demonic art.”

“Gu Changge is so strong, and he has always calculated others, how could he be calculated by others.

It’s impossible for him to have an accident.”

On a mountain range, Gu Xian’er appeared here with icy muscles and jade bones, fluttering skirt, and a cold face, but her brows were wrinkled.

Even though she said that she couldn’t calm down at this time, and couldn’t help but feel worried.

It was really a wave of unrest as she agreed to bring back the kidnapped Qing Xiao Yi.

But Gu Changge disappeared in the middle, saying that he sensed the trace of the inheritor of demonic art, and rushed to the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom one step before her.

But Gu Xian’er never thought that after she came here, she would hear Gu Changge and the others encounter the plot of the inheritor of demonic art, and now there was no news about their life or death.

This made her very uneasy and worried, knowing that Gu Changge was very strong, and no one could hurt him.

Moreover, after his accident, it would mean that no one could bully her in the future.

But Gu Xian’er was not happy at all.

After all, that was the inheritor of demonic art!

Gu Changge had hit him hard many times.

How much he hated Gu Changge was self-evident.

With such a good opportunity, how could he let it go Thinking of this, Gu Xian’er began to harass many of Gu Changge’s followers, asking them to encourage the geniuses.

At this time, if she went rashly, it would only bring trouble to Gu Changge and she would drag him down.

But if there were many people, it would be more or less different.

This method of hers was very effective, and many geniuses were deeply inspired and they suddenly had confidence.

“It doesn’t matter, there are so many of us now.

When the time comes, I don’t believe that the inheritor of demonic art will be so arrogant.”

“Yeah, yeah, what’s there to be afraid of at this time Young Master Changge and the others are all rushing to it.

At this time, can we only cringe here We are also ashamed of the word genius.”

Soon, many people were filled with righteous indignation.

Hearing the arrogant woman beside her secretly comparing them with Gu Changge and the others, they suddenly felt hot and felt a little ashamed, unable to justify it.

After all, it was not just a matter of Gu Changge and others destroying the inheritor of demonic art.

Every cultivator was bound to this duty.

Thinking like this, many geniuses instantly gained confidence.

There were so many people, no matter how many tricks he had, could the inheritor of demonic art kill everyone

“Sure enough, it’s useful to say that.”

Gu Xian’er nodded slightly, and soon her figure moved, she left the top of the mountain, followed the crowd, and rushed to the place of Absolute Heavenly Extinction.

Because the two Supreme weapons were facing each other, no creatures jumped out to intercept them and went deep into the land of Absolute Heavenly Extinction all the way.

“Senior Brother Changge must not be in trouble.” Yin Mei was worried.

Gu Xian’er didn’t have a good impression of this vixen when she was in the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace, but now that she cared so much about Gu Changge, for some reason, she had eased a lot.

Now was not the time to be petty.

The Six Crown King, the Phoenix Maiden, and the others followed behind with strange expressions on their eyes at this time.

They all had their own calculations and did not plan to move ahead.

If they encountered the danger of ambush, they could retreat as soon as possible.

As the leader of the younger generation, no one would be a fuel-efficient lamp.



Above the dome of the sky, the gray fog was overwhelming, and the four Great Sacred Realm cultivators shrouded in black robes moved to block every inch of the void.

The runes of Dao were intertwined and drooping, turning into a Great Dao treasure bottle which was floating and exuding surging power, as if there was a vast galaxy pressing down.

“Gu Changge, how long can you hold on You should have thought of today when you were chasing me, and soon you will go down to accompany that idiot Prince Sheng.”

An arrogant and powerful laughter resounded in the sky.

The figure that was obscured by the thick fog, sneered and stared down, although he noticed the arrival of Jin Chan.

But he had no interest in him.

Now in his eyes, there was only Gu Changge!

It seemed that as long as Gu Changge was killed, there would be no one in this world who would be able to resist and punish him.

Hearing these words, Jin Chan couldn’t keep his calm expression from before, and his heart trembled.

He had previously guessed that Gu Changge and Prince Sheng might be involved in the trick of the inheritor of demonic art, and he also guessed that the two of them might suffer a big loss this time.

But he really didn’t expect that the battle that took place would be so tragic that even Prince Sheng had… died.

Once the matter here was spread, it would set off a boundless wave, and the strong edge of the inheritor of demonic art would once again shock the world.

He felt it again and again and even quietly used the Seed of Merit, but in the end, he discovered that… Prince Sheng’s aura had already disappeared!

What Ying Shuang said was not a lie!

Gu Changge also appeared to be seriously injured, sitting there cross-legged, his eyes slightly lowered, and his expression was still calm.

But his aura was also very sluggish, and there was no longer the extraordinary and divine aura of the past, his white clothes were dyed red, and the terrifying wound had almost pierced back and forth.

It was shocking!

Terrifyingly amazing!

If it weren’t for the Golden Decree in front of him, that seemed very extraordinary, spraying out multi-colored divine light like a shield, where it competed against the many laws and orders hanging down.

Maybe Gu Changge would have already followed the path of Prince Sheng today!

The inheritor of demonic art calculated such a plan, it could be said that he had made ruthless efforts.

First, he cleverly exposed himself to attract people.

Then, the Supreme weapon blocked the way, causing everyone to separate, and by this means, the Supreme weapon owned by Gu Changge was also restrained.

However, he was already in the land of Absolute Heavenly Extinction, setting up layers of traps and ambushes, and only when they entered later, he would attack.

Under this kind of calculation, let alone prince Sheng, even if a real Supreme being came here, he might have to be robbed and fall into it.

Thinking of this, Jin Chan Buddha’s mind was stable yet he couldn’t help but shake a little, giving birth to a terrifying cold aura.

If he hadn’t followed Prince Sheng’s words and chased in the other direction, he might have been the one who was robbed today.

This inheritor of demonic art was really cruel!

However, Jin Chan’s eyes quickly flashed a different color and he had another idea.


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