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Chapter 459: You have been carrying the blame for so long, but you are still very unhappy, Let me help you get rid of it (Part 1)

The news of Zi Yang Heavenly King kidnapping Qing Xiao Yi soon spread through the Ancient Qinglong Kingdom, and even spread to the rest of the trial grounds, like an earthquake, causing an uproar.

Geniuses and the cultivators who heard the news were shocked and couldn’t believe it.

Because who would dare to talk nonsense about such a thing

Without any evidence, there was no doubt that he was framed.

After all, Heavenly King Zi Yang was not an ordinary person.

He was a Candidate Disciple of the True Immortal Academy, once the strongest in the Upper Realm, an ancient freak from Purple Mansion.

Spreading rumors like this was tantamount to offending him to death.

After offending Zi Yang Heavenly King, could ordinary people still have a way to survive

But soon, the memory stones of the Elders making their investigations emerged, and circulated among the major markets and shops, attracting many geniuses to snatch it first.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see if the memory stone was fake.

So when the records were circulated, the whole place became quiet and dead.

Whether it was the young geniuses or the other cultivators who joined in the fun, they couldn’t help but shiver with chills on their backs.

As long as they knew a little about this matter, they would discover that it was almost an unchangeable fact.

The mysterious man who kidnapped Qing Xiao Yi at the beginning obviously had a premeditated plan.

If it wasn’t for Qing Feng’s possession of the divine artifact of the Heavenly Bottle, he would have been smashed to pieces under the palm of his hand, and his body and spirit would have been destroyed.

With such a thing as an expression, who could have imagined it, it could only be said that it was against the sky!

And it was because of the existence of the Heavenly Bottle that people finally found clues, and with the help from the divine power of the Heavenly Bottle, the situation from that time was reshaped.

After all, besides Zi Yang Heavenly King, who else could use the power of Purple Aura An existence with such a talent could not be an unknown person.

Not to mention that the power of Purple Aura was extremely rare, even in eternity, it was difficult to find one.

Over the years, only Zi Yang Heavenly King had possessed this kind of talent.

The sensation caused by this news was too great.

“Zi Yang Heavenly King kidnapped Qing Xiao Yi”

Yue Mingkong’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, she instantly concluded that this kind of thing could not be done by Zi Yang Heavenly King, he was just thrown out of the pot again.

As for who was going to frame him.

Besides her fiancé, who else had such means

“Does this Zi Yang Heavenly King have any connection with the inheritor of demonic art Qing Xiao Yi I remember that she seems to have some kind of divine body”

Wang Ziji glanced at Yue Mingkong and couldn’t help muttering.

The two of them were divided into a team, and they both disliked each other.

Wang Ziji, who was a transmigrator, couldn’t see through the moon and the sky.

And Yue Mingkong as a regressor had no memory of Wang Ziji.

The only common topic between the two of them was when they talked about Gu Changge, Wang Ziji always liked to mention a few words, and Gu Changge still owed her a favor.

Then Yue Mingkong would lightly reply saying Gu Changge would never repay the favor he owed based on his ability.

As a result, the hatred between the two was getting deeper and deeper.

Yue Mingkong said that Wang Ziji was just a chess piece used by Gu Changge and could be discarded at will.

Wang Ziji hated her, saying that she was lying.

In such a day-to-day life, many of the arrogant women who chose to follow them were miserable.

“Could it be that Heavenly King Zi Yang has a connection with the inheritor of demonic art, and Ying Shuang found him secretly”

“No wonder I heard that the inheritor of demonic art recently appeared in the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom.

So that was the reason.”

Prince Sheng was on the four spirit chariots, his eyes were as bright as heavenly knives, his aura was bright with the runes flashing, his body was tall and upright, and he had a heart-breaking bearing.

“Amitabha, this time, the responsibility of subduing demons, let the little monk proceed with Prince Sheng.”

Jin Chan Buddhist was riding a golden-winged bird, the Buddha’s light was shining, and the treasure looked solemn and authentic.

His previous golden nine-headed lion mount did not leave with him this time but stayed in the True Immortal Academy.

There were also many geniuses behind the two of them.

Whether it was Prince Sheng or the Golden Buddha Jin Chan, they all wanted to find the inheritor of the demonic art.

One wanted to wash away the shame of Heavenly Emperor Mountain, and the other wanted to eliminate the devil and defend the world.

In the major ancient kingdoms, many geniuses were discussing this matter, and they were extremely shocked, and their minds could not calm down for a while.

“No one would have thought that Qing Feng actually possessed the Heavenly Bottle, with such a profound blessing, he really should not die!”

“Yeah, I guess Zi Yang didn’t expect such a thing when he attacked at that time, and let that guy survive.”

“I heard that this incident disturbed young master Changge.

He rushed to the Ancient Qinglong Kingdom overnight, and he didn’t even care about the affairs in the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom.”

“After all, Gu Xian’er is there, it’s normal for young master Changge to rush over.

I heard that if it wasn’t for him rushing over, the Elders would not be ready to make the matter public…”

“After all, it involves the matter of Heavenly King Zi Yang, and it was normal for the Elders to be apprehensive.”

“Thanks to the young master Changge, we also know about this, otherwise we might have been kept in the dark.”

Some geniuses sighed, in any case, this matter was confirmed by the Elders, even if Zi Yang Heavenly King wanted to deny it at this time, it would be useless.

Many geniuses had noticed that Zi Yang Heavenly King had not been in the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom for this period of time, claiming that he was going to track the inheritor of demonic art.

But who would have thought that this was just a plan for him to get out of his shell.

In the end, he went to the Ancient Qinglong Kingdom and kidnapped Qing Xiao Yi, who possessed an Immortal body

As for why Zi Yang Heavenly King wanted to kidnap Qing Xiao Yi

There were many speculations, the most shocking of which was that the most disturbing thing was that Zi Yang Heavenly King was actually related to the inheritor of demonic art, or they are secretly working together.

He kidnapped Qing Xiao Yi just to help the inheritor of demonic art collect her origin.

Of course, there was another way of saying that Zi Yang Heavenly King was actually trying to avenge Gu Changge’s humiliation.

Because in front of the Elders of True Immortal Academy, Gu Changge had sworn that he would take care of Qing Xiao Yi and Qing Feng.

Now that Qing Xiao Yi had an accident, how would Gu Changge explain to the Elders

What he said that day wouldn’t end up hitting him in the face

Many geniuses guessed that Zi Yang Heavenly King might have this purpose.

In short, there were all kinds of rumors and sayings, but there was not a single one that suspected that Zi Yang had been framed.

Even the disciples of Purple Mansion were shocked for a while.

They couldn’t believe the result yet they couldn’t explain it.

If the rumors were false, why hadn’t Zi Yang Heavenly King come out to justify it

Zi Yang was the contemporary representative of Purple Mansion.

With a plain gauze mask, purple hair like silk, which could even reflect light.

She frowned and planned to use the communication talisman to inform Zi Yang Heavenly King, but she was not sure whether Zi Yang Heavenly King was wrong.

It was just that after the communication passed, it was like a rock sinking into the sea, and there was no movement.

This made her feel uneasy in her heart.

Could it be true that Zi Yang Heavenly King is hiding in a corner at the moment

The Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom.

In the mansion.

The Six Crowned King, who was meditating on the bluestone, opened his eyes and heard the report of the subordinate next to him, and he couldn’t help but exclaim deeply.

“As expected of Gu Changge, he discovered the truth so quickly.”

He was a little worried at first, whether he overestimated Gu Changge, worried that he would be kept in the dark.

But he didn’t expect it to be so soon, Gu Changge already knew the truth.

Although this process relied on the Heavenly Bottle, and there was a bit of Luck, it was enough to prove Gu Changge’s ability.

This did not disappoint the Six Crown King.

“My lord, did you already know that it was done by Zi Yang Heavenly King” Hearing the words of the Six Crown King, the subordinate next to him asked in shock.

For the Six Crown King, he had great admiration and reverence, and usually, he would never doubt his words.

He didn’t expect that when the outside world was agitated by this news, the Six Crown King acted as if he knew for a long time.

“Of course, I know that.” The Six Crown King smiled, very confident and indifferent, but did not explain much.

“As expected of my lord!” The subordinate had reverence in his eyes, and he didn’t doubt the truth of the words of the Six Crown King.

In his heart, the words of the Six Crown King were almost the same as the rules of law! Then, the subordinate returned, and soon the news was passed on from his mouth.


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